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Megan Fox Beauty tips (Beauty Secret reveal)

Celebrity like Megan Fox, you wish to get that secret of beauty tips. Glow of her face, body language, cloth selection and beauty makeup tools, If you want to know every things related to her beauty then take a look.

The secrets of Megan fox makeup is mentioned here which is very helpful to get sexy look with trending makeup.

Beauty Secrets of Megan Fox

skin care done by megan fox
skin care done by megan fox

For skin

less is more this is the best tips for beauty.

She mostly carry cleansing and moisturizing in her makeup bag. Megan washes her face thoroughly at least twice a day by Bulgarian Rose Otto(moisturizer).

She take bath for soaking for 45-60 minutes, after that prefers to use moisturize her skin with Grapeseed Oil.

She prefer olive oil because suits her skin very well.

Megan Fox generally avoid to apply sunscreen because chemicals present in sun cream cause allergies to her sensitive skin.
Hence she try protect her face with cap or cloth. If she don’t have any option, her only choice is La Roche-Posay Anthelios AC SPF30 High Protection Fluide Extreme Sunscreen.

For Eyes

– She care her beautiful cat eyes with Perricone MD’s Vitamin C Ester Eye Serum.
– Usually she apply at least 3-4 times a day right after washing her face.
– Apply mascara.
– Before going bed try to wash your eyes.
– Apply Rose water (gulab jal) at least once in 15 days.
– Drinking lots of water to maintain eye site.
– Cover your eyes with sun glass from sun rays.

Secrets of Megan Makeup

Take a look in her beauty bag, to know the beauty makeup item. Fox not like to wear makeup all the time, she give some time to skin to get fresh oxidant naturally.

She carry moisturizer

– Moisture is important due to her skin nature, so she never miss to carry moisturizer.
– 2-3 time in a day.


– Eyes are very impressive part of our face, because only eye and lip color cant change your look frequently.
– Megan use mascara on regular basis, she avoid to do more makeup on eyes.

Lip color

– The reason of her juicy lips are the output of good quality of lipstick.
– She love dark lipstick generally red, orange or chocolate color lipstick.

beauty tips
beauty tips

Fitness tips explore by Megan Fox


– Fox do exercise on regular basis, not only to get a perfect body, it also help to get positive energy.

– She fall the guide line provided by fitness trainer(Harley Pasternak).

– In a day she eat 5 times.

– Exercise pattern follow by Megan fox are lateral plank, crunches, Swiss ball, hyper extensions, etc.

– Every exercise needs 5 minutes followed by a 30-seconds rest period.

– Apart from this, you can follow weight lifting, and cardio workouts like cycling, running, dancing to make your self fit and flexible.

Megan Fox Diet Secrets (Get Beauty fitness through Diet)

– 5 times meals a day(but eat according to desire).

– Try to eat raw and fresh fruits, veggies.

– Try to eat adequate carbohydrates rich food.

– Megan Fox take silica as well as fish oil supplements in a regular manner.


– Eat 2 egg whites, 1 oz. of almonds (contain high level of antioxidant vitamin E, fiber and protein) and a bowl of fresh fruits.

– She like to eat salads(cucumber,carrot,and fruits)

– Don’t miss to take fat(little amount).

Perfect way to get a look like Megan Fox

Megan beauty secrets
Megan beauty secrets

To get a look like Megan fox you have to work on every part of body like face, skin and physical appearance, it is possible you become more sexy than her.

But for that you have to follow the perfect way of clothing, exercise, diet, and makeup.

1. Lashes Are Enough to Make a Glamorous Look.

– Don’t do more makeup, believe in smart makeup.
– Lashes matching with your event.
* In night use liquid makeup kit for lashes.
* In day use dry makeup product for lashes.

Emphasize Your Brows.

2. Shade of Red.

– Glossy, Rosy Lips Are the Most Luscious.
– Use same color lipstick pencil for lip border.
– Avoid to use same color of lipstick matching with dress.

3. Complicated Hair Never Gives Pretty Look.

Generally people do different type of hair style but you have to avoid this.

– Right Hairstyle(Try to make a sexy look)
– Make your hair open or simple.
– You can also use rubber, matching with hair color to tie your hair.

Maintain smile on face to get photogenic look

4. Dress Selection

beauty secrets by selecting hot dress
beauty secrets by selecting hot dress

– Try to Wear hot dress like one piece.
– Your dress is bold, your hair and makeup should be opposite.
– Dress selection will be always done according to occasion.

Try to do less makeup, but you have to do perfect selection for beauty tips.

Megan Fox Beauty Secrets, Makeup, Hair, Skin And Diet Secrets in short look

1. Her faith in ‘Less is More’

– I try to do less makeup.
– Avoid to miss cleansing and moisturizing routine.
Favorite moisturizer is Bulgarian Rose Otto a product of Epicuren Discovery.

2. Short time Showers

– She doesn’t believe soaking in water for an hour, it is easy to do massage from Cold Pressed Organic Oil as a moisturizer.
– Due to her skin nature grape seed oil is much more better than olive oil.

3. Sunscreen no-no

– Sun cream gives allergies to her sensitive skin.
– Rarely use SPF 30 High Protection Fluide Extreme Sunscreen.

4. Eye Care

– Megan taking care of her cat eyes(gifted to her from birth).
– Perricone MD’s Vitamin C Ester Eye Serum.
– Wash eyes with clean water.

5. Every Week (Oxy Facial)

– It helps to her skin breathe(According to Megan).
– She want to applying masks on a regular basis, but it is not possible due to busy time and work.
– Manage her time for facials.

The beauty secrets of Megan fox is revel now, if you follow her step definitely you get a good result. Beauty needs makeup guideline along with a good diet.

You can look pretty without makeup, if you eat well.

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