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Beauty trends { Follow the Beauty Tips}

Hair style | Eyebrow design | Face attraction | Lips coloring |

Beauty trend and look always gives an impressive impact on others and yourself also. Update yourself according to Beauty trends because it provides a good feature scope like modeling, acting. The fashion of beauty is a culture of our era. When we are talking about beauty’s trends, how I look is the 1st question comes in mind? What you will have to do for an awesome look? In the last year of 2018 best and popular trend is hair coloring but what you are thinking about ? Get some patience I will help you to make yourself update for this year.

Which things come in beauty trend:-

In a culture of beauty trend, you will have to look for your

  • Hair style
  • Eyebrow design/ eye leads /eye lens design
  • Face attraction
  • Lips coloring /caring

Hair style

Hair is the most attractive things to improve personality. Long Outward Curls, red-hot ponytail, kinky coily hair, highlighted straight hair, center-parted hair, stacked hair are the example of hairstyle. But the main things are that how you protect your hair from damage. The simple way to protect hair are:-

  1. Don’t wash hair every day.
  2. shampoo and conditioner most use according to your hair.
  3. Conditioner most are used after washing
  4. Clean your hairbrush regularly.

Eyebrow design/ eye leads /eye lens design

Eyes are very important because “Eyes tells the truth”, apart from this eyes provide us the connecting vision of the world. The commonly known process to make the eye look beautiful and gorgeous is threading. It is a very old and perfect method of hair removal which required only cotton and thread to remove unwanted hair. The natural way to care brows.

  • Simply put two slices of cucumber on your eyes and relax.
  • Potato helps us to diminish dark circles.
  • To decrease the growth of wrinkles uses coconut oil.

Contact lens are now in trend to make the eyes attractive. There is a lot of lenses (red, blue, green)in the market to make the eye lens color change. But kindly use that very carefully otherwise it may damage the eye site. Eyelashes, eye-shadow, eyeliner, Mascara are used to make eye attractive.

Face attraction

In our busy working scheduled life, there is very less time to make our face feel comfort. Face attraction on the first impression is determined by the trends. Everyone is thinking about how to make his/her face attractive. I am promising you if you are doing the below activity you don’t have to take stress about your face. It will not go to take a long time to make your face feel comfort.

  1. Remove your makeup completely before going to sleep. It helpful for naturally glowing skin.
  2. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing help to make younger looking skin.
  3. Exfoliation is another best important process to clean/remove away all the dead skin cells which develop due to dust and time. So do scrub every once or twice in a week.
  4. Use a sunscreen whenever you are going out for office, work or market. It protects the face from harmful UV light which is coming from the Sun.
  5. Facial masks help to clean face skin.
  6. Drink lots of water and eat green vegetables and fruits. It helps to maintain the skin naturally beautiful lifelong period.

If you are suffering from facial hair, try out this easy and perfect cure to reduce hair growth on your face. Knead 10 ml lemon juice in 40 ml honey and mixtures it. Take a cotton and rub this mixture in the direction of hair growth. wash after 15 minutes. Repeat this process twice in a week or for 2 weeks and see better improvement in the facial hair condition.

Lips coloring /caring

Lips have to suffer a lot due to our activities like cutting own lips while getting tensed. Now a day people use lipstick to make their lips attractive but they didn’t know about the side effects. The regular use of lipstick or low quality of lipstick make the surface of lips hard and ruff. Good lips increase the beauty of a face.

The natural way to maintain the shine of lips without side effects:-

Take Olive oil, sugar, and honey mixed them in a cup and Spread the paste on your lips after 2 or 3 times doing this process the difference will see by yourself.

Protection of lips

Don’t lick your lips

When lips are dry, then naturally you want to lick them for making them moist. But licking your lips actually creates some opposite side effect. “Once you lick your lips with tongue, saliva stuck on it, after some time it dries out and makes our lips drier”. So, use lip balm(lip balms which containing camphor, eucalyptus and menthol try to avoid it). When your lips become flaky or peeling then avoid brushing or rubbing. Surgery of lip is also a common trend of making ur lips attractive.

COMES towards the conclusion of this article  – days and years are passing but beauty can be maintained by maintaining a balanced diet and natural process.

Upcoming 10 big beauty trends to watch out

  1. Various kinds of masks and patches. (Skin Will Be Hydrated)
  2. Same treatment of body like face care. (Shoulder-Length ‘Lobs’)
  3. Environment familiar product( natural product comes in existence).
  4. Supplements related to skin care. (Glory and Light-Reflective complexion)
  5. Beachy Waves/Textured Hair.
  6. Complexions Will Be Glory
  7. Active beauty buys
  8. Nail Art With Dynamic Geometric Designs
  9. Bold Lips and Eyes Will Continue Going Strong
  10. Go-go gadgets.

Watercolor is introduced in December 2018, which will be widely used in this year. Basically, all Beauty trends are the creation of someone. You can make your own beauty tips by experiments, but that is very dangerous due to their reaction and failure. So, if you want to do something different then try your creativity on clothing fashion.

As every year comes new beauty tips which help teenagers look fab.Rather than wasting money go for these natural  beauty tips it will make you look stunning for the whole year.

Honey: Honey works as a moisturizer for your skin.It has antibacterial properties which is helpful for oily and acne prone skin.It helps in keeping your skin moist and gives a glowing impact on your skin.Raw honey helps in balancing the bacteria on your skin.Just apply raw honey on your skin for few minutes then wash it with cold water.Or you can make a paste using honey,lemon,apply on your face.Then wash it off after 15 minutes,it will throw a great impact on your skin.

Rose Water: Rose water is known for balancing natural oils,hydrating your skin naturally,giving a blush look,it even minimizes pores from your skin.It work as a toner for your skin.Make a thick paste using rosewater and multani mitti,apply on your skin around your neck too.Wash it of after  15 minutes,it will give a glow and blush look on your skin.You can spray on your skin directly as it hydrates your skin.

Papaya: Papaya consists of papain which promotes in healing your skin.It moisture which helps in dry and peeling skin.It also helps in anti ageing issues such as wrinkles,acnes,it enhances skin flexibility.You can apply directly or make a thick paste using papaya,milk and honey then apply on your skin it will give a bright look on your skin.

Besan: Well besan or gram flour has many benefits such as cleanses the skin,removes dead skin cells,glow up your skin and removes tanning.Mix up besan,curd,turmeric and make a paste of it,gently apply on your skin.Risen it off with cold water after 20 minutes.You can feel the impact on your skin.

Curd: Curd has several benefits, some of them are it removes detanning,moisturizes skin,reduces spots, fights acne and many more.Well make paste of curd and lemon and apply on your skin,then wash it off with cold water after 30 minutes.It leaves a great impact on your skin.

Aloe-vera: Aloe-vera helps in nourishment and moisturizing your skin,even it calms irritated skin as it is cool,so it gives a shine on your skin. It can be used in various ways,you can use it as paste using aloe- vera,lemon and honey.Apply on your skin for 30 minutes,then wash it off with cold water.I can assure you you will feel the change on your skin.


Well there are several beauty trends or tips for your skin but it depends on how it works.But while using natural ingredients it gives you a perfect glow and shine on your skin without harming your skin.So guys try to use natural remedies for a perfect and beautiful skin.

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