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Tattoos: Risk and Protection (Protect tattoo and health)

Are you in a mood to make a tattoo? Do you have knowledge about drawbacks ? It may be possible your tattoo passion gives a life time problems. At the end of this article you get informative Q&A, which you have to know must.

Tattoos are more common in today’s world, it is a fashion trend for a cool image but don’t avoid the risks and protection. Understand the real fact and their side effects due to careless precautions of tattoos.

The age group between 18 to 35, in 60 million people have Tattoo in which,7.5 million people have tattoo regret or want to remove a tattoo. So take your decision carefully.

Your friends are motivating you to make a tattoo, or it may be possible you want to update your self according to time( in terms of fashion). Do you have knowledge about Risk and Protection, which you have to know before tattoo art?

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Why tattoos permanently exist on skin?

A tattoo is a permanent design made on skin, depends upon your choice. The pigments inserted through pricks into the skin’s top layer with the help of needles and ink droplets.

Basically tattoo artist uses a hand-held machine, which acts as a sewing machine because embedded needle inside the machine piercing the skin repeatedly.

With every puncture, the needles insert tiny ink droplets on epidermis layer of skin. The process of tattooing gives slight pain and bleeding also. Some risk also created by that let’s talk about that:-

Know about Risk of tattooing

tattoo machine most chemically clean before use.
tattoo machine most chemically clean before use.

Allergic reactions:

Skin sensitivity of every person is different, so it is difficult to know which type of reaction done by your skin.

The main reason of reaction is needle and quality of color used by a tattoo artist.

Skin infections:

If you don’t protect the place of tattooing from dust and shop then it may create Skin infections.

Other skin problems:

Granuloma can form around tattoo ink, it is also occurred due to overgrowth of scar tissue.

If you are feeling any type to an allergic reaction like itching, rashes, or blood clotting then consult to the doctor.

Focus on safety precautions

  1. Go to a reputable tattooing studio, meet with trained employees.
  2. Make sure about:-

         * tattoo artist wear gloves

         * the needle and tubes from sealed packages

         * pigments, trays or containers should be unused

  1. They have the proper equipment.

IF you want to protect tattoo and yourself then do the following work

At least for 2 weeks, you have to take extra protection to avoid any misshaping.

Keep the tattooed skin clean.

Before making any art clean your skin because unclean skin contains bacteria which create a problem.

Use moisturizer

Protect skin from expansion.

Avoid sun exposure.

Because of sun rays, ink shine becomes dull.

Protect from water

using excess water cause pain and swelling

Choose clothing carefully

Don’t wear anything that might touch to the tattoo.

Tattoo Risk and protection
Tattoo Risk and protection

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Now, to remove your confusion below information separately explain the Risk of Tattoos and Tattoo protection, because if you are really a tattoo lover then know all about tattoos.

The best information on Risk Of Tattoos(protect yourself)

The tattoo is creative art performed on the body with the help of ink and needles on the layer of skin. Tattoo’s trends are more active from the past 2 years but do you have information about the risk of tattoos.

If you don’t know, don’t worry here you can see the risk. Why tattoo is risky?
– During the piercing, needle & ink, are attached to the body pores and blood.
– Due to contact with blood the risk of infection increases, it may cause skin problems like itching or risky diseases like cancer.

Few More Risk Like:
– Rash at tattoo site due to an allergic reaction.
– Staph infection or tuberculosis may occur.
– Blood bones diseases like hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV.
– If a needle is inserted inside the skin deeper then it leads to a damaged blood vessel.

Avoid doing piercing if you are suffering from
– Diabetes
– Skin disorder(eczema).
– If you have a weak immune system.

These are the risk which can damage your body and life, so be careful during tattoo implementation on the skin.

Information for Protection of tattoos

protection of tattoo
protection of tattoo

After knowing the risk of a tattoo, you have a curiosity to know how you protect tattoo after piercing for health and tattoo life.

What you have to do after tattoo making to protect your health.

– Avoid Sun exposure because the radiation which comes from the sun may burn the skin & tissue.
– Protect your skin near tattoo from dust at least for 3 to 5 days.
– Don’t use water directly on that skin for 24-36 hours. Because the pores of skin near the tattoo required time to cover with cells.
– Try to keep the skin near the tattoo.

If you follow the above suggestion definitely you will be safe and healthy.

How to protect the tattoo for there long life?

– Don’t let the tattoo area dry use the suggested lotion by the tattoo artist.
– Apply that lotion at least for 2 weeks.
– Don’t use soap directly on the tattoo.
– Use a mild soap to wash that area, after making a foam of soap in hand and apply it.
– Natural oil like Vitamin E oil, Tea tree oil & Grapeseed oil are very helpful to get shine.
– Don’t cover the tattoo with cloth for at least 48 hour.
– Use clean cloth after 48 hours to cover it.
– Also, avoid hard exercise.

These tips are not hard to follow, all are very helpful to get a shiny and perfect tattoo.

Some question which helps you to get a correct information.


Q. Why tattoo health risks are long term?

A- Due to the small size of microscopic ink particles it is possible to get into other parts of your body.

Q. Why tattoos are unhealthy?

A- It creates itching problem and in old age it not look good. The ink contains iron oxide which interacts with a tattoo can create a black spot.

Q. Are tattoo bad for your liver?

A- No, it is not bad for lever if used tattoo machine is new and protected from bacteria.

Q. Do tattoos affect blood tests?

A- If the equipment used to create your tattoo is treated on infected blood, Yes, it affects blood test also.

Q. How long does tattoo ink stay in your blood?

A- Two to four weeks.

Q. How does tattoo affect your skin?

A- Tattoos in made on the skin by injecting needle along with color, due to that it may be possible: Allergic reactions.


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