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Beauty tips for glowing skin ( glowing skin Secrets )

Glowing skin is wish of every girls, everyone doing there makeup according to beauty tips. Every face have there own skin type but the beauty of every face is prevented by following beauty tips.

1. Oily skin fairness tips

oily skin
oily skin

If you have Oily skin and you are not happy , then this quick oily skin treatment can be a good doctor for you. Generally 40% of girl suffering from Acne or pimples due to oily skin.

These beauty advice is not give a quick fairly look overnight. It will take time but result of getting fairness is 75% sure.

– Face cleanser (Wash face every morning with lukewarm water)

– Drink water (Enough water help in toxins treatment)

– Exfoliate with sea salt (Nutrients of sea salt help to remove Excess oil, mix sea salt in lukewarm water and wash your face)

– Try to avoid stress (If you have oily skin then in stress time the speed of oil formation increase)

– Exercise (30-40 minute regular exercise help to open pores and pep up the skin tissues , by increasing blood circulation)

– Sleep (During sleep cells regain there energy)

– Protection from UV light.

– Moisturise your skin.

– Face must be wash in gentle way.

– Eat vitamins and omega-3S rich foods, like fish, salmon, whole grains.

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2. Instant fairness tips

fairness tips
fairness tips

– Apply Face wash after coming back to home.

Use clean towel, remember that is not used by anyone else.

– Apply toner of same brand, you are using for cleanser.

If you are using different brands product then the ratio of the chemical reaction increase more.

– Moisturizer is compulsory.

Remove dead cell, and help to open the skin pore.

– Exfoliating skin with a mild scrub.

– Eat water rich food to provide hydration to body.

Water percentage in our body is 75-78% , help to protect from sun heat.

– Protect skin from sun damage.

3. Beauty tips for fairness

beauty tips for fairness
beauty tips for fairness

Daily Routines For Fair Skin:

a) Follow regular balance diet.

b) Avoid Oily food.

c) Drink enough water(4-5 litres)

d) Physical Exercise like swimming, dancing or yoga.

e) A good sleep (7-8 hours).

Makeup Tips

a) Exfoliation.

b) Regular makeup kit.

c) Follow the beauty guideline.

4. Beauty tips for glowing skin

beauty tips for glowing skin
beauty tips for glowing skin

A) Get healthy diet

B) Stay hydrated

C) Regular exercise

D) Do cleansing, toning and moisturising on regular basis.

E) Scrubbing is also important for removing dead skin cells.

F) Use oil as a cleanser.

G) Apply aloe Vera toner for glowing skin.

H) Natural treatment

Coconut and milk face pack

Salt and cucumber face pack

Banana and Almond oil pack

5. Glowing skin Secret

skin secrete
skin secrete

Sometime we can’t get the real beauty result due to inappropriate information, secret of glowing skin can explore all the beauty tips and makeup.

Glow your skin by following beauty secrets.

A) Process of Exfoliation (Foundation for clean skin)

Removing dead cells is considered as Exfoliation.


– Refine skin surface to get healthy glowing skin.

– Use Lighten skin toner.

– Apply face wash after entering at home from outside.

B) Vitamin C (Glow maker)

Vitamin C play a vital role to get glowing skin, it is scientifically proven.


– Take regular supplements (On the advice of doctor).

– Helpful for Lightening pigment.

– Contain powerful amount of antioxidants.

C) Night Routine( skin glow)

Oil massage is the best way to regain the glow of skin.


– Massage process gives a good circulation of blood and help in water retention.

– Helpful in nourishment and hydration.

– Vitamin E oil or Pure almond oil is best for skin glow.

D) Sleep (8 hr sleep treatment)

Sleep is best treatment for giving body function rest. In 24 hours we always doing work and taking stress due to that blood circulation and body cells are active, to provide rest take 8 hours sleep.


– Take continuous sleep of 8 hours.

– Before going to bed drink a glass of water.

6. Homemade beauty tips for glowing skin

beauty glow
beauty glow

Are you fade-up with foundation and concealer as your glowing skin beauty doctor. Don’t worry natural products here to help you out from this stressful artificial beauty make up.

1. Coconut and raw milk face pack


50 ml raw milk.

