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February 13, 2020 - Face Treatment

Chemical Peel Treatment For Fairness And Young Looking Skin

Chemical peel treatment for fairness is a process in which a solution of acid is used to peel out the damaged outer layer of the skin. This solution of acid contains alpha-hydroxy acid, trichloroacetic acid or phenol. The physician applies a measured amount of chemical on the skin so that it does not damage the skin. This treatment enhances the skin tone and smoothes the texture of the skin.

Chemical peel treatment is especially effective for wrinkles, facial blemishes, pigmentation, and uneven skin tone. It is one of the oldest cosmetic procedure that was performed to help people achieve more fair and beautiful skin. Today chemical pel treatment is very popular due to its benefits and quick result in the texture of the face.

If you are planning for this treatment then have a look at this article to know the different types, side effects, cost and recovery time for a chemical peel.

Types of chemical peel treatments

There are three main different types of chemical peel treatments. Which have been categorized according to the depth of controlled damage they can produce and how deep they can penetrate in the skin. These are the types:

  • Light chemical peel
  • Medium chemical peel
  • Deep chemical peel

Light chemical peel

Light chemical peel

Light chemical peel treatment is the most gentle type which is used to remove the top layer of the skin by gently exfoliating with the mild acid composition. This type of peel treatment is done to get instantly brighter looking skin.

Discoloration and rough skin are generally treated by this technique to smooth out the skin tone. Fine wrinkles, uneven skin tone, areas of dryness, and acne are also treated with a light chemical peel.

This treatment does not require any time for recovery. Mild irritation can be faced but the patient can back to their daily activity immediately after this treatment.

Medium chemical peel

medium chemical peel

This type of chemical peel gives more best results than a light chemical peel. In this type of peel, the chemical penetrates the deeper layer of the skin to get the result. However, this causes a burning sensation and another discomfort to the skin.

Glycolic acid trichloroacetic acid is used to improve the damaged skin cells in this process. Age spots, skin discoloration, freckles, skin marks, are also treated with the medium chemical peel. This treatment requires some time for recovery and takes at least three to seven days for the appearance of a new layer.

Deep chemical peel

Deep chemical peel

This is the strongest type of chemical peel which gives a long-lasting result. Deep chemical peel treatment requires a long procedure and recovery time. This treatment is done to get rid of freckles, deep scars, moderate lines, etc.

Trichloroacetic acid or phenol is used to get the desired result by penetrating it into the deeper layer of skin. This process is performed only one time and a new layer of skin start appearing after five to seven days.

Sun damage, deep lines, and wrinkles or deep scars can also be treated by this process. Skin gets swell for a few days after this process so the patient needs off at least a week for healing.

Cost of chemical peel

The cost of the chemical peel depends on the types of treatment you are getting. Different clinics have a different cost of the treatments depending on the facility they provide.

The cost of the treatments will vary according to the location, currency, and types of treatments you are taking. Light peel treatment will cost less than the medium peel treatment. Deep peel treatment cost higher than the remaining treatments as it has a lengthy process.

In India

It depends on the type of clinic you want your treatment to get done.

The average cost of chemical peel starts from Rs 1500 to Rs 3000 per sitting. The overall cost per treatment depends on the type of chemical peel you are choosing.

In other countries

The average cost of chemical peel starts from $670. It may vary according to the clinic and location. A light peel chemical cost an average of $150 while an average cost of deep peel treatment is around $3000.again the overall cost will depend on the total sitting you are taking.

Recovery period

The recovery period of a chemical peel treatment also depends on the types of treatment you are taking. Each type of treatment affects the skin on a different level so the time requires according to its effect.

light peel treatment damages less to the skin so it requires lesser time for recovery while deep peel treatment requires more. A medium chemical peel treatment for fairness takes approx 15 days and deep peel for 30 days for its recovery.

Risk and side effects

Risk and side effects

There are some common side effects of chemical peel treatment which should be expected by any patient like itchiness, stinging, peeling of the skin. You might experience severe redness and swell on the face after deep chemical treatment.

Is chemical peeling good or bad?

Chemical peeling is good or bad, this depends on your skin type. If any treatment you are taking is showing the good result on you without damaging your skin then it’s good for you. But the main factor is that always take advice from a reputed doctor before taking treatment.

It is good when you are following every instruction of your physician. Always get treatment by a good physician so that they can direct you rightly. If you have sensitive skin then don’t take any chemical treatment without the guidance of your doctor.


Chemical Peel Treatment For Fairness is a good idea if you want a fair and even skin tone. I hope this information will help you to make the right decision for your skin. Note down your facial problem and find the best chemical peel treatment among these three. If you have any other question-related chemical peel treatment then please feel free to comment down below.

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