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February 15, 2020 - Beauty

Easy home process to remove individual eyelashes

Eyelash extension removal process is comfortable and easy when you are in your home. It is not difficult when you have information about the right way of removal.

Extension of an eyelash is attached to your natural lashes with semi-permanent glue. Which gives you an attractive look without any side effects.

There is no big issue in removing it, but the main point, how you remove it without damaging your natural lashes and eyes.

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Remove the extension of an eyelash at home

individual eyelashes
individual eyelashes removal at home

Eyelash extensions will last from 20-25 days, but after that, you will see them breaking and falling out. The main reason for that hair fall is an extension of your original eyelashes.

For safe and stress-free extension removal, you have to focus on dissolving the glue which holds it. This can be easily removed by using olive oil or olive oil, the main goal is to nourish the skin around the delicate eye area.

Few points which you have to follow before staring extension removal.

1. Remove your makeup
– Use cleanser
– Wash your face with water and rinse it with a clean towel.

2. Taking hot steam
– Take a bowl full of steamy hot water.
– Put your face above the bowl to take steam directly on face.
– Cover your face with a towel while taking direct steam.
– Take stream 10-15 minutes.
The reason for doing: Help to soften the glue.

3. Don’t try to do any extra effort like scrubbing and itching.   

4. Avoid using any metallic tools.

5. Don’t do this process in short time (scarcity of time)

Now, you have basic information about the removal process of eyelash extensions. So perform the suggested guidelines below.

By Natural process at home

Step 1: Clean face

Step 2: Take the water stream after covering your face with a towel.

– Warm up a bowl of water in the microwave. Give time to get sufficiently hot to create steam.
– Hold your face over the bowl and wrap a towel over your warmth, to trap the steam around your face.
– Steam your face for around ten to fifteen minutes.

Step 3: Apply oil

– Take cotton and wet it with olive oil.
– Wipe your lashes with wet oil cotton.
– Extension removes automatically from lashes.

Step 4: Rinse your eye
– Splash warm water on lashes.
– Oil which is applied by you to remove extension automatically drain out with warm water splash.

Using Glue Removal

Step 1: Buy glue remover for lash
– Purches glue removal according to your skin tone(ask beauty adviser)
– The smell of glue removal is similar to nail polish remover(ethyl acetate).

Step 2: Apply it carefully
– Go in front of the mirror, lighting is very important on the face.
– Remove your makeup 1st, near eyes.
– Take a careful look to detect the where from where the extension is starting.

Step 3: Removal tips
– Wet a cotton with glue removal
– Pull it gently from the upper corner of eyelash extension. (Close your eye)
– Move cotton 2-3 times on extension and at last, pull the loosened side softly.

Step 4: After removing
– Wash your eye with clean cotton.
– Rinse it at last after using water splash.

How to care eyelash extensions

– Avoid using water for eyelashes(a process like a face wash for 24 hours).

– Mascara is not recommended, but if you want extra bold look then use oil free mascara.

– Avoid using oily products like cleansers, hydrators, or makeup removers.

– Try to take care of eyelash when you are going to bed.

– Avoid to pull or pluck your lashes extension.

– Don’t use an eyelash curler.

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