Emma Watson beauty tips
November 9, 2021 - Hollywood Trend

Emma Watson Beauty tips (Beauty Secret reveal)

Emma Watson actress has worked with beauty products since her famous movie Harry Potter, and she never hides her beauty tips. She is a young actress who got many awards for her acting and cute look. Her beauty tips are easy and perfect, if you want to get a cute look, like her then continue with this article.

Emma Watson Short Bio

Born 14 April 1990 in Paris. Jacqueline Luesby(mother) and Chris Watson(father) both are lawyers, Alex Watson(brother). She graduated from Brown University with a bachelor’s degree in English literature. Hollywood actress & model, best movies of Emma Beauty and the Beast(2017), Harry Potter series (2001), Noah(2014). In 2019, her net worth is roughly $80 million dollars. Basically, Emma Watson is a British actress who is famous due to her beauty and acting.

If you want to know some information about her beauty secrets and tips then take a look by clicking it.

Words of Emma

I started having my hair and make-up done when I was nine years old, which is not cool.

I worked with Alfonso (Cuarón), the best part of makeup artist he didn’t want to cover up any teenage spots.

Some time I get nervous because of beauty makeup.

Recently, I tried a float tank, provided a specific place for meditation.

Best natural beauty tip is yoga and exercise because your cells get fresh oxygen in the morning, and deep breathing of yoga helps to maintain freshness.

In this year, due to my movie, I’ve been in LA a lot (sun is out every day) So, wear Coola Mineral Face SPF30 Cucumber Matte Finish.

In cold months, I use Vita Liberata Trystal Self Tanning Bronzing Minerals.

Emma Watson tries to wear a hat and limit my exposure in hot days. The Body Shop Red Pomegranate Lip and Cheek Stain are still used by me.

My mum is really a good teacher for me about make-up, because she doesn’t follow any beauty rules.

Beauty makeup secrets are only the trends which always apply on the basis of environment and event.

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The secret of Emma Watson Diet Plan

  • Start the day with green tea but or lemon water.
  • After getting fresh, eat protein balanced breakfast.
  • Fruits like apple, strawberry & beats.
  • Avoid eating junk food like burger and sandwich.
  • Lunchtime, she eat less oil food to avoid belly fat.
  • In night, she take 1 brade or light weight food.
  • She also drink alchol on event.
diet tips revel by watson
diet tips revel by watson

Commonly she applies waterproof mascara, on a daily basis always uses the red pomegranate “cheek and lip stain” for a healthy and less exhausted look. Everyday makeup is her “RMS Un cover-up concealer” and “powder” that’ s an amazing brand- she is pretty obsessed with RMS.

– She avoids eating junk food, at all costs.
– She wants to eat foods that are low in saturated fats, salt, and sugar.
– Emma can’t control her self to eat chocolates and pasta among other things.
– Take balanced diet of carbohydrates, proteins, and fibers by eating vegetables, fresh fruits, lean meats, and healthy salads.

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Emma Fitness Secrets

emma in gym
emma in gym

Without a fit body, no one can get a beautiful look, so Emma cares a lot about her fitness. The way of carrying health is different from person to person(Muscular & perfect), Let’s a look of Fitness Secrets.

– She exercises regularly doing the things she loves.
– Watson plays field hockey, running outdoors and hill walking are among her favorite sporting activities.
– She also goes gym ( Pilates, weightlifting, and sprint running)regularly for 90 minutes.

Every few people know that she did hair transformation.According to the need of Harry Potter movie she did that.

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Beauty tips followed by Emma Watson for eyes

eye makeup by emma
eye makeup by emma

In search of a good, natural eyeliner took me like, six months, but i found one! eyeliner who is “Jane Iredale” does an amazing “liquid eyeliner” and she has one in a dark brown, Which she performed to black on my skin tone. Eyes are a very important part from makeup point of view because you can do a lot of makeup tips like Mascara, Eye Shadow, Liner, Long-wear Eyeliners.

