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October 23, 2021 - Face Treatment

Get To Know Effective Ways To Cure Dark Circle

Oh! No, the Dark circle on the face is just like a spot on a moon. I am talking about black bags under the eyes which is also known as a dark circle. Last month I was walking in the park, two people(maybe a couple) talking about dark circle under eyes, they are very stressed & tense. They were discussing how much money, in the last 6 months spent on how to remove the dark circles. Their way of discussions told me that they were not happy with the live treatment of black circles under the eyes. As a social person, I was decided to search on the topic of black circles. Sometimes without knowing the side effect of chemical products which help to reduce dark circles leads to generate pimples on the face.

To write on the main causes of dark circle, all about them like, what causes dark circles under eyes. How to remove dark circles, home remedies for dark circles after continuous research and facts I am able to share you this article. It is best for everyone who wants their look remains free from dark circles.

If we are talking about a black circle under an eye, only one thing comes to mind, how dark circles under eyes happen to me.  Don’t take stress on mind, because, your concept is going to be clear about it.

Best way to prevent dark circles

The skin around the eyes is very thin, you can compare it to other parts of the body. Any changes happening near-eye skin appeared very quickly. It occurs due to allergy, rubbing, genetic, improper sleep, stress, or iron deficiency in the body. Treatment with Cold cucumber slices, tea bags, Mint leaves, Milk, Aloe vera, Potato, Coconut oil, Argan oil is a very easy way to reduce under-eye circles.

  • Mint leaves: Menthol is cool in nature which is present in mint, helps to improve blood circulation, soothes and rejuvenates the skin. It contracts the blood vessels around the eyes and reduces blue tint, vitamin C in mint leaves provides a brighter appearance. Easy to apply: Mix Mint leaves in a mixer and applies on the face for 10 minutes. At last rinse with water.
  • Milk: Vitamins A and B6 of milk build skin cells, B12 increases the skin glow and, selenium protects skin from free radicals. How to use: Take two cotton pads and soak them in milk, squeeze the bad with a soft hand and put that pads on the dark circle under the eyes. Leave it for 20-30 minutes, remove milk pads but don’t rinse it.
  • Aloe vera: It is best for dark circles due to moisturizer and has anti-inflammatory properties. How to use: Clean under eye area with a cloth and Squeeze to get aloe pulp. Rub pulp under eyes for 20 minutes, and wash with normal water.

What is a dark circle & reasons for dark circles?

A dark circle/ black circle is a discoloration of the skin under the eye, go in front of the mirror. And see your face if the color of the chick and the color of the eye surrounding skin is different. Then you are facing the problem of a dark circle.

These are the main causes:

  • Genetics: Genetics is the most common and frequent cause of dark circles. The dark circles that are genetically from one’s parents or ancestors are bluish and occur on the skin below your eyes.
  • Aging: With increasing age, your skin becomes thinner day by day. We all know that the skin below the eyes is already thin, it thins further with age so, the blood vessels near the eyes start showing. This leads to dark circles.
  • Unhealthy Habits: Smoking and alcohol cause the blood vessels to dilate, causing under-eye dark circles and even making them prominent due to nicotine.
  • Nutritional Deficiency: Due to a deficiency in iron and B12 leads to dark circles.  inadequate oxygenation of the tissues, vitamin K deficiency causes poor blood circulation in the body and causes eyes as a bluish tinge.
  • Sleep Deprivation:Lack of sleep causes an insufficient amount of blood circulation, dilates your blood vessels, leading to back circles.
  • Allergies: Everyone has different DNA so, every medicine or food is not common.  During allergies body release histamines which forms a dark circle. During that when you are rubbing your eyes it can swell and break the area of blood vessels causing this black circle. Sometimes, less information about beauty product like foundation, liner, mascara which we used in eye makeup lead to dark circle.

for more information about makeup rules you can refer to this article:  Makeup Rulebook For Beginners: 10 Tips You Need To Follow

  • Hormonal Changes: The fluctuation in the hemoglobin levels, increase estrogen, chances of skin pigmentation in our body can lead to bruising and gives reason to dark circles.
  • Stress: During stress, you can’t sleep well which causes disrupt your hormonal balance. Your skin goes pale due to Stress and eyes sink deep into their sockets causes dark circles.
  • Eczema:Patchy, itchy, and inflamed are occurs during Eczema, which causes itching in our body and ruptures the blood vessels leads to black circle.
  • Excessive Sun Exposure: Due to excess heat from the sun your water level of the body decreases, which causes damage prone skin under your eyes to darken easily as it is thin.
  • Periorbital Cellulitis: A bacterial infection that appears on the eyelids is known as periorbital cellulitis. In this the blood cell damaged.
  • Dehydration:During dehydration, toxins, and fluids, which is present in the body releases that lead to the appearance of dark circles
  • Anemia: Anemia is improper blood circulation which causes hemoglobin to break down quickly, which causes dark circles under eyes.

