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Best homemade face pack For Tanned Skin

There is huge difference between natural tan and the excessive tan, which is a result of excess heat out in the sun. The former gives you a beautiful glow, while the Tanned Skin makes your face dull and dark. This article will very helpful for you to remove unwanted tan of skin with home remedies. There are a lot of products present in the market that takes surety to reduce tan in the most natural way. The fact is no matter what they claim/offering but that products are loaded with chemicals. If someone is already tanned, this may happen due to chemical reaction or ingredients which present in the cream. Allergies of the skin exposed due to the sun. The main cause of tanned skin/sunburn is (UV)ultraviolet radiation. Skin color is darkened during this effects.

The best ways to prevent yourself to this situation is by applying some easy and homemade face packs. These face packs required natural ingredients. It is very effective in removing the tan from your face. The main reason for using homemade face pack, it didn’t cause any side effects. It is also helpful in enhancing your skin’s health,also provide nutrients and antioxidants. The antioxidants help of maintaining the facial glow for a long time.

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Best tan removal homemade face pack:

1. Orange Or Lemon Peel And Milk Face Pack

Take 1 tablespoon peel powder and 1 tablespoon raw milk,mix both the ingredient and apply the paste on face.
After 10- 15 minutes, wash it off with water. Use this pack twice in a week.
Reason of using it. Milk provide moisture to skin, making it soft. It also decrease the darker layer of skin cells due to lactic acid. The lemon and orange peels contain vitamin C and citric acid which helps in increasing the glow of skin tone .

2. Sugar, Glycerin, And Lemon Face Pack (best way of tan removal at home)

Take 1 tablespoon sugar, half teaspoon glycerin and 1 tablespoon lemon juice mix it in a bowl,use it like a scrub or use it like massage of face. Do scrubbing for 3-4 minutes,at last rinse the face with water.
How it helps. Glycerin help to moisturizes your skin gently. Lemon act as bleaching agent and helps in making lighter skin tone. Sugar help to remove the dead layers of skin.

3. Banana Face Pack For Tanned Skin

Take 1 teaspoon milk,1 teaspoon lemon juice and half banana mixed very carefully apply it for 15 minutes and rinse with warm water.
How does it works? Banana provide moisturizing for the skin due to there healthy vitamins and minerals. It provide natural glow to skin.

4. Besan Face Pack For Tanned Skin

Take 2-3 tablespoon of besan (gram flour), 1 teaspoon olive oil,1 teaspoon lemon juice,small amount of turmeric powder and mixed it carefully to create paste. Apply that paste on face for 10 minutes and rinse it.
Reason of using it: Besan absorbs the impurity and dust of skin, it also contains antioxidants which provide shine on face. Turmeric helps to remove the tan.

5. Curd Face Pack For Tanned Skin

Take 2 tablespoons of curd and 1 teaspoon honey and mix it and apply on face as a thick layer. you can repeat this every alternate day.
How it works: Curd create enzymes and acid naturally that reduce tan and exfoliate the skin. It reduces the redness of face which happens due to sun rays. Honey contains antioxidant that reverse the skin damage due to UV rays.

6. Multani Mitti Face Pack For Tanned Skin

Take 2 tablespoon multani mitti , 1 table of tomato juice, half teaspoon sandalwood powder and rose water mix it carefully,apply paste on your face and wait for 15 minutes and wash it. You can use this ones in a week.
working process: Multani mitti is a type of clay which absorbs impurities from skin, it also remove the dead skin. Tomato juice lightens the skin.

7. Cucumber Face Pack For Tanned Skin

Take 1 cucumber and add few drops of lemon juice in it, after that use the pulp on tatted skin for 15 minutes. You can use it every day.
The reason of there working: Due to lemon acid, it cleans the tan and Cucumber hydrates the skin. These type of homemade face packs have no reaction on the face and it is very effective. The effect of this packs are fact and safe. From today you don’t have to worry about your skin tan.

8. Honey and lemon juice for tan skin

Why should you required to do: Honey act as moisturizer and lemon juice have a bleaching effect which helps to remove tanned skin quickly. It helps to reduce dead cells from the surface.
– Mix lemon juice and honey
– Apply on your skin, leave it for 30 minutes.
– Scrub your skin with soft hand or a cotton cloth.

9. Yogurt and tomato

Why should you required to do: Tomato has antioxidants helping in brightening skin. Yogurt contains lactic acid which helps to make skin smooth.
– Mix tomato with fresh yogurt.
– Apply on a tan skin for 20 minutes.
– Wash with cold water.

10. Bengal gram flour(Besan) and turmeric

Why should you required to do: Turmeric act as brightening agent, and Bengal gram flour work as facewash.
– Mix Bengal gram flour & turmeric with water.
– Making a paste and apply on tanned skin.
– Scrubbing them for 10 -13 minutes and wash.

