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How to get a photogenic face

The photogenic word creates excitement for old memory. Some of your photos look awesome and some of them are not good. Do you have ever think about why it happens? Some people have a gift from god side in term of the photogenic face. 

In our surrounding, we usually know some person who doesn’t have a good look but their Photogenic face make him special. If you are the one who thinks that my face is not photogenic than you need not to worry. Here in this article, I have put down my experience along with some research which will help you to be photogenic.

I don’t have a good face at all. During my college days, I use to avoid any event or competition due to my bad looks. My friends always forced me to join them. But due to my bad looks, I used to avoid them. Then the source of inspiration comes from my friend’s dad. He advised me to be confident and follow these five things to be more photogenic.-

  1. Visualization of the image before their appearance
  2. Face expression ( Emotional appearance )
  3. A preparation according to event
  4. Body position
  5. Confidence

Over the year, I follow these things in my life. Now, I know how to look good and get a perfect click. If you want to do the same, continue reading.

Photogenic Face means to photography a lot because it is the look of your face after taking photo click. Photogenic face depends upon the angle of your body position, looks according to situation & surrounding. Hairstyle, lips & eye, and appearance.


How to look Photogenic in picture/photos

Photogenic looks are not difficult to gain because you just have to show your emotion, just before the clicking for pictures. Eyes, face expression, and body position plays a vital role to look awesome in the picture.

  • Don’t blink eyes during photo click(Open eye slowly during camera click).
  • Try to move your neck a bit to set the position of chin downwards.
  • Makeup care is important(specially curled lashes and mascara), don’t rub face after using creams.
  • Set your eyes to a position on focal if you are taking a solo photo. But during your photo click with the background picture, avoid watching on camera.

Try to give a general smiley look in front of the camera, also take care of your dress if your pic is not in close appearance.

Photogenic face helps to improve self-confidence and physical appearance which helps to achieve goals & dreams to become an actress or model.

Being photogenic is not an inborn talent, but an acquired skill learn from practice. Try these methods for posing and look photogenic.

1. Visualization of the image before their appearance

perfect click in light
perfect click in light

Visualizing image process is not quickly learn by you, it wants some time and experience. Whether you practice a pose in front of a mirror or taking the photo with the help of camera self-timer.

A) Imagine the result of the photo click: Create a virtual image in your mind before the photo click, it helps you to know what are possible changes that you can do.

B) The situation of the image: Feel the situation of the image for a natural click.

C) The angle of image: Always focus on the angle of an image and try to find out what are the best angle of your face according to the image.

D) Find the light source: The light source also plays an important role in a photogenic image. Genuine lighting for photos happens in the one hour after the sunrise and the one hour before the sunset.

E) Choose the right Background: The background is the most important factor for a photogenic setup and it needs proper attention. With the right choice of background, you can easily enhance your photo and take a perfect click.

So, work on these tips to take a perfect photo. Practice makes a man perfect is also applicable in the photo world. Always try to set yourself according to the condition because it depends upon you.

Photogenic face tips are very easy to follow by careful makeup, body position, and information about photo mode(sad or funny moments).

2. Face expression ( Emotional appearance )

face expression according to mood
face expression according to mood

If you will meet with any face reader, how they told the situation of your life. Because the face gives a platform for emotional feelings like sadness, happiness, fear, and tension. Sometimes it is hard to set your self according to a situation, so be prepared for that.

A) Prepare a bit

B) Show some emotion

C) Make slight adjustments

D) Don’t look the camera straight on

E) Adjust the angle of your face

Focusing on your face

Most pictures have a focus face, so make sure your tip is in top position. Modern cameras are capable of catching the skin’s smallest changes and texture, which is both a blessing and a curse. Keep your skin clean and smooth by washing, toning and moisturizing your face before taking your picture. This should be a daily morning/evening ritual, but it is especially important before the photoshoot.

