Benefits of PRP for hair loss
February 11, 2020 - Hair Care

Benefits Of PRP For Hair Loss-Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatment

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a treatment used by doctors to heal various parts of the patient’s body. And it can help to restore hair growth. But the treatment usually is used when the cause of the hair fall is androgenetic alopecia when the hair follicle is shrunk. PRP benefits in hair growth in a natural way. Let’s see what s PRP is?

What is PRP?

To have a better understanding of the PRP, it is required to start from Platelets. Platelets are part of the blood which combine red and white cell. If the body gets any injuries, the platelet is the first body responder to act fast and stop the bleeding and start healing. Researchers initiated to get the benefit of this phenomenon by extract concentrated platelets and inject them into the injured area and help to accelerate in the healing procedure of the body.

For the PRP procedure, doctors take a blood sample and keep in a machine named centrifuge to spin it at a fast rate and separate the blood’s components. Later the medical professional extracts the platelets for the injection.

PRP carries a range of protein and growth factors that increase tissue repairing faster. Some of the hair loss is due to the damage of the hair follicles which gave the hypothesis to researchers that by reversing the process which happens in androgenetic alopecia, they can help regrowth of the hair.

Nowadays PRP is not the only popular way for restoring hair growth but also it became a good treatment for injuries like tendons, ligaments, and muscles.

What is androgenetic alopecia?

androgenetic alopecia is a common hair loss happens to both men and women. For men, they call it male pattern baldness and the hair started to get thinner in the crown which ultimately causes partial or complete baldness.

For women the problem is different. The whole hair is getting thinner and they are not retreating. But fortunately, the total baldness case in women is very rare.

What is androgenetic alopecia?

androgenetic alopecia for men occurs some other problem as well, such as enlargement of the prostate and coronary heart disease. Also, it can cause obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and prostate cancer. On the contrary, women may face, weight gain, acne, PCOS,  excess hair on the whole body.

Benefit of PRP

For doing PRP, doctors use your own platelet-rich plasma. Plastic surgery, dentistry, and orthopedics are the science behind this treatment.

Benefit of PRP

During the PRP procedure, a sample of your own blood collected, modified and activate the blood flows around the scalp. Before injecting to the scalp, doctors are numbing the area and according to the patient’s problem, they might add some ingredients to the PRP mixture.

There is some benefit for PRP treatment like doctors are using your own blood. After a procedure that centrifuge is separating your blood’s different components, the rich plasma of platelet gets injected to your scalp. The other benefit is the success rate which is really high.

So far the result from many cases is that this method helps to preserve and stop hair fall and hair thinning after multiple months. For many of us, bad quality of hair leads to lack of confidence. Probably this method’s major benefit is to gain back your confidence level about your appearance.

Add on benefits of PRP treatment in Short:


  • Safety, your own blood is going to use for your treatment which means you are not getting side effects, allergy or any risk of injection.
  • Minimal Discomfort, the process is not considered as surgery and you will experience very minimal discomfort. It is as if you are doing your routine checkup with your doctor.
  • Convenience, this process is not going to hamper your lifestyle. Immediately after your treatment is over, you can continue your normal life without requiring anytime for bed resting and recovery.
  • Effective, PRP is a very effective method and after three months of your treatment, you can observe the changes happen. Though the main results show after a year of treatment.
  • Appearance and Quality of Life, it helps to enhance your beauty and sometimes you may even look younger and even healthier. Also, it regains your lost confidence. And you may have willing to join some social activities and new challenges.


Costs of the PRP treatment

PRP treatment requires three sessions in four to six weeks and with the maintenance treatment every four to six months.

Pricing of the treatment is depending on some factors like:

  • Geographic area
  • The addition of nutritive components
  • Quality of equipment in the treatment
  • Patient-level of baldness
  • Patient-level of body acceptance to the treatment

There are many insurance companies that cover the entire or part of the cost of treatment. But for the safer side is better to check with your insurance company to see if the company is covering the PRP treatment in their policy or not.


Many people are suffering from hair loss and hair problem and unfortunately, hair is the appearance of anyone which is not easy to hide it. Though there are men who are looking really good even being bald but what will you do if you have a treatment that gives you a high assurity for regrowth of your hair? Of course, everyone goes and opt for it.

There are many ways for hair regrowth some are failed while some are with high result rates. Hairfall can happen for many reasons like genetics, nutrition problems, some deficiencies of the vitamin, diseases, after pregnancy, stress or many other reasons.

PRP is the way of helping with hair regrowth and stops hair thinning if the reason is due to the androgenetic alopecia.

Here in the article, we tried to give you the insight to help for solving your problem. Though this method is not always regarded as a 100% result, it is expected as one of the best methods for control of hair thinning. Hope you find it helpful enough.

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