Emma Stone beauty secrets reveal
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Emma Stone Beauty tips (Beauty Secret reveal )

Emma Stone, It is a good time for you because you are interested to know about the cutest girl of the Hollywood industry.

At her first look every one fall in love, I am talking about non other than Emma Stone.

She is the girl having beauty with brain, in here interview, we didn’t see her stress or any insecurities. Every question’s answer is given in pleasant way. Let’s take a look on her beauty advice.

When I was a teenager, used spray tan a lot. Recently I got Golden Globes.

Interviewer: What makeup do you think guys like on a girl?

Makeup should be fun, I think women should wear whatever makeup they want for themselves.

I am careless about others.

Always try to wear cloth or follow beauty trends, in which you want to see your self. You can experiment on your face but always remember try to select same brand products.

You don’t need to follow the trend, if you create your trend people will follow you.

Emma Stone beauty secrets
Emma Stone beauty secrets

Interviewer: Which type of skin care you follow?

I’m really allergic to a lot of stuff, so i always try to use product with single ingredient in it.

Cleanser used by Emma Stone Burt’s Bees and some time i use natural treatment exfoliate with baking soda or brown sugar.

Natural treatment is the best beauty tips because maximum Hollywood or famous actress believe in natural skin care.

I love coconut oil, Josie Maran Argan Oil, and olive oil- I put it all over my face and smell like focaccia- it’s really sexy [laughs].

Interviewer: What are some tips you’ve taken away and use daily, a part from movie sets and worked with a slew of makeup artists ?

” Importance of moisturizing because I have the driest skin on the planet, some time use concealer due to break out.”

Emma have dry skin so always try to moisturize. If you feel breakout then use Concealer.
Try to focus on eyebrow because eyebrow help to change the look a lot.

Don’t depend upon someone for your beauty, try to be your own beauty adviser.

Some time you fail in makeup same like me,  I’ve tried, Emu Oil..,and was allergic to it.

Interviewer: What product do you turn to for a beauty boost?

“I wear mascara most days, don’t tell a lie, little makeup every day. mascara is essential.” 

Revlon’s Lash Potion by Grow Luscious, I apply on both my top and bottom lashes.

Beauty tips for eyes

  • Always try to cover eyes from sun light.
  • Take care of your eyebrow, treatment by beautician on regular time.
  • Try to use mascara and create edge at last.
  • Use eyes curler.
  • Don’y forget to clean your eyes in night after coming back to home.

If you want some more information about eye makeup the take a look, Press Here.

Interviewer: What you use in summer?

“Sunscreen. I have to wear it. Elta MD SPF 45 is really great, oil to help hydrate my skin.”

If you have dry skin then try to over come it with the help of natural oil. You can also apply ton of oil on skin.

I use a new fragrance A La Nuit (having jasmine smell) from Serge Lutens.

Try to use deo in summer to remove the smell of body which is causes by sun heat.

How to protect your self in summer?

  • Try to do natural face care (Scrub once or twice a week in summer).
  • Relevant products according to climate(Water-based moisturizers)
  • Eat water rich food(Or keep body hydrated).
  • Use toner for skin care(for giving comfort to skin pore).

Some facts about Emma Stone

Wrong beauty decisionI had acrylic nails for a while, a lot of spray tans, I wore a lot of black eye shadow.

Lip color Red is my favorite, but in day life I use lip color.

Best product of Revlon line,”lip crayons and I love the lip butter.”

Hair color liked by Emma Stone “ Blonde Red Hair.

Favorite fashion ” Gown Wearing

Cloth for springAvoid to wear big puffy coat, just excited to wear less clothes.”

Shoes : ” Short booties and Flats.”

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