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Scarlett johansson Beauty tips (Beauty secrets of skin)

Scarlet Johansson is the sexiest woman (according to Fhm 2010), her style and way of beauty makeup are different than the other actress. If you are a fan of Scarlet then you must know all about her beauty and dressing.

Scarlett Johansson Short Bio

Born 22 November 1984 in Manhattan, New York City, New York, United States. S. Johansson is an American Hollywood actress and singer, who won BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role. Karsten Johansson(father), Melanie Sloan(mother), Hunter Johansson(brother), Christian Johansson(brother), Adrian Johansson(brother). Affair with Colin Jost, Romain Dauriac, Nate Naylor. In 2019, Net Worth of $140 Million.

The Sexiest women’s look not only comes from body fitness and confidence, for that you have to be perfect in the overall look.

In this note, you will be able to see the beauty secrets of S. Johansson. It is very important to know because you can be the next Scarlett.

Beauty Secrets of Scarlett

Skin Care followed by Scarlet Johansson

The skin of Johansson is sensitive, So she always tries to clean her face before going to sleep. Rarely use moisturizer for makeup. She told that once a week she doesn’t use any cream, She believes in natural treatment.

The statement has given by Scarlet before revealing her secrets- ” When you help someone to heal their skin, it gives them a new lease of life.”

Due to her busy schedule and different look according to movie demands, need proper skincare.

Skin Care is very important for me, after every movies I always care my skin to maintain there original glow.

She revealed:-  “A while back I started researching natural skincare, it is a nice way to treat your skin.

Basally, if you want a permanent solution from harsh chemicals that a dermatologist would recommend, natural treatment is the best way.

Natural Treatment of skin Benefit

  • Herbal medicine always have a low risk of skin damage.
  • Natural treatment are powerful enough to stimulate glands to re-balance the hormones, by re-initiating hormone production.

What will you do if you get pimples on your face?

“I will try to do natural treatment for my pimple.” That statement shows the trust of Johansson in natural treatment.

Tips on Skin glow by S.Johansson

Lemon juice is great for lightning. “Sometimes I use apple cider vinegar as a supplement.

Lemon juice can be stinging, so you can dilute it with water before using it. It’s one of the best tricks because it’s natural”.

For your knowledge :

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Lip care tips follow by Scarlett
Lip care tips follow by Scarlett

Her statement about lipstick:
I think for me because I like to wear lipstick so much, it’s nice to play with natural and brown.

Lip color can be decided by the basis of events. Sometimes you go for a night party some time for day.

For Night Event select lipstick on the basis of the following tips:

  • Use lipstick which shines.
  • Avoid to use Multi lipstick color.
  • Use Light color lipstick.
  • Liquid lipstick, along with a same color pencil for a lip liner, look great with a light color dress, like light sky blue color, olive green or cream color.

For Day Time Event

  • Choose dark lipstick.
  • Liquid lipsticks are not necessary.
  • Use lip cream before applying lipstick.
  • Plum, burgundy, wine, and even black color are best for a sexy look with the combination of same color dress.

Moisturizer Used by Scarlet Johansson

Usually I use a tinted moisturizer, I’ve been using the new Dolce concealers that just came out and a mascara.”

Always Remember moisturizer selection takes an important role in beauty tips and care, well you know that the skin tone of everyone is not same. So, select your moisturizer according to you skin tone.

Don’t change the brand always, keep using single brand cream.

Perfume smells which is loved by scarlett:

eye makeup by Scarlett
eye makeup by Scarlett

I like it for daytime. I like flowery smells. It’s really nice

Like to use old perfume, The Bourbon Street Perfume( old Louisiana perfumery ) with essential floral fragrances.

Don’t avoid the use of perfume

  • Always use the same type of perfume because, after some time, smell become your identification.
  • Selection of smell of perfume is selected by you according to your choice, otherwise it leads to head pain.
  • In summer or winter time it covers the smell (sweating)of body.

The dressing of Scarlett johansson:

– She is more popular due to her dressing style.
– Very cloth she wears becomes a trend.
– She wears the 1940’s inspired outfits.
– The best brand for shoes is Christian Louboutin & Dolce & Gabbana and Alexander Wang.

Hairstyle follow by Scarlet Johansson


Which hairstyle is loved by you?

My hairstyle is changed according to need and movie demand but “I love curly hair“.

Curly hair is the best hairstyle which can be arranged in very less time.

The benefit of curly hair:

– Easy to achieve or arrange.
– No one can find it is dirty or clean.
– Don’t need any curling iron.

Follow beauty tips carefully, don’t make a decision on other’s advice.

