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Makeup Rulebook For Beginners: 10 Tips You Need To Follow

When our talking comes to makeup, you can either accept only two results completely right or badly wrong. It is a type of an art form. It takes time to be experienced in techniques of applying makeup as well as using the correct type of products and their makeup trends. With the help of many amazing makeup products, which is available in the market. You look different than others. So take little positive steps to use and explore the makeup trends, and learn the tricks of doing it in a pleasant and attractive way. If you see yourself a beginner when it comes to makeup, you have to grasp the basic rules and care to use it.

11 best tips for beauty training :

  1. Apply a moisturizing cream

One must wash and apply a cream or moisturizer, according to your skin type, at least 15 minutes before cleaning the skin. This will help protect your skin.

  1. Use a primer

Always use a primer, which helps the foundation to have a smooth surface to settle on. This will result in your makeup to last longer.

  1. Water-based foundations

If your skin is in a group of dry skin, you can apply any kind of moisturizing cream. But if you have an oily skin then only water-based foundations are very useful to use. Due to there light, less cakey and hydrating nature, it helps to maintain foundation.

  1. The right way to applying foundation

The right way to applying foundation
The right way to applying foundation

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Foundation plays an important role in makeup so, It is important to know how to use? Maximum time we are doing the same mistakes by rubbing both our hands and apply on the face instead of it on the skin with two fingers or a brush.

  1. Confusing correctors with concealers

It is a common difficulty faced by most people. Face color and skin quality are a change from person to a person whereas concealers will conceal the corrector and foundation, giving an even skin tone.

  1. Use mineralized face powder

For natural looking skin, use fine mineralized face powder to set the makeup base and avoid a cakey face.

  1. Color coordinating

Matching same color eyeshadow doesn’t give a good impression on an eye. Eye, lipstick and nail polish with your clothes gives look one-dimensional look and is not catches by the eyes.

  1. The art of blending

art of blending
art of blending

Your makeup could change from good to bad if you are not careful enough to blend it well. Heavy, makeup creates some kind of smokey eyes is a big turnoff and so is an uneven color combination.

  1. Waterproof mascara is amazing, but not always

The water-resistant mascara can dry out your lashes provide reason them to break easily. The process of removing the waterproof mascara takes a lot of effort, which can may damage your lashes. Keep it reserved for important party likes weddings and birthdays.

  1. Makeup brushes are important

Makeup brushes are important
Makeup brushes are important

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They will give you the right way to make up. Keeping them clean protract, their life and preserve you from a lot of trouble of infection. Wash the brushes regularly with warm water and detergent and use antiseptic liquid before drying out completely.

Use the bronzer in small quantity on the jaw line, because it provides the natural and sun-kissed look. A general thumb rule to follow that dark color help to make your lips look thinner while using lighter lipstick color will make the lips look fuller. As much as you may love your makeup products, check your old and expired products because they are not safe to use and it leads to cause rashes, allergies, and irritation.

No matter how much amount you had paid for that stuff, without thinking twice, through it. Using the same color lip liner and up with lipstick is important for the lipstick to stay long and providing you a good look. Many skip the lip liner. All the information provided is an article help you to make a different and attractive look.

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