Marilyn Monroe Beauty Tips
February 12, 2020 - Actress beauty trend

Marilyn Monroe Beauty Tips Will Make You Look Amazing

Marilyn Monroe is still considered one of the most beautiful and successful women who ever lived on this planet. She was very different and very beautiful from today’s zero figure models.

Today we will explain to you some secrets of their diet, workout tips, beauty routine, beauty, and makeup through this blog. I am so excited to explain to you her beauty tips. If you are also excited to know, so keep reading carefully,

Marilyn Monroe Diet Routine

What did she do in the morning after brushing her teeth and washing her face? According to Pageant magazine published during 1952, Marilyn Monroe wrote in her own words that she used to drink some cold orange juice to relieve sleep and go out for a light jog.

In Breakfast

Marilyn Monroe loved to include milk and eggs in her morning breakfast. She would drink a cup of hot milk and then add two raw eggs to it. It was then believed that eggs contained more protein which was good for manufacture and maintenance. Marilyn Monroe used to chop two eggs with a fork and take this mixture as her breakfast.

In Lunch

Marilyn Monroe usually skipped her lunch. However, skipping meals is not a good habit.

In Evening Snacks

Marilyn Monroe would stop at an ice cream parlor and take some ice cream.

Exercise Routine

Marilyn Monroe used to start the morning with a chest workout routine. It is said that she used to lift weights of around five pounds. Her other activities include jogging, yoga and she also loved horse riding. she did not require vigorous exercise or hours in the gym due to an almost completely protein-rich diet and lack of starch or carbohydrates.

Marilyn Monroe Beauty Tips

Marilyn Monroe is the ultimate beauty icon of all time. She was naturally very beautiful and charming, but the makeup secret used by her makeup artist Whitey made her look gorgeous and unique. She was always carried ginger candy in her makeup box. We will explain here Marilyn Monroe Beauty tips and secrets that were very different than others. Which we have explained below:-

  • Natural Glowing Skin
  • Face Makeup Or Moisturizing
  • Eye Makeup
  • Hair Color

Natural Glowing Skin

Marilyn Monroe had some fuzzy peach facial hair on her cheeks, but she refused to wax. It enhances her look with all those studio lights falling on her face. It gave her skin a different glow. According to Monroe expert Jean London. She said that Fuzz made her face a soft blue in photos, without using special lenses. The black marks on her above the lips that made her face even more beautiful.

Face Makeup Or Moisturizing

Marilyn Monroe told Pageant magazine in 1952. It does not matter how your skin color is. you can take your natural complexion and a bottle of sunscreen, and never skip sunscreen.

She always used Vaseline on her face to add a lovely glow on the skin. According to Marilyn Monroe Beauty tips, Before came on camera or movie sets, she used to thick layers of Vaseline or Nivea cream under her make-up. This trick made her skin look amazingly fresh and glowing on camera, giving a variety of soft-focus looks. She was also a big fan of moisturizers, olive oil, and lanolin. Moisturizing is necessary. She moisturized her face night and day, and her products are still available on the market. She kept the skin well moisturized. It is said that her favorite moisturizer was Elizabeth Arden’s eight-hour cream and her nighttime moisturizer was Erno Laszlo Active Phelityl Cream. Erno Laszlo Phormula was also on the 3-9 repair balm list.

Apart from this, she gave his face a different look, To enhanced her face shape and facial features, Marilyn Monroe’s makeup artist used a few tricks:- to widen the upper half of her face she used a highlighter, as well as the arch of Merlin’s eyebrows Pointed out, this helped widen their foreheads; And then, she shaded the lower half of her face with a darker shade of powder to give the illusion of a narrower jawline and slimmer face.

Eye Makeup

Marilyn Monroe loved to take the form of “cat-eyes” look with a thick and dark-winged look on her top lids. Marilyn Monroe accented her heavy lashes with a separate strip of eyeliner. In Marilyn Monroe Beauty tips, To make her cat’s eyes, she put Elizabeth Arden Show Stopper Pencil in her makeup kit in black and brown. And this Elizabeth Arden stopper Pencil was

Monroe’s favorite.

  • Eyelashes- Marilyn Monroe loved using false eyelashes to highlight her eyelashes. She always used to wear half a set of eyelashes on the outer corners of her eyes to increase the size of her eyes, then applied Kajal pairs and their lashes looked perfect.
  • Eyebrows- Marilyn Monroe’s eyebrows were dark with sharp angles. She designed a well-crafted eyebrow which became her signature eyebrow style.

Lips Makeup

Marilyn Monroe’s makeup artist applied 5 different shades of lipstick and gloss to create rich lips and pouty look, layered one on top to achieve multifaceted results: darker reds sheds applied on the outer corners and lighter shades applied in between her lips. She added some highlighter on Cupid’s bow and also in between the bottom lip. Laird lipstick and gloss on top of it made Merlin’s lips look amazing and fluffy. All-time her favorite color lipstick was Classic Red.

Hair Color

Marilyn Monroe’s hair color was not natural. She dyed her hair golden when a modeling agency told her it would make her more successful. From then on, he embraced her fully. Since then, It is said that her career in platinum locks her career-high. Early in his career, Monroe dyed his brown locks in platinum. She lightened her brown hair during modeling days and never looked back. Marilyn Monroe’s hairstylists  Pearl Porterfield and Jean Harlow used old-fashioned peroxide to made actress stand on and off-screen. That made Marilyn Monroe hairstylists and colorists.

That’s all!

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