– Emma’s eyes are always sparkling because she uses Murine Bright
– She also uses Moist Eyes to make her eyes look dazzling.
– Time to time eyebrows threaded.
– To get a rounder shape and fuller brows, she did wax.
– She also uses mascara and eye shadow.

Secrets follow by Emma Watson for Skincare

According to the climate and environment, it is difficult for everyone to protect their skin. Sometimes cold some time hot that climate is not good for skin So, you have to take a wise step for skincare.

– She gives more time to skincare rather than makeup application.

Her view behind skincare is very clear, face makeup is done by the foundation but overall skincare is not too easy. The less foundation you will need to cover unwanted flaws.

– Emma removes the layers of makeup after shoots with cotton.
– Don’t make up without event.
– Apply sunscreen before going outside.
– She believes in natural treatment, one question always comes to mind, how does Emma maintain her glowing skin?
The secret of glowing skin is a natural treatment which helps a lot to maintain and increase her glowing skin is coconut water. Beauty secrets of Emma skin and face glow are care and maintained life schedule.

Coconut water act as energy booster and healthier than soda.

Emma Watson skin care

Skincare depends upon the care and diet, so be careful.
– Morning walk and exercise.
– Breakfast containing vitamin rich food.
– Face wash every morning.
– Don’t apply any cream if you are not in a mood to go outside.
– Try to apply natural treatment like Aloe vera face pack.
– Before going outside, apply suncream.
– Avoid making a foundation.
– Give a simple look to the face.
– She clean face before going to bed.

Emma Watson makeup routine

– In the morning, 6-7 o’clock wake-up time(depend upon shoot).
– The makeup of the face starts with washing the face with water.
– Before taking a sunbath, apply suncream.
If going outside
– Wash face, eyeliner, and lipstick.
– But she carries Mascara, Eye Shadow, Liner, Long-wear Eyeliners, Coola Mineral Face SPF30.
Coming back home
– Clean face.
– Natural moisturizer.
– lip bam if dry.

11 Beauty routine followed by Emma Watson

Secrets of her beauty
Secrets of her beauty

For a beautiful look, you have to follow the routine and take a balanced diet. Emma Watson blossomed into a mega movie star, she always is in limelight sometimes due to her acting or beauty.

If Emma doing makeup itself, she does quite a clean eye and a matte red lip. Red lip always comes out if something important. she did it on graduation day, especially for the women’s march! there’s a brand called “lily lolo” they do really nice red inika is another brand that does beautiful colors. Emma has an amazing collection of matte lipstick shades.

1. Always try to learn something new from every fashion show. Always do Eco-friendly makeup to get comfortable surrounding.

2. Makeup: It is important to get a pretty look but always remember when applying makeup is you should be able to see as much as natural touch skin possible.
Selection of foundation according to skin tone.

3. She applies red lipstick and Cheek Stain.
The brand used by her for makeup kit is RMS “Un” Cover-Up Concealer and “Un” Powder.
Emma Watson statement: “I’m pretty obsessed with RMS.”

4. Eye-shadow: Every actress have different tips for eye-shadows, but Emma “I tend to do a soft line on the top of my eye in brown”.

5. Eye products :
– Jane Iredale Liquid Eyeliner in Dark Brown (SGD 35 on Zalora and Lazada).
– Jane Iredale Clear Brow Gel (SGD 32 on Zalora and Lazada) for her natural look brows.

6. Selection of Mascaras for eyes
– Apply budge-proof mascaras.
– Use makeup removers around our eye areas to remove mascara.
– E. Watson says “I really, really hate using harsh makeup removers.” make my eyes water, and don’t feel good to me.