1 tablespoon of coconut

How to apply Coconut and milk face pack

– Take a bowl and mix ingredients.

– Apply the mixture, gently on face.

– Wait till dry.

– Rinse at last.

Coconut is act like a cleansers, Raw milk hydrate your skin.

Main work: Remove dead skin cells.

2. Salt and Cucumber face pack


1/2 cucumber

Sea salt (Half spoon)

Peppermint essential oil (5 ml)

How to apply Salt and Cucumber face pack

– Take a bowl and combine sea salt, cucumber and essential oil.

– Apply the mixture, gently on face and scrub.

– Keep doing face massage for 10 minutes.

– Rinse with cold water.

Sea salt gives minerals, Cucumber help to hydrate the skin as a result oil free skin.

Main work: Help to get Bright and glowing skin.

3. Gram Flour and almond oil face pack


Gram flour (besan)- 50 grm

Almond Oil (full tea spoon)

How to apply Gram Flour and Almond oil face pack

– Take a bowl and combine Gram flour and almond oil.

– Apply the mixture, gently on face with the help of finger.

– Keep doing circular face massage for 15 minutes.

– Rinse with lukewarm water.

Gram Flour help in opening closed pores, Almond oil provide vitamins for skin glow.

Main work: Face glow and help to remove dead cells.

7. Homemade beauty tips for face whitening

skin whitening
skin whitening

a) If you want face whitening without any surgery then eat vitamin A rich diet and non fat milk , egg yolks and carrots.
b) Don’t go out side without sunscreen because UV light of sun kill the skin cells (Sun burn).
c) Select your beauty product according to skin tone.
d) keep doing skin bleaching for lightening facial skin.
Selection or bleaching cream and the amount of cream most be taken according to skin requirement.
e) Clean your face regularly, especially after coming home from outside.
f) Use papaya face pack for whitening skin.
g) Drink milk because it acts as a skin whitening agents.
h) Honey and Milk pack

milk and honey
milk and honey

Mix 1 teaspoon of honey in 200 ml pure milk, Massage that mixture on face skin for 2 minute in circular motion and leave it for 20- 45 minutes. Honey helpful for antibacterial action and milk act as whitening agent.
i) Potato pulp and lemon pack

lemon and potato mixture for face glow
lemon and potato mixture for face glow

Potato juice is used for skin lightening, also remove extra oil. Lemon act as a bleaching agent to remove dead cells.
Mix potato and lemon juice and apply on face, leave it for 30 minute and rinse the face.

j) Banana and almond oil pack

almond and banana
almond and banana

Best and easy way to get whitening skin is banana and almond oil mixture. Banana increase the collagen production which gives elasticity of the skin. Almond contain vitamins A,D and E which act as as anti-oxidants for healthy skin.
–  Mash banana and add almond oil in it, mix it well.
– Apply this mixture on face for 20 minutes.
– Rinse with cold water.

8. Do and don’t for naturally glowing skin

Do and don't for skin care
Do and don’t for skin care

The golden rule


a) Remove makeup before going to bed.

b) Just put Olive oil on a cotton pad and gently massage your face to clean makeup and dust.


a) Exfoliate your skin at least once or twice a week to remove dead skin.

b) The antioxidants present in walnuts help remove dirt so you can apply solution of walnuts.

Skin and sun


a) Use SPF rich sunscreen , to protect skin from UVA and UVB rays.

b) Checkout the level before buying the product in which the noncomedogenic are not present.


a) Skip the sunscreen in cold or cloudy whether.

b) On beach or water park places , apply sunscreen.

Balance Diet


a) Eat fresh food and sufficient protein.

b) Low sugar diet reduce the insulin level and good for health balance.


a) Eat spicy and oily fried food.

b) Unbalance routine diet.



a) Keep doing yoga and running regularly for a good blood circulation.

b) Clean entire body.


a) Skip skin cream before workout.

b) Massage toner to minimise oil.

Sleep and H2O(Water)


a) Sleep 8 hours every night.

b) Drink 8(3-4 litres)glass water in a day, and eat water rich food like watermelon and cucumber.


a) Forget to wash moisturise your face before going sleep.

b) Avoid rose water.

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