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How to apply magnetic lashes(Tips to fix magnetic lashes)

Magnetic lashes create a revolution in a fake eyelash. One thing comes in mind why we need to apply magnetic lashes.
– After applying magnetic lashes your natural lashes look big and attractive
– You can maintain the ideal length and dimensions.
– Magnetic lashes are reusable.
– Safe and chemical free product.

Easy step for apply magnetic eyelashes

Step 1: Apply Mascara
– Before using falsies, apply light coat mascara to your natural lashes.
– These tips help you to get the application much easier.

Step 2: The top lashes(1st priority)

upper magnetic eyelashes
– Check you lash kit(top row and bottom row), design are different for both one is for upper lashes and another is for lower lasher of same eyelashes.
– Place top row lashes first.

Step 3: Process to apply bottom lashes

down row lashes use on eye
down row lashes use on the eye

– Place lower lashes on the bottom row.
– The magnet strips will attach.

The issue with adjustment of magnetic eyelashes.
– Grab the corner of each lash strip.
– Pull it gently.
– In the condition of completely off, reposition it by gently pull them off starting from one corner of the eye.

Step 4: Follow the same tips on another eye.

Best Way To Apply Magnetic lashes

– Clean your face and eye before applying it.
– Apply mascara, to give smoothness to natural eyelashes.
– Remove the box after taking magnetic lashes.
– Put left side magnetic lashes in the left side and right eyelashes in right side according to you.
– Take left side lashes in hand and remove layer gently, you can see two-part(upper and lower part of magnetic lashes).
– Put lower magnetic lashes in the lower side of natural lashes.
– Take upper magnetic lashes in hand and set just above the natural lashes, you observe both connected automatically.
– If you don’t get a perfect fit the adjust it from moving your thumb and four finger horizontally.

Instructions before applying  magnetic lashes

* Select good brand magnetic lashes product.

– Check the right pair of magnetic eyelashes.
– Select the best brand after checking the magnetic power of that eyelashes.

* Order on the basis of right set.

– Before ordering determine the get of magnetic lasher, which is based on the pattern of Original, Bold, and Accent.
When to select:
Original magnetic lashes
– If your eyelashes have volume (large in quantity), then you can select it.

Bold magnetic lashes
– When natural eyelashes of your eyes are less than select bold.

Accent magnetic lashes
– Gives you more dense and long lashes.

* Avoid following the instructions which are provided with magnetic lashes.

– Set the magnetic lashes on the top without blinking your eyes.
– Now take lower magnetic lashes and attach it with the upper one.

It is easy to say but difficult to perform, many people do this step but commonly not performed by everyone.
– Because if eyelashes move then the location of arrangement become difficult.
– That is not a good look.

Short tips

Step 1
Open your eye and place bottom lash.

Step 2
Push the bottom lash into place(close your eye shut)
Try to set as close to the lash line as possible.

Step 3
Upper lash on top of the natural lash.
Automatically connect with a bottom lash magnet.

How to know the upper and lower magnetic lashes

– Check the lashes carefully if they are repelling each other means the direction of lashes is not correct.

– Upper magnetic lashes can be found by the length.

– Take both lashes in hand and arrange them before using it.

Beginner’s guideline for using magnetic lashes

If you are going to use magnetic lashes, first time then follow these guidelines to maintain your eye beauty.

1. Use liner before applying magnetic lashes, there is no relation between them but it helps to hide the tell-tale signs.
Brown liquid liner is the best solution if you don’t want any heavy eye look.

2. Take the box of your magnetic lashes and remove lashes out.
Upper an lower magnetic lashes are attached, so separate the lashes.

3. Take upper magnetic lashes on top of your natural lash. Try to select the right position but if you can’t able to find, don’t worry you can shift it easily.

4. After giving the right position to upper magnetic lashes apply bottom magnetic lash.
– Open your eye wide.
– Judge the magnetic position.
– Fix lower magnet lash on the same position.

5. Now go and take a look in the mirror if the position is right then good.
But if the position is not right of magnetic lashes then
– Hold the last end of magnetic lashes.
– Push or pull it slightly.

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