7. Skincare in night
– Wash your face before going to bed.
– I remove cleanse, tone, and moisturize before going to bed, avoid any excuses to be lazy about our nighttime skincare.

moisturizer is beauty tips of emma watson
moisturizer is beauty tips of emma watson

8. Moisturizer:
– MV Organics Rose Plus Booster (from AUD 28 on MV Organic Skincare)
– Rose Soothing Protective Moisturizer (from AUD 31 on MV Organic Skincare)
– 9 Oil Cleansing Tonic if my skin is feeling a bit sun-damaged.

9. She uses Fur Oil for her hair.

10. Emma Watson selects nail paint in which toluene, formaldehyde, synthetic camphor, and other potentially harmful chemicals are not present.

11. The selection of cloth according to shows or event, generally she wears a black dress.

The secrets of Emma beauty is based on the principle of care and regular balanced diet control, if you want to get the glowing skin similar to Emma then always believe in natural treatment and mentioned terms

  • Before going to bed remove all beauty product from the face.
  • Always try to protect your skin from sunlight to reduce the ratio of sunburn.
  • Try to do less makeup but in a perfect way, matching to dress and event.
  • Eat water-rich food and don’t miss breakfast.
  • For eye makeup use good brand according to skin tone.

Emma Watson Beauty Products

– Red Pomegranate for Cheek and Lip Stain.
– RMS ‘Un’ Cover-Up Concealer and Powder.
– Jane Iredale Clear Brow Gel.
– Color product Elde.
– Artis for brushes.
– Évolué Gentle Cleanser and Firming Toner.
– MV Organics Rose Plus Booster & Rose Soothing and Protective Moisturiser.
– C.O Bigelow Apothecary Cold and Flu Soak.
– Maria Nila Sheer Silver Shampoo and Conditioner.
– Acure Argan Oil.
– Kure Bazaar for nails.

Beauty Secrets By Emma Watson:

According to Emma, use products that make you look the skin the most. Use such products which have natural products which make your skin look natural. On a daily basis, she uses body shop products that have fruit extracts. Moreover, she uses concealer and powder for an everyday touchup and makes your skin look fine. For her lip care, she uses lily Lolo brand products which make her lips look glossy.

Moreover, she uses lip shades which are in matte shades and it makes your lips look incredible. Well by doing her lips she uses light products for her eyes such as eyeliner as she has a brown tone so she uses liquid black eyeliner which gives her a natural look. She uses de-tanning cream which helps her in detaining her skin. Meanwhile, she uses sunscreen which has SPF 50 and protects you from sunburns, rashes, and inflammation.

Emma removes her makeup and washes her face. Before going to bed she moisturizes her skin as it helps in opening pores, prevents pimples and acne, and gives you soft and flawless skin. Emma uses rose extract products which give a blush look on her skin. Moreover, she uses cleanser and toner which has rose extract and gives you a natural look.

Well for her hair she uses Maria Nila Sheer Silver Shampoo and Conditioner as she has red hairs, so she tries to manage her hairs from split ends and orange fade on your hairs.  She also uses hairspray which has organic products. Meanwhile, she also uses grapefruit remedy for hairs as it makes your hair stronger and volumizes.

Firstly, Emma doesn’t use nail paints on her nails, she just keeps her nails neat and clean and if she uses nail paints she uses Kure Bazaar brand nail paints as it does not harm your nails. She uses nail paints that have light shades and look pretty on your nail. The other brand which she uses is Floss Gloss.

She uses perfume which is made in France and can be found easily. Her father bought it for her when she was 12 yrs old. She has also seen how perfumes are made in France. She uses a fragrance that has rose extract and a beautiful smell.

Moreover, Emma takes rose petals and a milk bath as it keeps your skin beautiful and gives you a blush look. It also helps in moisturizing your skin and making it flawless without harming your skin. She uses French Girl’s Organic, Lola’s The Apothecary brands for her body care.


Well, Emma Watson’s skincare routine can be easily adaptable as she uses natural extracts products and are skin-friendly. To have skin like her you all need to use organic and fruit extract products and will not harm your skin. Hope these tips will help you to have beautiful skin just like Emma.

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