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October 6, 2021 - Nails Care

Nail Art Easy: How to get easy nail art design

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The simple and best charm of a woman’s nails can be by followed by making Nail art easy. From our previous article, you have knowledge of way to prevent nails from breaking. But it is not easy to make easy nail art designs by hand. when you are meeting with someone your 1st step of a meeting is a handshake. So, if you have beautiful nails or design, then it gives confidence and a good impression on others. Now, you can understand the necessity of nail art designs. Sometimes, you are in a busy schedule and you miss to do the nail art, then here are some best way to nail color by doing easy nail art design.

Nail Paint design

Simple and easy nail paint is easy concept to enhance the normal appearance. It is used to increase the appearance as well as beauty or shine of a woman’s nails. The selection of nail design must be based on events. You can consider the nail art designs with fine art home talent. You are going to learn about the techniques of nail art, by following easy steps.

Dot Nail Art

It is easiest nail art which will help you to get a quick nail decor. 35% of girls usually follow this type of trend.

Dot nail paint design
Dot nail paint design
3rd dot nail dot design
3rd dot nail dot design
2nd dot nail paint design
2nd dot nail paint design

Flower Nail Art

It takes a long time in making but the coolness of flower nail art is awesome.

2nd flower nail art
2nd flower nail art
3rd flower nail art
3rd flower nail art

Zigzag Nail Art

1st Zig zag nail art
1st Zig zag nail art
2nd Zig zag nail art
2nd Zig zag nail art
Zig zag nail art 3rd
Zig zag nail art 3rd

Heart Nail Art

Best nail art to represent the love for someone. 45% of girls on valentine day use to make this tattoo design.

1 Heart shape nail design
1 Heart shape nail design
2nd heart nail color
2nd heart nail color
3rd heart shape art
3rd heart shape art

Black and White Nail Art

black and white nail art
black and white nail art
2nd black and white nail art
2nd black and white nail art
3rd black and white nail art
3rd black and white nail art

Nail Paint color

color of nail paint
color of nail paint

Nail Paint art

Nail Paint art
Nail Paint art

Required Items
1. Base-coat
2. Two Bottles of different color nail polish
3. Top coat
4. Stencils for nails


  • To protect your nails apply Del sol.
  • Apply base Del Sol color and let dry.
  • Choose the desired sticker according to the event and remove it from a sheet.
  • Put a sticker on nails and press down gently.
  • Apply the second nail color over nail stencils and let dry.
  • Remove sticker slowly after 3-5 minutes
  • At last, apply the top coat to seal.

Nail paint brands

toxic free nail polish
toxic free nail polish

Worldwide top brands of Nail paint:


best nail color
best nail color

nail color
nail color

color of best nail paint
color of best nail paint

Price: $35.46 ( $34- 36 )
– Infinite shine gel effects lacquer color.
– No led or UV light needed
– The shine lasts up to 10 days
– Soak free removal
– High shine


best color
best color

nail color
nail color

nail color type
nail color type

Price: $8.99 ( $8- 12 )
– Long lasting.
– Used in any events like party or travel.
– 250,000 east, north, south america, Africa, middle Japan and Australian natural beauty salons using this nail polish.
– Brand spread over 95 nations.
– Best feedback from the customer side.

Butter London

color type 1
color type 1

color type 2
color type 2

color type 3
color type 3

Price: $18 ( $14- 20 )
– Long-wearing shades.
– Sophisticated for nail.
– No side effect mentioned by user regarding stronger, healthier nails.
– 10 day wear.
– To clean nail paint apply two coats of lacquer and at last dry the nail.

 NARSPrice: $14 ( $13- 20 )
– Best on long-wearing top coat powered by breakthrough oxygen technology.
– Nutrient-rich caviar extract.
– Formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, DBP, and camphor.
– Reveals stronger, harder nails in just 2 weeks(95% women said that).

nail color nars 1
nail color nars 1

nail color nars 2
nail color nars 2

nail color nars 3
nail color nars 3

Price: $20.00 ( $15- 40 )
– Incredible luster and prolonged gloss retention with UV protection.
– Present chemical prevents polish discoloration.
– Less time is taken to adjust after applying.
– Advanced polymer system provides extra shine and perfect finishing.


Ginger+Liz color type 1
Ginger+Liz color type 1

2nd type Ginger+Liz
2nd type Ginger+Liz

3rd type Ginger+Liz
3rd type Ginger+Liz

Price: $10.00 ( $9- 12 )
– vegan-friendly protection.
– Dry free.
– No toxin.
– Shine for a long time.
– 2018 is the best year for demands point of view.

China Glaze

China Glaze nail color type 1
China Glaze nail color type 1

China Glaze nail color type 2
China Glaze nail color type 2

Price: $7.73 ( $7- 10 )
– Long-lasting nail lacquer.
– Flexible and not sticky.
– Infused with china clay.
– Oil base.
– Latest fashion shades.
– Free of DBP and toxic.

Nail paint removal

There is a lot of suggestion given by others to remove nail paint but all are not good for nail health.

Best way for removing nail color is mentioned here without any risk you can perform that.

1. Required materials
– Petroleum jelly
– Nail file
– Acetone
– Cotton balls
– Aluminum foil

2. How to apply:
– Apply gel on nails.
– Use petroleum jelly to protect skin(around nails on finger)
– Dip cotton in Acetone.
– Break that wet cotton and put on the nail.
– Cover nails with foil for 5-7 minutes and remove it.

Now, see your finger all nail color has vanished.

