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Best hair color for me (right way to do hair color according to skin)

Hair color plays an important role to get a beautiful look.

Hair highlights and coloring directly depends upon your skin tone. So, don’t try hair color on the advice of others, Some time highlights can change your look badly(you can’t judge that in dreams).

Don’t take decision for hair highlights, if you have
i) Unclear and confusing (color)
ii) Incomplete information
iii) Plain wrong

Skin Tone depends upon the climatic condition of the environment or place, So, in below table skin tone depends on climate.

Skin Tone Best Hair Color Try To Avoid Color
Winter Jet Black, Platinum Blonde, Dark Brown Golden Blonde, Caramel or Honey, Copper Red
Spring  Ashy Blonde, Ashy Brown, Platinum Blonde, Icy Blonde Honey Blonde, Any Golden Base, Golden Brown
Autumn Rich Auburn, Honey Blonde, Chocolate Brown, Golden Brown  Ash Brown, Blue, Green, Platinum Blonde, Violet Undertones
Summer Champagne Blonde, Honey or Butter Platinum, Caramel Brown, Golden Blonde Ashy Brown or Blonde, Blue or Green Base Colors

hair color chart

How to know perfect hair color

Finding a hair color is very tricky and complex. Always try to look for a specific color, match your skin color with celeb color and follow their trends. Try to avoid pinks, reds, blues, greens, and yellows hair color uniformly all over your hair(from roots to tip).

Step 1 :

Judge your skin tone is it cool or warm.
Warm skin tone
i) Autumn
ii) Summer
Cool skin tone
i) Winter
ii) Spring

Hair color for Cool skin tone

From below information, you can easily select a color for hair.

i) How to know Winter skin tone:
– Lighter skin with pink undertones(fair skin).
– Blue eyes, green eyes, dark blue eyes.
– Not tan easily.
– Your hair color is black(Maximum cases).
Selection of color for hair
– Blue, violet-red base with any color.
– Dark brown
Avoid color
– Golden blonde
– Caramel or honey color

Actress having same skin tone: Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie

ii) How to know Spring skin tone:

– Fair skin, pink and yellow undertone.
– Light blue, light golden brown eye colors.
– Tan can be seen but not easily.
– Your hair color blonde(Maximum cases).
Selection of color for hair
– Violet, blue or green base.
– Icy blonde
– ashy brown
Avoid color
– Golden brown hair highlights.
– Orange, golden base.

Actress having same skin tone: Cameron Diaz, Amanda Seyfried

Hair color for Warm skin tone

i) How to know Autumn skin tone:
– Golden brown eyes.
– Dark brown hair color.
– Easily tan, oil base skin tone.
Selection of color for hair
– Orange base color.
– Golden brown.
– Copper highlights.
Avoid color
– Platinum blonde
– Ash brown
– Blue, green, violet undertone.

Actress having same skin tone: Jennifer Lopez, Julia Roberts

ii) How to know Summer skin tone:
– Olive, golden skin.
– Flexible eye color, in light eyes, appears golden.
– Easily tan
Selection of color for hair
– The base color orange or yellow
– Caramel brown, honey platinum
Avoid color
– Ashy colors
– Don’t try to use blue or green hair color base.
– Avoid black

Actress having same skin tone: Shakira, Kate Upton

Step 2: 

Decide how and where?

– It is important to know for how much longer (time) you want to resist your hair color(Highlights).

– Hair color can be done at home also, so decide you go for hair color at home or parlor.

To know the easy way of hair highlights at home

Step 3:

fashion on the basis of age
fashion on the basis of age

Age matters

– Selection of coloring based on age

i) 18 to 30, hair highlights are best and attractive.

ii) 30 to 45, root color is important because in this time period, staring of grey hair can be seen.

iii) More than 40, uniformly color your hair with a single color.

Step 3:

Protect from damage

– Don’t bleach your hair.
– Avoid using hard conditioner.
– Wash hair with normal water.
– The strong base shampoo is not good for your hair color.

Step 4:

Aware of your look 

  • Don’t color your hair on the advice of others.
  • Know the best look before coloring.
  • Don’t use multi brands product.

Definitely read Do and Don’t of hair highlight

know the process of color selection

1. Determine your look (Pre-set your mind, which type of hair color you want)

– Which type of hair color: Root coverage only, highlights, all over color (you want).
– If you are doing it 1st time then, take the advice of an expert.

2. Type & Texture of hair 

– Follow the beauty tips according to your hair type.
– straight, wavy, curly, coily (Which type of hair you have).

3. Know the natural color of your hair

select your color according to your hair
select your color according to your hair

– Selection of hair highlight color, according to your natural hair color.

– Black(brownish black, black), brown(light, medium, dark brown, darkest brown, brown-black), red(light red, medium, dark red), blonde(light blonde, medium, dark blue

Few things you have to know

Do you have grey hair?
Did you ever color your hair at home?
Is your hair recently color treated?
Compare your current hair with required hair color?

lighter than current shade: golden tones, auburn tone, copper, smoky.

Avoid Mistakes of hair color

Wrong placement of color.

Sometimes it happens when we look for coloring just be careful when the edge of hair is colored.

Freehand hair coloring.

This is generally done with the free hand, so you should be careful during making the liquid accurately, otherwise, it can give bad look.

Color bands use

They are become embarrassing, which is basically when a colorist hasn’t exactly coordinated your underlying(root) foundations to your mid-lengths and ends, so the completion is not looking good.

Excess color

“Nope we’re not discussing a hair your ear, this is the point at which a shading extends. This can occur if an excess of the foil isn’t folded appropriately. As a result, it prompts over streaming out from the foil and onto parts of the hair that you don’t want to color.

Over conditioning with toners

“It’s not a good thing when some colorists depend upon toners for hair color when the hair is colored again and again it gives a flat look.
Add little amount to the toner with color for shine.

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