11. Potato juice

Why should you required to do: It is also used in lighten dark circles around the eyes because of there good bleaching properties.
– Make a juice of potato and apply on the skin to get rid of the tan.
– You can apply on your eyes and face.
– Keem the lotion for 10-15 min on skin

12. Honey and papaya

Why should you required to do: Papaya contains natural enzymes, help in bleaching and exfoliating properties.
Honey act as moisturizer.
– Mix 1 tbsp of honey with 4-5 cubes of ripe papaya.
– Make paste & apply on tan skin.
– Leave it for 20-30 minutes.
– Wash with cold water.

13. Masoor dal (red lentil), tomato and aloe vera pack

Why should you required to do: Best for treating suntan. Tomato juice provide brightens the skin.
Aloe vera act as a moisturizer.
– Make a paste(blend them) of 2 tbsp of masoor dal in 1 tbsp of aloe vera & 2 tbsp tomato juice.
– Apply on a suntanned skin for 20 minutes.
– Rinse with water, apply 2 times a week.

14. Oatmeal and buttermilk

Why should you required to do: Oatmeal act as excellent exfoliating & skin cleansing. Buttermilk rich in lactic acid, help to soft skin
– Sak 2 teaspoon of oats in water for 5 minutes.
-Then, Mix Buttermilk and oats(add honey to make sticky)
– Apply that pack on tanned are and leave it for 20 minutes.
– At last wash with cold water.

15. Milk cream and strawberries

Why should you required to do: Rich in AHA (alpha-hydroxy acids) & vitamin c. Strawberries help to provide brightness to skin. Milk act as a moisturizer.
– Mix strawberries and Milk cream
– 2 teaspoon of fresh cream with ripe strawberries.
– Apply on face and tanned skin and leave it for 20-25 minutes.
– Wash with cold water and use a clean towel.

16. Pineapple pulp and honey

Why should you required to do: It contains an enzyme called Bromelain(work on fights free radicals).
vitamin A, C, and antioxidants which recover from sun damage.
– Mix 5-6 cubes of pineapple juice and 1 teaspoon of honey.
– Apply on tanned areas of your skin.
– Leave it for 20 min.
– After that wash easily.

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” Skincare is a very important part of our lives.When we go out we try to prevent our skin from getting tanned.Getting tanned is normal and somewhere it is good for health too,but excessive tanning is not good.So here are some tips which you can use to prevent tanning. “

Tips are as follows:

  • Always use a sunscreen with SPF 30 when going outdoors,as it protects  your skin from UV rays and the damage it causes.
  • Do not stay outdoors under the sun  for long hours.
  • Reapply sunscreen every two or three hours for great results.
  • Wear protective clothes such as hats,scarf and full sleeves cloth to protect tanning.
  • Go for de-tanning facials once in a month,as it will avoid tanning and also moisturize your skin.
  • Wear glasses that protect UV rays.
  • Opt for natural remedies for removing tanning.

Some Natural remedies which helps in detanning your skin and gives you great skin are as follows:

Saffron and Fresh Cream: Saffron helps in glowing skin and cream nourishes your skin.Just make a paste of saffron and cream and apply on your skin.wash it off after 20 minutes.Use this mask thrice a week for great results.

Sandalwood and Coconut Water: Sandalwood  makes your skin glow and coconut water helps in hydrating.Use this mask once  a week.Well make a paste of sandalwood powder and coconut water.Apply on your face for 15 minutes,then wash it off.This will give you a great result.

Coffee,Turmeric and Curd: Coffee has antioxidants properties which helps in removing fine lines,wrinkles,it helps in making your skin look flawless.Make a thick paste of all ingredients then apply on your face.Wash it off after 30 minutes.This gives a great result on your skin.

Milk Powder,Honey and Lemon: Make a fine paste of all ingredients and apply on your face.Wash it off after 30 minutes.As a result milk powder helps in long lasting nourishment,honey moisturizes  your skin and lemon helps in reducing tanning from your skin.

Coconut Milk: Coconut milk helps in hydration and nourishment of skin.Take a cotton ball and dip in coconut milk and gently apply on your face.Then wash it off with mild cleanser or cold water.It really helps in skin de tanning.

Tomato Pulp: Well Tomatoes are a good source of anti-tan face mask remedy.It helps in glowing and detanning your skin.Squeezed fresh tomato pulp and gently apply on your skin.Wash it off with cold water after 30 minutes.As a result you will get great impact on your skin.

Cornmeal and Lemon Juice: Cornmeal helps in removing dead skin cells and detanning.It throws a great impact on oily skins.Mix cornmeal with lemon juice gently,apply on your face gently for 20 minutes.Then rinse it off with cold water.


Using these homemade natural remedies once or twice a week will help you detanning your skin.These remedies will also help you in nourishment,moisturize and smooth skin.The best thing about these remedies are they are homemade and natural and will give you a flawless skin.I hope these remedies will help you to get tan free skin.

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