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How to get glowing skin in two weeks

If your skin doesn’t glow and you are fade up with foundation or beauty tips.

This article gives you the best way to get glowing skin overnight but for that you don’t have to just read this article. Follow the natural treatment which is mentioned here.

Follow the natural treatment according to your skin tone.

Now a day, it is difficult to maintain natural glowing skin, you me or everyone want that face glow. Few of them can get that shine from beauty products and few people try to get that face glow on the basis of natural treatments.

Before knowing the short beauty tips of skin glow you have to know about

How to get glowing skin in two weeks

Overnight glow
Overnight glow

You have heard about the phrase “slow but steady wins the race” i don’t know it is true or not in real life but for this glowing skin beauty tips this is best.

let’s a look why this is true?

For glowing skin you need balance or proteins rich diet.

Balanced water level of body.

Protection from sunburn.

In one day we don’t take all the protein requirements, we have to follow a routine to get natural skin glow, few exercises like yoga and morning walk are very helpful for skin. In morning time the ratio of air impurity is less than noon and evening time, so the skin cells get fresh air that’s why the get natural glow.

Now back to tip, how you get glowing skin in two week.

Follow the guide line, which are experimentally and medically on the basis of guide on glowing skin secrets.

1. Balanced Diet for glowing skin in 2 weeks

health routine
health routine

You have to make some changes with your diet and routine of diet.
Early Morning:
Drink water mixed with half a lime, some aloe vera juice and a spoon of honey. It reduce the extra fat of body.
A cup of green tea or soya milk.
Boiled egg or low-fat oatmeal.
Eat 2-3 almond to maintain skin health.
Eat cucumber or a cup of fresh yogurt.
Try to eat grilled fish or chicken.
And small amount of rice or bread.
Have a glass of fruit or vegetable juice.
Salad, chicken or fish with a flatbread.

2. Best food for glowing skin


1. Tomatoes
– Lycopene which is present in tomato improves the collagen strength of the skin, as a result gives natural shine to skin.
– Protect from UV rays.

2. Carrots
– Rich in beta-carotene and vitamin A, gives nourished and healthy skin.
– Act as antioxidants.

3. Turmeric
– Remove pigmentation and provide lighten skin.
– Cur-cumin and antioxidants makes turmeric special for skin.

4. Papaya
– Containing enzymes which protect from pimples and dark circle.
– Also work as anti-inflammatory for skin.

5. Eggs
– Vitamins replenish the skin as a result act as skin glow.
– Biotin help to give skin care and light.

6. Fatty Fish:
– Salmon and mackerel (Type of fish) are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.
– Fish oil are supple and moisturised the skin as a result skin glow.

7. Dark chocolate
– Antioxidants of chocolate increase texture of the skin.
– Fatty acids, hydrate your skin.

3. Fruits which increase skin glow


1. Lemon
– For smoother skin use lemon as drink or in salad.
– Vitamin C and antioxidants which is present in lemon gives fairer skin.

2. Orange
– It is rich in Vitamin C, as a result retains its natural glow.
– It also help to reduce dark circle under eyes.

3. Cucumber
– Due to antioxidant properties, heal the skin.
– Water rich property of cucumber gives soothe the skin.

4. Banana
– Rich in dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals.
– Moisturise the skin and give radiant skin.

5. Kiwi
– Vitamin C helps in collagen synthesis.
– Radical damage of skin is protected by kiwi.

6. Aloe vera juice
– Having anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which helps to skin blemish-free.
– Best juice for skin glow and for fit body also.

7. Apple juice
– Help in skin taut, by increases its radiance.

4.  Don’t Eat such type of food which decrease skin shine.

Don't eat
Don’t eat

1. Alcohol
– Dry skin is main cause of alcohol.
– Decrease the water level and increase the blood circulation.

2. Sugar/ Salt
– Sugar cause many problems like Diabetes and eye problems.
– Raw salt puff up the skin, so it leads to facial bloating.

3. Pasta and bread/ Fast food
– Rich in carbohydrates causes aggravate acne.
-So skin appear dull.

4. Cakes and pastries
– Combine sugar and flour together damage blood level.
– The color, flavours used in cakes contain harmful chemicals.

5. Soda
– For radiant skin you have to avoid soda rich cold drink.
– Carbohydrate rich soda causes dull skin.

If you really want a long time glow for your skin then you have to follow these instructions of taking food. In this article, we provide you a best food diet for every skin So, just follow in at least once for your benefit.

Result can be obtain by performing it, Not just by reading and scrolling.

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