3. The preparation according to event

dressed accorrding to event
dressed accorrding to event

Events are not celebrated every day, so you, me & everyone wants to look beautiful. Beauty classified you from the others and pictures are the memory which captures that beauty. It is not too hard to decor your self according to parties or events.

  1. A) Clarify your skin ( in term of face beauty )
  2. B) Focus on what makes you unique
  3. C) Dress to impress
  4. D) Choose a great location
  5. E) Avoid props fear
  6. F) Hide your weak side

Face beauty is very important due to the shine of your eyebrows, and a natural look to more info about make up click here Makeup tips.

Focus on what makes you unique: One of the characteristics of photogenic people is self-confidence. Many times we worry about something wrong on our face; Our freckles, the gaps in your teeth, when you smile, your eyes become so hard. Instead of trying to hide those, embrace them. You will look more photogenic in that way.

4. Body position

different position for photogenic image image
different position for photogenic image

Body position is very useful to get a good photogenic personality. Set your body in such a way that it gives a 3D effect. Some best tips of the smile

i) Put your tongue behind your teeth

ii) Try to be relaxed

iii) Be careful with your crop

iv) Seated photo from the higher angle

Follow the special guidelines:- A) Work your assets ( show your best part of the body )

  1.  Turn away from the camera
  2.  Bend your joints & Lean towards the camera Do what’s comfortable
  3.  Master the chicken arm (the cheerleader, hand-on-hip pose)
  4.  A body-shrinking move is important
  5.  Smile with your eyes

Photogenic images also help to filter you, from the crowd. It is not hard to follow.

5. Confidence

Confidence in the photo is the key of a photogenic image, if you are not feeling comfortable, act it. Quality of your appearance in the picture gives you strength. So be bold, don’t feel anything just think about you and only you.

                          “Feel the difference, Try to be confident”

A photographer attaches extra effect while clicking a pic. You can also try that because everyone time you don’t wait for a professional.

1)  Select the right angle and position

2) Red eyes effects

3) Setup of a lens according to focus point

4) Take a single pic, on a different angle

5) Natural light photos

 Photogenic Eyes Expression

If you take a picture and you want to upload it on Social-media. Then you want that you have good eyes Expression. This is the first Necessary thing which every people firstly Noticed when they see your Picture. To make your picture more photogenic and Attractive you must know that the picture you take has a photogenic Eyes expression.

Tips of Photogenic Eyes Expressions:

Some people are don’t have photogenic eyes expression by birth. So they do practice looking photogenic. Here are five tips that help you to make Photogenic Eyes Expression:

  • Practice: Do daily practice in front of the mirror and try to make new eyes Expressions. When you are free and you have time to practice then you do definitely.
  • Take perfect Angle: every people are taking pictures from a different angle. some take from the right side and some from the left side. So always keep an angle that Significantly Adjusts you.
  • Always Bit Ready: before taking a picture keep some makeup in your eyes to look more beautiful. Then try to take pictures and make Angles.
  • Emotions: Emotions are a very important thing that people ever noticed. For Occasion have different Emotions. If you are happy then your emotion is distinct and if you are Sad then its emotions are different. So always keep reminding that, before taking any pictures make your eyes expression that suits your Emotions.

How to get more Photogenic Eyes Expression:

  • Firstly find your best angle for pictures.
  • Always make a Smiling Face.
  • Try to give some natural lighting to your eyes.
  • Close your eyes before the camera blink then open your eyes slowly.
  • Don’t blink your eyes when a photographer takes your pictures.
  • Adjust your Eyes as per your angle.
  • Make a perfect pose.

Do’s And Don’t For Photogenic Face

To become a photogenic personality you have to follow the above guidelines like Body position, the preparation according to an event, Face expression, beauty makeup. For wow photos you must have to know the Do’s & Don’t.


