Some famous olive skin women
February 11, 2020 - MakeUp

Olive Skin Makeup Tips-Make You Look Better

Makeup is art for hiding the flaw of the face or body and highlight the beauty of the face and make it more prominent. There is a saying that no one is ugly but not everyone knows how to make itself a better version.

For doing proper makeup that suits you, first, you need to know about the category of your skins. Not all type of skins is going to be treated the same. There are different skin types in qualities like normal, dry, oily and the same way different types of colors like white, fair, yellow, brown, olive, black.

Here in this article, we are going to broadly talk about Olive skin makeup tips.

Olive Skin Makeup Tips

When it comes the makeup tips for olive skin or any other skin type certain points are considered. For example hair color, foundation & concealer, blushes & highlighters, lipsticks, eyeliner & eyeshadow, eyebrow & mascara. Let’s have look how you should make up them according to olive skin tone

Hair color

Usually, mahagoni hair color is suggested by the specialist for the olive skins but it’s not always about skin colors to decide for the hair colors sometimes face features and eye color can have a major role to decide about it.

Hair colour

Hair color for people who are having warm skin is better to be warm colors in shades like a different type of brown, red and mahagoni and to be specific more golden blonde, brassy brown, auburn, warm caramel, and copper shades are the color more used by actress perhaps. And it is suggested to avoid cold colors different types of blonde like Platinum, ash, creamy, buttery, silver….

And in case if you really like to have hair color in cold shades then it’s better to not dye all your hair but to make some strips or ombre. Just check photos to get some ideas.

Foundation and Concealer

The best thing about the olive skin is flawless like redness in the skin does not show up but finding the right foundation for your skin is a bit tricky. The most suggested one is using neutral shades of the foundation. Still while purchasing the foundation, you need to try out on your skin and if it is giving pinkish or yellow color then you have to drop that idea and go for something lighter like BB or CC cream. This is because even Olive color skins have a different shade of tone.

Foundation and Concealer

The other important thing is we need to accept what we are having, despite being such a warm and flawless color there are people who choose the light foundation to make themselves lighter in color. Though this is a mistake and makes your face kind of weird. Opt for the foundation which is similar to your skin.

Blushes and Highlighter


Usually, women with tanned skin, they do not need much of the brushes or highlighter. But what is exactly the purpose of applying them? Are we doing it to just give some color to our face?

Of course not! The main purpose is to highlight the beauty and perhaps chick bones of the face. So dear Women with the Olive skins, you really don’t need to apply them but if you still insist or if you have a chubby face that you want to make it looks slimmer then follow our tips.

  1. As we said earlier you are not doing this to play color on your face, please avoid sharp colors like red, pink.
  2. Go for the lighter colors like ross color, light pink, brown and perhaps peach.
  3. If you want to use the highlighter please avoid any color like white and silver. Opt for golden highlighter.
  4. This tip is not only for olive color but most of the people to make their chick bones more prominent, we have a suggestion of using shimmer blushes, in shades like golden, rose gold and brown.



Mostly women are in love with the pink but bad news for olive skin pretty women. Please avoid pink lipstick as much as you can. That not only makes you pretty even it’s giving a very bad gesture of you. If you really love pink then you can use very light one or go for pink lip gloss.

Best suited color for you are all warm one like red, brown, very light but mate pink( again avoid any shiny pink) and in the nude color, you can go for brown nude one. Some orange light touch also looks so pretty.

Eyeliner and Eyeshadow

Eyeliner and Eyeshadow

Usually, people with olive skin color are having either brown or emerald green. For these eye color and skin tones, the perfect eyeliner is just black and in case if you want to try other colors, you can opt brown but make sure that it is as darkest as possible. Mostly the smoky eyes are looking so gorgeous and elegant on olive skin. And simple eyeliner like cat-eye liner perfects your make up.

For the eyeshadow the best-suited colors re golden, brown, beige, nude, dark green, bronze, copper and navy blue ( these colors are usually matching with every tone of skins). Avoid colors like white, silver and yes again NO PINK. If you really want some light color and something close to pink then better to try a very light peach or orange base.

Eyebrow and Mascara

Eyebrows are very important for the face feature. Never leave them unmanaged and untamed. While shaping eyebrow tries to counsel from professionals because different eyebrow shapes required for different faces. For those who like the fantasy eyebrow, we suggest while dying them go for the color which is a shade lighter than your own brow colors.

Eyebrow and Mascara Olive Skin makeup tips

The best mascara color is the black shade for every color tone. We don’t want to make ourselves clown but to look gorgeous and sexy. A suggestion for those who care about being more elegant is false eyelashes. But you have to make sure that you choose the right size and know how to apply it.

Wrap up

We are in an era that makeup tips have changed a lot. People rather than doing so much makeup, just try to make their beauty more prominent and heavy makeup considers to be very cheap.

It’s not really needed to do makeup if you don’t know how to do it. Remember doing wrong makeup can even bring your image down. Here is the last suggestion for olive skin colors, we recommend to do the more base makeup rather than applying so many things on face. And a simple makeup always gives a better elegant look, something like Mascara and a right lipstick is more than enough.

Some famous olive skin women

Some famous olive skin women

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