September 30, 2021 - Hair Care

21 Best Way To Prevent Your Hair Fall in This Summer

Hair fall is the common problem in our life cycle. Very few people are lucky who don’t have falling hair. I had suffer a lot with this problem, got disappointment whenever i see myself in mirror. Falling hair decrease the beauty trend and increase the age level group.

Some time when I will going through metro I feel regret about my look not due to style or face cut , it is only due to my hair loss. I gave a lot of money in care of hair but no any type of positive result comes in existence. One day my family members force me to do some natural care by doing that care now I freely move my hand over my hair. If you are facing the same problem then the best and practically proven way mentioned below.

Maybe you are thinking that, had been eating medicine from last  5 month(more) and don’t get any positive result If you do the natural care for your hair then this is the better way to reduce hair loss or to protect them. To prevent hair fall all the steps are very easy, don’t believe on other advice do your research and select suitable process for you.

First of all we are going to talk about myths of hair fall

It is very difficult to know reason of hair fall because every person have there own opinion, and answer regarding to hair loss. In that knowledge a lot of myths and wrong information are also discussed. Let’s talk towards wrong information which makes you upset.

Only man are affected by alopecia (hair fall)

If you are suffering from alopecia it doesn’t means something wrong happened with “X” chromosomes. let me clear it that 40% women also suffer from hair fall. So, it happens in both the genders.

Regular washing of hair causes Balding

Avoid if someone told you such type of unwanted advice. There is no any problem to washing hair regularly.

Brushing leads to hair loss

You can usually heard that when you hair is wet , don’t use combs to arrange hair , it is totally wrong because hair cells doesn’t depends upon wet or dry.

Coloring : leads to hair loss

If you want to color your hair (hair highlights) then do that according to fashion. Because there is no relation between hair loss and hair color highlights. Both things are separately different. Always remember that color used by expert for your hair match according to your skin.

shaving: protect hair loss

you want to shave your hair according to requirement for look, then do that, but if you expecting that your hair will become to be thicker. Then you are going to disappointed due to result.

If you want to know who hair fall occurs then fist of all you have to know about hair growth works.

Hair Growth stages:

Anagen : 1st step

The duration in which hair grows out from follicles, it provide vitamins for increasing hair. The hair follicle begins elongate and grow deeper in to scalp, it start creating hair bulb formation. Nourishment help to increase hair. Duration (2 to 6 year)

catagen : 2nd process

In this duration hair achieve there actual length. The catagen occurs at the end of anagen phase. Active growth of hair reduce. 2nd part of hair lifecycle. Hair bulb forms at the bottom of follicle.

Duration (1 to 2 weeks)

Telogen : 3rd and final step

The last stage of your hair is the telogen phase, it is also called resting phase because hairs are  released and falls out. After that for 3 months,follicle remains inactive. Every hair follicle grow independently at different times otherwise all your hair would fall at same time. Hair stop growing and falls out, new hair replace it. Duration (5 to 6 week)

The average life cycle of hair fall is 2 to 6 years.

Cause of hair fall :

Hereditary Factors

It is true that hair loss is genetic problem if you father have hair loss problem,it is possible you will suffer too. It depends upon

Hormonal Changes

sudden hormonal changes increase the follicles sensitivity which damage the roots of hair. As a result hair fall occurs.


Due to dehydration or hormonal imbalance during pregnancy leads to hair loss.

Mental stress

Increased stress makes follicles  weak, and causes rapid hair loss.

Scalp Infection

Bacterial and viral infection like psoriasis causes hair fall.

Drugs which causes hair loss :

  • anticoagulants.
  • birth control pills.
  • cholesterol medicines.
  • Ulcer medicines.

Tips: To protect hair fall

Protection of hair is very important for look younger and beautiful. You small steps can stop your hair loss.

Find the exact reason of hair fall from doctor. Let them Doctor check , Why hair fall occurs is that any type of allergy or medicinal reaction.

  • Right Comb- Don’t use others comb, proper cleaning of comb.
  • Carefully Dry hair with towel- Use towel very gently to dry your hair.
  • Select hair products wisely– Before purchasing your hair product check date of expiry.
  • Carry your hairstyle in right way– Natural treatments.
  • Use olive and mustard oils- Clean your scalp. Properly clean your scalp after using shampoo-
  • Yoga & exercise-Yoga helps to control the excess hormonal problem
  • Diets and Supplements- Proper nutrition give balanced vitamin and protein. Wash hair three times in a week.

Best way: protection from hair loss

Through oil:-

  • Oil as medicine
  • Coconut Oil Massage
  • Olive Oil Massage
  • Almond Oil Massage
  • Lavender Oil Massage
  • Rosemary Oil Massage
  • Geranium Oil Massage
  • Mix oil Massage 

Through food:

  • Omega- 3 Fatty Acids: foods like salmon,soybeans,walnuts.
  • Zinc rich foods– foods like wheat germ,spinach,pumpkin
  • Protein rich food: like milk,cheese, eggs,beans
  • Iron rich foods: like egg yolks,turkey
  • Bhringaraj
  • Amla
  • Aloe vera
  • Yucca root powder
  • Through Manage your Stress:
  • Do Meditation
  • Breathe deeply
  • Exercise, even if in moderation
  • Express yourself, vent out feeling
    • The last protection tips are basically depends upon you.
  • Good care :
    • Avoid hot water to clean your hair.
    • Clean your comb.
    • Don’t use low quality hair bands.
    • Don’t tightly tie your hair.

Hair Fall is a common issue for everyone during summers,so don’t worry, here are some natural remedies to prevent hair fall during summers.

  • Coconut Oil with  Curry Leaves: Well Curry Leaves  contains antioxidant properties with iron which helps in hair falls and nourish our hair roots and prevent hair loss and Coconut Oil helps in penetrating deep in hair sculph and prevent hair protein which helps in breakage.Take 200ml of coconut oil and 4 to 5 bunch of curry leaves and cook together till the color changes and lightly apply on ur scalp and moisturizes your scalp and prevents hair fall.
  • Fenugreek seed with Curd: Fenugreek seeds are a rich source of  folic acids,proteins and vitamins which is a  great remedy of hair all while Curd acts as a natural conditioners for hairs.Soak fenugreek seed overnight and grind it well with curd then make a thick paste and apply on your hairs for 15 to 20 min minutes then wash it.It will give a great results.
  • Rosemary Oil: Rosemary oil contains anti-inflammatory properties,improves circulation and promotes nerve growths.It helps in dry scalp,premature graying  to.Apply rosemary oil on your scalp and gently massage on your scalp it will surely help in preventing hair fall.
  • Onion Juice: Let me tell you guys this remedy gives a positive impact.Onion juice has extra sulphur to support strong and thick hairs.It also helps in protein production and healthy skin cells and hair growth.Make a  thick paste of onions and apply it on your hairs and risen it after 15 or 20 will give you soft,shiny and thick hairs.
  • Natural Henna: Henna is the oldest and natural way to prevent hairfalls.As it helps in reducing hair fall.Applying Henna directly on your scalp assists in improving  health.Make a paste of henna,aloe-vera,amla and hibiscus flowers keep it overnight and apply early in morning it will surely gives you soft,shiny hairs and also helps in preventing hair falls.

Conclusion: Rather than using chemicals,medicines and several other treatments try to do this homemade remedy.I am sure these remedies will give you a great impact and also help in hair falls.So happy hairs = happy me.

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