Hair color and Style of Scarlett

Scarlett latest hair style in 2019
Scarlett latest hairstyle in 2019

She has very rich family support, parents never stop her for anything. She did many experiments with hair color and style.
In 2001 hair color, liquid liner and a deep cocoa gloss.
In 2002 hair color, Eight Legged Freaks up-and-comer tried dark locks.
In 2003 hair, follow Florence Henderson haircut style.
In 2004 hair, follow Jean Harlow hair style.
In 2007, Johansson hair core is creamy white.
In 2009, dark red hair & red curls hair.
In 2010, again get blond color hair & honey blond color hair.
In 2011, red hair again.
In 2014, short blond hair with cat eyes.
In 2016, bold tousled light red small hair.
In 2017, creamy white hair but small in size.
In 2018, she had small hair and different color like creamy white, black- red, Brown hair.
In 2019, Small hair with black and creamy color.

Diet of Scarlett johansson:

Balanced diet (Main beauty tips of skin glow by s. Johansson)
Balanced diet (Main beauty tips of skin glow by S. Johansson)

Diet is key to beauty a balanced food gives a fit body and skin glow. The Vitamins and protein help to maintain skin cell care.

– She is health conscious but addicted to cheeseburger meal at burger king.
– Take a good sleep and rest.
– Fewer calories food lover.
– Avoid eating oily food(Saturated fats).
– Love to eat food made in virgin olive oil, avocado, and quinones.

She is very foodie but avoids to eat fatty food, more sweet, and salt. Her food contains less amount of sugar and salt, because an excess of sugar is the cause of pimples, and excess salt decreases the water level of the body resulting in less glow on face.

S. Johanson Follow the diet chart made by her doctor, to protect her body from disease and maintain her body shape.

Care of beauty makes Johansson different than others.

Beauty product used by S. Johansson

For Skin

– Daily cream used by her is Dolce & Gabbana and Alexander Wang (SPF 15).
– Afrer 15-18 hours use eve Lom cleanser with a hot towel.

For Makeup

– Favorite eye shadow brand is Dolce & Gabbana.
– Lipstick Brand is also Dolce & Gabbana.
– Usually, she uses Dolce & Gabbana brand for every makeup kit.

If you are thinking to use the same brand the remember that, always try to take beauty products of the same brand.

Selection of beauty product is your choice.

Secret of flawless skin are as follows:

Well if you have sensitive skin then the first step which you all need to do is remove your makeup and wash your face before going to bed. Because wearing makeup for a longer duration can cause pimples and acne. And opt for fragrance-free products which help in preventing chemicals on your face.

Well, Scarlett has disclosed that she uses Cetaphil moisturizer as it keeps your skin dry and natural, and also prevents infections. Meanwhile, once a week she gives a natural treatment on her face which includes a Jurlique mask, as it is organic and it doesn’t harm your skin. 

Moreover talking about her makeup products well she cleans her makeup brush and sponges once a week to avoid infections. As Scarlett has sensitive skin she is a fan of Dolce & Gabbana’s products as it has light products and makes your skin look natural.

Scarlet believes that her makeup is incomplete without lip shades. As lipstick makes your makeup look perfect. Meanwhile, she uses lip shades mostly of red color. Most importantly she uses concealer and avoids the use of foundations. She does her makeup which makes her look natural and beautiful.

Moreover, talking about her daily routine she uses natural products for her beauty. Such as drinking lots of water and apple cider vinegar for cleansing. And a honey mask for naturally glowing skin and to treat dull and red spots. Meaning she also cares for her lips by using lip balm. And to de-stress herself she takes a long bath with lavender oil.

Meanwhile talking about her eye look she uses mascara and eyeliner to have beautiful eyes. She also uses dark eyeshades which give a look of beautiful stunning eyes. She uses coffee and honey scrub for removing dark circles. To make the eye look beautiful she uses products that don’t harm her eyes.

Talking about diet plans, she doesn’t diet or go to the gym for a fit body. But she does a mixed bag full of exercise and yoga, jogging, running, martial arts which boost her metabolism and a physically fit body. And won the title of sexiest woman alive.

Meanwhile talking about hair look she washes her hair twice a week. For hair products, she uses products that are fragrance-free. And don’t harm your scalp as well as your hairs too. Scarlett also uses hair extensions to volumize her hair. She also colors her hair to make it flawless.


Well, we usually admire actors and actresses to know their beauty secrets. Knowing about Scarlett’s beauty secrets can be easily accessible by you all. Following her beauty secrets is not tough. Hope these beauty secrets will help you to have flawless and glowing skin.

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