“Medication, Scratching Your Eyes, Sleeping On The Stomach, Liver Disease, Excess Salt, And Caffeine, Fluid Retention, Eye Makeup, Weeping also the common reasons for dark circles.”

 How to prevent eyes area from dark circles?

It’s hard to detect whether aging leads to dark circles or dark circles lead to aging because dark circles are happening due to old age and fewer growth genes.

Medical treatment: Medical treatment for a dark circle can be done only by a doctor because every skin has a different comfort zone. If you take any medicine which is not suitable, it may cause some different problems.

There are few creams that have no reaction with skin:

  1. Bye Bye( Eye Illumination Full Coverage Anti-Aging Waterproof Concealer )
  2. DiaForce Ruby Hydrogel Eye Patch
  3. Kiehl’s Creamy Avocado Eye Treatment
  4. Milk Makeup Cooling Stick
  5. Esarora Ice Roller

Home remedies for dark circles:

  • Almond oil: Almond oil is very effective for skin to provide lightening on the skin. It replenishes and rejuvenates by providing vitamins and minerals and also helps to keep it moisturized. Take 4-5 drops of almond oil into the delicate skin under the eyes and leave it on overnight, and wash the next day with cold water.
  • Cucumber: Due to cooling and astringent properties, it is used to treat dark circles. Cut the cucumber into thick slices and leave it in a refrigerator to chill. Put cucumber on both eyes, after 15 minutes, wash the area of dark skin area with lukewarm water.
  • Potato: Due to an ingredient in potato, it contains natural bleaching properties. Put a potato in a refrigerator for one hour, peel, and extract the juice from it. Take cotton and keep it into juice and put the liquid around your eyes overnight, in next morning wash it from warm water.
  • Rose Water: Rose Water is a rich source of antioxidants, so it helps strengthen skin cells, regenerate skin tissue. Dip cotton in rose water and put them over your eyes, leave it for 15 minutes and wash that is with luke water. Every morning you can do that thing.
  • Green Tea Bags: It helps in lightening dark circles because it is rich in antioxidants and tannins. For 10 minutes boil two green tea bags in one-half cup of water, remove tea bags, and cold it in a refrigerator for an hour. Put that tea bag on your eyes for 15 minutes. a good result is seen in 10 days, you can apply that twice a day.
  • Coffee & Honey: Coffee has antioxidant properties in large amounts which is helpful in treating dark circles. It contains caffeine which helps in blood circulation and improves your skin tone. Mix coffee and honey together into thick paste and apply on the affected area for 30 minutes. After washing your skin you will have light and glowing skin. Try to use this mask daily for an amazing immense effect on your face.
  • Turmeric Powder: Turmeric is well known for its antioxidant and herbal properties. Using it for dark circles gives an amazing effect and will not harm your skin too. Mix turmeric powder with rose water into a paste and apply on the affected area for 20 minutes, then wash it with water. Using it daily will give you an amazing effect without harming your skin. Turmeric powder has herbal properties which works as a scrub on your skin and gives you a glowing face.
  • Amla: Well, Amla has vitamin C and herbal properties which is helpful for preventing dark circles. Firstly make amla powder then mix honey on it and make a thick paste. Apply on your skin for 20 minutes and then wash it. Being a herbal product it will not harm your skin plus has properties which makes your skin glow and healthy. Daily use of it makes your skin healthy and removes dark circles easily. You can feel an immense effect on your face too.
  • Saffron: Saffron works as an ayurvedic medicine which is helpful for skin care. It has antibacterial properties which keep your skin glowing and healthy.It has properties which are helpful in curing dark circles. Make a paste and apply under the affected area then wash it off.As a result you will have an immense effect and work as magic on your skin and give you a healthy and glowing skin too.
  • Kumkumadi Oil: Kumkumadi Oil is an ayurvedic gift from nature which works as a magic on your skin. It works as a serum on your face and it is made from red-gold saffron. Apply oil on your skin and leave it overnight, then wash it early in the morning.You can use this oil daily for an immense effect. Using this oil works as a beauty serum on your skin.It works slowly but gives you a great affection on dark circles.

The best way to reduce dark circle with home remedies is a better solution without any side effects. 

This information is very helpful to you to get rid of dark circles under your eyes. My family members also try to do natural  Home remedies for dark circles and now they are feeling glad. Dark circle is not a disease it is a condition that occurs due to hormonal changes. 

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