Beware The Do's and Don'ts of Highlights for Hair
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Beware The Do’s and Don’ts of Color Highlights for Hair

Now it is time to change hairstyle according to the demands of the era. I personally did many experiments with my hair. I got my research result in a form of hair color highlights. It is the best way to look different than others. If you also want some different look then think upon hair highlights color.

When I highlight my hair, I was pleased because in that my present hairstyle remains the same, with a golden color. Choice of highlights depends upon you.

First, you look for color selection which one is better for you. Then decide which side of hair you want to highlights. But it is very hard to maintain the style or color quality remains the same for a long time, without knowing the tricks.

Use lemons juice for natural bleaching, which highlights color without damaging. Kool-Aid is best(don’t contain harsh chemicals) for purple, red, pink, and green highlights because it is used by hair care professionals to highlight.

If you are looking for natural treatment with house product then use chamomile tea to rinse your hair. Before doing hair highlights try to apply chalk of the same color you want on your hair and see your look before applying original color.

You are thinking, I am talking about which types of tricks and care, let me help you.

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Do’s and Don’t: Color highlights for hair in 2019.

Color Highlights
Color Highlights

There is a lot of benefit to the highlight color. If you don’t want to color entire hair or don’t want to cut your long hair for the latest fashion in 2019 then highlight hair dye is the best option. The best hair streaks according to your face requirement can give you extra attraction. Just coming on topic, always remember these Dos and Don’ts points for color and highlights.

Dos for Color highlights:-


choice of color is the main priority, so in the first step create mind setup about it. Your highlights always match with your hair’s base tone.

For the warm base(dark brown hair) then honey blonde is better.

For ash brown hair then sandy streaks are good to apply.

Before going for streaks, know your base color and check out there matching streaks color.

So, your choice of color is the first priority.


Proper placement of steak is important for natural look effect. Always try to get thicker chunks of bright lights and beautiful look. Dark and sparse streaks most are colored at the roots. Correctly placed and evenly distributed balanced color provide the natural shine when exposed in the light.


Over highlighted hair is good for some time but it is hard to maintain because of there excess shine, it didn’t look like natural hair. Highlights must always make more noticeable so it’s important get thickness of streaks and don’t overpower base color. Adding to many colors may act opposite, combining your base color with one highlight color helps.

How to maintain highlighted hair:

hair colors
hair colors

-wet your hair first.

-then apply soft/baby lights shampoo.

-dry your hair properly.

-select good quality of color.

-Plant oil is very useful.

-highlights are feeling a bit dull then apply shampoo with cornflower(mixed form), apply on dry hair and let it be for a few minutes.

9 basic care of hair highlights in 2019

avoid shampoo
avoid shampoo
  1. Don’t get color too often.
  2. Not use hard conditioner.
  3. Wash hair with normal water.
  4. Don’t use strong base shampoo.
  5. If you have fair skin avoid to use lighter coloring of hair.
  6. The base color most me considers at a priority level.
  7. Trust your stylist.
  8. Check your look in the photo before applying it.
  9. Don’t switch directly from dark to light color.

Don’ts for Colour highlights :

Beware The Do's and Don'ts of Highlights for Hair 2018
Beware The Do’s and Don’ts of Highlights for Hair 2019

Picking the wrong shade of blonde.

Too many colors:-

Multicolor hair looks unnatural. The touch of naturality become low so it did not look good. If you are looking for rainbow hairstyle then there is a drawback of that is your base color of hair may be damaged. The pitch of every color is different so, when you apply that on your hair the low wavelength color like violet, indigo, blue lose their ability of shine.

To light color:-

A light color depends upon the base color of hair, if your hair is deep black color then it is easy to select a lighter color. Every hair has their different base so if you try to do similar hairstyle with a celebrity then it may not look good on your face. Sometimes people don’t follow the experimental color for hair, they quickly select the trends and that trends spoilt the look.

9 things which damage hair highlights:

  1. Hair washes with hot water.
  2. Avoid low-quality shampoo.
  3. Don’t wet hair for a long time.
  4. Protect your hair from dust.
  5. Bleaching of hair.
  6. Not separating the different type of hair lights.
  7. Not considering the base color.
  8. Don’t try to do any experiment with your highlighted hair.
  9. Picking the wrong shade of blonde.

Some additional tips:

  • Adjust highlights according to seasons.
  • “Highlights should be brighter and paler in the summer”.
  • “Highlights should be golden in the winter”.

15 hair color trends in 2019:

multicolor hair highlights
multicolor hair highlights
  1. Peanut Butter & Jelly Hair.
  2. Rose gold hair.
  3. Color bleed hair.
  4. Amethyst Roots Hair.
  5. Burgundy Hair.
  6. Softly Contrasting Hair.
  7. Margarine Hair.
  8. Baby lights Hair
  9. Blonde-Gray Hair.
  10. Lightly Toasted Hair.
  11. Brunette with Blonde Hair.
  12. Chestnut Ombré Hair.
  13. Eclipsing Hair.
  14. Flamboyage Hair.
  15. Chocolate Rose Gold Hair.

Hair highlights provide you a different look without damaging your hair. It is the latest fashion trends for 2019. If you are going to adopt this fashion trend it is good to see. Everything in this world has good and bad aspects so follow the instructions. Sometimes it helps to prevent premature grey hair.

Hair highlights and color design:

Silver Grey Hair

sliver grey hair color
sliver grey hair color    image

Purple Hair Highlights

purple hair highlights
purple hair highlights        image

Multicolor Highlights

multi color highlights
multi-color highlights        image

Maroon Multi Hair Strip

maroon multi hair strip color
maroon multi hair strip color   image

Maroon Hair Color

Maroon hair color
Maroon hair color    image

Uniform Hair Color Style

hair highlights
hair highlights           image

Mid to End Hair Color

hair color for splits color
hair color for splits color               image

Shiny Hair Color

frothair color highlights
frothair color highlights       image


Shiny Hair Color

dark highlights multi color
dark highlights multicolor      image

Dark Light hair Multicolor

Best hair color for best color
Best hair color for best color         image

Balayage Hair Color

Balayage hair color

Balayage hair color  image

How To Highlights Your Own Hair

Hair highlights are the trickiest things which can be done by you. But due to lack of information you don’t want to do.
You can try this tricks on a barbie doll’s. It sounds funny, but that is the best technique for self motivation.

Steps are as follows:
– Lable the starting point of the brush, which is used by you for hair highlights.

– Follow the strand test, Select brands according to hair like Brunette hair: brown, red, orange is better.

– A toothbrush can be used to color your hair.

– Follow the right Streak Way.

a) Initially start with front hair one side

set to color hair highlights
set to color hair highlights  image source:

b) Use paper same as below image

Hair color techniques
Hair color techniques image source:

C) Maintain 1-inch gap between 2 strips of hair

Maintain gap for hair color
Maintain gap for hair color image source:

–  Use good quality of hair tone

Tips To Select Highlighting of Hair

  •  Choose the right color according to hair natural color or skin color of the face.
  • Before applying hair highlights protect your skin and clothes.
  • Tools applying techniques is very important so, use familiar tools.
  • Before implementing hair highlights, the provided direction must be understood by you.
  • Color hair strip by strip, not try to color all hair at the same time.
  • Noontime is best to use hair color.
  • You a good toner for hair.
  • Wash your hair with a soft hand, and low base shampoo
  • Try to dry your hair color with air dry.

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