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Vaginal Care (How to clean private part after urination)

Sometimes, you are felling some type of irritation(Like heating, itching), after Urinal call, in private part. If you are feeling such type of problem near the vagina after urination that means you are not taken a good amount of water on that day. Or it may be possible you are using a dirty washroom.

A few years ago, I suffered a lot due to this problem after meeting with a consultant(Doctor) finally I get a good knowledge about this. Don’t avoid to protect your vagina because small ignorance can cause a big problem, it may be possible, your partner also gets affected by this.

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Whenever you are outside the home, in hostel, hotel, mall or any other place and suddenly you feel that need to go washroom. Are you ever checked, that washroom is clean or not? If Not, and yet you are healthy that means it is a miracle for you.

– Pee after sex and clean your vagina (this reduce the sex disease ratio 10 times)
– Try to clean private part in downward(from front to back)
– Eat probiotic-rich foods, Yoghurt, kimchi, kombucha, and other fermented foods.

According to WHO 35-48% women get urinal infection due to public or dirty washroom.

Dirty washroom
Dirty washroom (In such condition if you use this Washroom and you are expecting a good Vaginal health, that is not good)

In common life, you have observed that few people don’t flush after going washroom. You don’t know from which type of disease that individual is suffering.
To share my experience I am conveying this article because I don’t want to see you in the same condition due to which I suffered a lot.

Don’t worry, after reading this experimental concept, you are not going to feel sad or disappointed.

1. Trim the pubic hair(Hair near vagina)

Why do you need to clean pubic hair?

clean pubic hair
clean pubic hair

Pubic hair grows the onset of puberty(protective cover of a private organ).
– Clean long hair because it causes sweat and due to that moisture can create itching problems.
– Avoid using a razor because it causes bruises, nicks or infection.
– Use cream to remove private part hair because tremor or any other product except cream can give you problem. When it would grow, may causes itch especially between vulva lips?

2. Wash after urination

The reason for washing after urination:
– To clean small acrid smell or to remove the presence of urea.
– Use napkins to clean private part after every wash(put vaginal area clean and dry)
– Always wash your in pattern from front to back.

3. Don’t use Harsh soaps

apply PH balanced soap
apply PH balanced soap

– Some of you only clean your vagina with water that is good but if you are using soap, then always use mild toilet soap.
– Use feminine hygiene problem, PH level always is considered on the priority level.
– Vagina is acidic in nature due to urea if PH value of soap is not balanced then it may cause a big problem like infection and itching problem.

4. Change your sanitary pad on time

Some time due to busy time management wones and girls are not taking care during there MC(Maturation Cycle), and they miss to change. That small mistake leads to a major problem like an infection of skin and blood because due to humidity near the private part can lead to fungal infection.

sanitary pad use
sanitary pad use

– If you are going through the menstrual cycle then always remember to change your pad according to time. If you don’t do that then you are inviting the infection due to unpleasant odors.
– During the menstrual cycle, the vaginal are is moisturize due to blood, So, try to change on time.
– The dry area near private part decreases the disease ratio.

Don’t ignore vaginal care because if you are doing so you are inviting disease like yeast infections.

5. Don’t block the chemical out of your vagina

– Avoid applying deodorant, spray, powder or tissue to reduce smell because a chemical in that product may cause irritation.
– After chemical out clean the vagina area.

Chemicals are generally contained acid and base which is not good for skin some time to avoid the risk of private part black skin problem along with itching problem, you have to check your product ingredients.

6. Eat proper nutrition.

Eat proper nutrition
Eat proper nutrition

– Increase vaginal hygiene due to a balanced diet.
– Eat water-rich foods like watermelon, cucumbers, celery, beetroot.
– To protect your immune system by doing exercise and taking a balanced diet.

Water-rich food help to protect our body from dehydration, that means the problem which is caused due to a scarcity of water like flawing and irritation near vagina can be reducess.

7. Don’t miss to wash after sexual intercourse wash.

clean private part
clean private part

– During intercourse the vaginal and male organ is in contact, so the ratio of infection increases.
– The cloth and bed used by you for Sexual attachment must be clean because the vagina is very sensitive, to reduce infection clean private part.

Care vagina for health sexual life.

These type of advice is given by the doctor and really after following these guidelines, I am happy and enjoying my married life.

  • Whenever you go to any place “do flush before & after urination.
  • Use commode after cleaning with tissue paper.
  • Avoid wearing bottom clothing(tight clothing) because it reduces the air circulation and causes sweat around the vagina.
  • Always wear dry panties(Avoid to wear wet cloth).

Be Fit and Fine in sexual health

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