How to apply nail polish

  • Step 1
    Start to clean, dry and sanitized nails. Clean the surrounding area near cuticles.
  • Step 2
    Shape free edge of nails and buff the nail surface with wipe clean.
  • Step 3
    Apply a thin layer of UV base nail coat.
  • Step 4
    Place hand under LED UV lamp for 30 seconds. To feel nail stickiness.
  • Step 5
    Apply gel nail polish by brushing a thin coat on the entire nail surface.

Apply transparent nail paint if you want extra shine.

  • Step 6
    Wipe off the surrounding surface near nail with a gel cleanser.
  • Last step
    Apply cuticle oil near surrounding nail skin.

How to paint nails neatly

process to apply nail color
process to apply nail color

For neatly nail paint you have to just follow the image given step.

1. Remove previous nail color with the help of thinner.
2. Appy thinner with the help of cotton.
3. Wash finger and wait to dry.
4. Make a dot with color from starting side of nails.
5. Follow the direction.
6. Follow the anticlockwise loop( according to the above figure).

The best tips to color nails with perfection.

How to apply gel nail polish perfectly

Here you are going to know about the techniques, on which a beginner can apply gel nail polish with a professional touch.

1. Clean Your Nails
– Wash your hand 1st.
– Dry your nail before applying gel color.

2. Shake Gel Polish
– Shake it before using.
– Due to shaking the ration of gel dilute become proportional.

3. Lotion Around Cuticles
– Apply lotion to remove extra color around cuticles.
– The lotion also helps to protect skin near nails.

4. Short Strokes color uses
– To avoid extra color follow the color of the short stroke.
– Take extra care when you are color near cuticles.

5. Apply thin Layers
– Thin layer gives great shine.
– Easy to remover.

6. Free edge capping with color
– Color your nail cap slowly and carefully.
– Lifting fingernail in the upward direction can provide you an easy way to color nail tip.

7. Remove extra gel polish
– Remove extra color gel near nails for clean and attractive nails.
– Carefully clean basecoat and top coat.

8. Hydrate your nail.
– Hydrated nails give natural shine.
– Protect from dry nails.

Nail Art Stickers

nail sticker

Nowadays, Nail Art Stickers has become very popular. Many women and girls already tried or consider that it is less time taking and give beautiful look. Sticker of nail can give you a cool graphic nail pattern to match the outfit. If you are looking for nail paint design in sticker then a lot of choices you have. Beautiful and trendy nails can bring more self-confidence along with a decent look.

sticker for nail art
sticker for nail art

Healthy Nails Tips

nail care tips
nail care tips

Nail art Advantages:

  • You can choose nail sticker according to your mood, to match your lifestyle, your personality or outfit.
  • A chance to enjoy the bold graphics or colored patterned nail art.
  • Easily done and taking less time.
  • It is an inexpensive way to wear some designer labels nail color.
  • Easy to remove nail art from the nail.

Nail art Disadvantages:

  • Nail art polish can take a long time to dry.
  • It is not easy to protect cuticles from nail polish.
  • Nail polish may contain too many chemicals which are not good for nail health.
  • After using such designing nail art you have to make your self more conscious about nail care.
  • Some time due to perfectionist tendency, it might disappoint you.

Different Types Of Nail Arts You Can Do At Home

Well we love to do nail arts.Being a girl we try to have impressive nails and do nail arts on it,and we spend hours on searching for several nail arts which we can do at home.And there are several nail arts which we can do at home rather than going to salons.

Some of nail arts which we can do home are as follows:

Colourful Splash:

Colourful Splash

Well this is the easiest way which you can do at home with an amazing finish.Each nails will  have different colour splash and leave you fascinated.Materials which are  required are black nail paint for the base,with your favourite shades,unused toothbrush,remover.Firstly apply black nail paint on your nails,then pour your favourite shades on a clean surface.Take a clean unused  brush and dip on the shades  and spread it using your thumb on your nails.Finally clear the paints from the skin using nail remover.At last you will get an amazing look on your nails.

Floral Look:

Floral Look

Well this is the easiest way to welcome spring.I love this look because of how beautifully you can create the floral pattern.Materials which are used to create the pattern are black nail paint for base,with other shades contrast to black,thin brush and remover.First apply black nail paint for base look.Take two colour shades and create  the floral pattern using thin nail brush.When you have the look seal it with the coat,then you will have  a stunning look on your nails.

Ramp Art:

Ramp Art

Girls, if you are trying to do unique nail arts, at home,try a ramp look,it’s the easiest one.This look gives a professional look to your nails.Thing which is used in it are light colours, sheet,sponge and remover.Take a clear plastic sheet,pour nude or light shades on it,then properly blend it using toothpick.Dab the sponge on the blended colour,now gently dab on your nails.Now clear the skin portion using remover and give your nails a finishing touch using clear polish.

Polka Dots:

This look is the coolest look to try at home without any kit.Every one tries either black and white or monochrome,so girls try some colourful look. Get white nail paint for base,colourful shades for dots,bobby pins and clear polish.Gently apply white shades on your nails,then take a bobby pin dip on colourful shades.Then gently dip on your nails for the look,at last apply clear polish for the finishing look.

Galaxy Look:

Galaxy Look

So girls, let’s get galaxy on your nails.This makes your boring nails look stunning.Things which we will need for this look are black nail paint,glitter nail paints,toothpick,sponge and clear polish.Gently apply black nail paint on your nails  and let it dry,then pour glitter nail paints on clear sheet and blend it using toothpick.Dip sponge on glitter nail paint and gently dip on your nails.Clear the excess using remover.At last give a finish look using clear polish.


As you get to know new nail arts to try at home without going to salons.Make your nails look stunning and amazing at home just using simple tricks.I personally use these to make my nails look impressive and unique.So girls go and try these tricks to make your nails unique.

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