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Vaginal care after birth (Mom’s fitness)

Struggling with pain, you become a mom after delivery. The area around the vagina needs special care and protection. Without protection, you can’t get a healthy body quickly. Sometimes women generally start avoiding care like changing sanitary pad on time or proper care of vaginal wash after urine, which leads to a big problem.

Do you any idea about vaginal care after birth to reduce pain?

After baby birth(delivery), the area between your legs is in pain due to vagina expand during delivery. It may be possible that the private part is sore, bruised, swollen, and giving more pain while sitting. Some best natural treatment is mentioned below through with you can reduce your private part pain.

clean vagina healthy mom
clean vagina healthy mom

Do the following care to reduce the pain:

– Cool the private part with ice.
a) Take 4-5 ice cubes
b) Also, take a clean cloth(white color)
Process 1:
– Put ice in a cloth and apply on private part with a soft hand.
– Rotate that towel with ice near the swelling area of the vagina.

ice an bag to reduce vaginal pain

Process 2:
a) Take 4-5 ice cubes
b) Also, take a clean cloth(white color)

– Cover the vagina with cloth and touch that cloth area with ice.

Reduces the pain and low the infection level.

  • Try to sit on a soft bed or sofa.
  • Sit in a lukewarm water bath tub.
  • Do yoga to reduce pain.

Take medicine to reduce pain on Doctor’s advice.

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One more problem is very confusing  “Bleeding”

Bleeding is a big issue after the birth of a baby, also causes pain. Protect your vagina from any damage or illness clean it well. Change private cloth(sanitary pad), before getting dry because after that cloth attaches to skin and give pain during removal of cloth.

vaginal bleeding after delivery
vaginal bleeding after delivery

There are more and more question in mind related to bleeding after baby birth. These questions are genuine to come because you are facing that problems.

Q. How many days do bleeding from vagina?

Q. Why the color of the blood is very dark?

Q. Why Blood comes with clots?

Are these types of questions giving stress to you?

Don’t worry Let take a look on below medically proved points.

i) Reason of dark blood

– Dark or bright red bleeding occurs six or more weeks after delivery the same as you have experienced during the period.
– It may be Lochia (medical term) in which discharge increases with exertion and decreases when you rest.
– The internal part of the vagina is under the creation of that time, So the color of vaginal bleeding is dark red.

ii) Clots with blood after delivery

blood after baby birth
blood after baby birth

– Occur During First two or three days.
– You have seen small clots about the size of a loonie during vaginal bleeding due to an internal breaking of veins(that is natural you don’t have to worry about that).

iii) Time period of bleeding after baby birth (delivery)

– Time period is not fix for bleeding with surety.
– Bleeding depends upon the life style and care.
– Generally, it take 15-20 days to stop complete bleeding.

Use pads to clean blood, avoid to use cloth or any product like paper.

Eat And stay fit(What you eat after baby birth)

Eat And stay fit
Eat And stay fit

– Eat fresh fruit, whole grains.
– Drink water 4-5 liter.
– Don’t take the strain.
– Avoid eating oily food.
– Take medicine on time.

Avoid discomfort

Discomfort after baby delivery(3 to 5 days) is very painful continuously try to do ice treatment, but this is only helpful when you avoid discomfort like Hard surface, heavy object pulling, exercise, physical work, and dirty cloth.

– Sit in the warm bathtub.
– Place cold or heat pad on a private part to reduce pain.
– Avoid giving stress on stitches.
– You can also use medical spray on the advice of a doctor.

These are the very short and best treatment to reduce vaginal pain after baby birth.

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