  • Show your face structure.
  • Try to make an angle during the click.
  • Facial expression is important.
  • Try to see the camera’s lens for eye focus photogenic look.
  • Physically attractive beauty like hair on the front, cut your lip for sexy look.
  • Try to give a realistic look, or random click look.
  • Your real life move, express, carry themselves plays an important role.
  • Lighting must be set in the best way.
  • Feel comfort in any situation for the photogenic face in a picture.
  • Try to be in the center of the pic.


  • Take the photo from the front.
  • Make a serious look.
  • Blink your eyes at the time of photo click.
  • Apply excess cream before photo click.
  • Try to hide in the pic.

Q & A

How to make your face more photogenic?

– Work on face beauty like making your hair curly, eyebrow makeup, and creams for face.
– Try to do natural activity during photo click.
– Avoid to look camera, try to make an angle(buttocks & hand position).
– You can also do the creativity with hairs, these are the best way which will help you to get mor photogenic look.

My face is not photogenic?

Every face has there different shape and positive angle. So, you are thinking wrong because if you follow the guidelines then you definitely see the result.

Everybody has a different face shape, but that is not a reason for inappropriate photos. The photogenic face is the management of techniques and tips. If you are following this guideline definitely you will get a good result.

Photogenic makeup tips?

– Try to put less cream on face.
– Select the right color and matching lipstick.
– Keep doing natural touch to a pic.
– Don’t eye blink during the click.
– The clean face before taking a pic and implement less makeup on the face.

What makes a face photogenic?

The facial expression, body position, and dress selection make your face photogenic.

How to make your face photogenic?

– The beauty of face(try to show your face shape, the jawline is more visible.
– Hairstyle plays an important look so, be careful with your hair design during pic.
– Facial expression(happy, sad, excited, suspense look)
– The way of cloth wearing, dress selection on the basis of
time and event.
– Angle made by the body, bend angle, sitting position.

Quick Tips To Get Photogenic Face

A photogenic face has features, coloring, and general facial appearance which looks attractive and appealing in photographs.

Show your emotions: It is easy to spot a person who is photogenic from someone who is posing. Don’t create the smile you think you need, use your regular smile. The same goes with the shape of your eyes and the curve of your cheeks. The more you show your natural emotions on your face, the better your pictures will look. Try to smile with your teeth.

Don’t look the camera straight on: The camera is using reflected light to convert the 3D object into a 2D image, the shape of things is flat and compressed. Looking straight ahead on the camera will show your face fullness and remove/reduce any natural shade. Instead, make your face slightly side-by-side to make natural highlights and shadows and to reduce the shape of your face.

Adjust the angle of your face: The angle of your face is connected to the direction you are viewing in the camera. Just as you should not look directly on the camera, you should not tilt your head while taking photos. This will make your face look bigger Tilt your head slightly downwards for the most photogenic look.

As soon as you start testing photos, you quickly learn which expressions and angles work best for you.

Photogenic Makeup:

Secrets to looking flawless in every photograph, no matter what the time of a day:

  • Brighten your eyes
  • Prepare your skin by cleaning, toning, and moisturizing
  • Use the exact foundation of your skin tone
  • Apply evenly concealer on your skin
  • Highlight the cheek area of your face
  • Darken your eyebrows
  • Make your eyes pop with mascara
  • Contour with blush
  • Go for red or dark color lipstick.

These above tips will help you to get a photogenic face. As soon as you start testing photo’s look you will get a good result in term of the photogenic face.


For the photogenic face, you don’t have to do a lot of work, always consider yourself on a priority level. Never feel any extra pressure about photography and if you can’t remove yourself then Do this:-

A> During photo shoot imagine the best moment of your life.

example: Mother’s first gift, Changing point of your life, recall good memories.

B> Do something funny like face creativity, rough look, any dancing step.

C> Fake Smile is the best way to look great in picture or photography.

If you are looking for my point of view then, undoubtedly these tricks will change your life too. If you can do something better than that, then all well. So keep smiling not only for your photo but also for a good life.

For a photogenic person you don’t need to be fairly, you can look awesome in a pic with your original skin color.

                                     “Conditions Can Be Changed”.

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