Ice Cube Face Tips
October 22, 2021 - Skin Care

Ice Cube Face Tips { face ice pack for Skin Care }

Finally, The season Started, and as we know that Ice Cube Face plays an important role in summer. This is the time to fill the Ice tray and keep it in the freezer.

Ice face mask reduce the itching of skin this is also known as skin icing treatment.

Basically, we use the ice cubes for fruit juice, cold drinks, and some time for fun and playing with it. But, did you know that these ice cubes are capable of much more than cooling your drinks and playing? So, this is to tell you that how we can use the ice cubes for Summer Skin Care also, It can help to reduce pimples, sunburns, skin inflammation and can also boost blood circulation. If we use it with milk and cucumber then it can help to exfoliate our skin.

Ways to use ice cubes for Skin(Best for Acne, sunburn & Puffy Eyes)

1. Shrink Pimple or Acne:

As we know that, In summer Acne is caused due to excess production of oil in the skin and then pimple will take birth. So, with the help of Ice Cubes, we can shrink a pimple or acne. It may not cure your skin of a pimple completely but it can surely help to shrink or compress it in size. Because of cold ice, the benefits of ice on the face will help you to cool down your inflamed skin and help to break down a pimple.

So, for this process firstly we have to wash the face and dry it with the help of a towel. And after that pour some ice cubes in a clean cloth and put that cloth or towel on the top of your acne for a minute. Then repeat it after 5 minutes to 5-6 times, this is the best face ice pack.

2. Sunburn( Needs Skin icing ):

In summer, Sun is the big enemy of our skin. We close our faces by using cloth while going outside. If we stay out in sun for a long time it may lead to sunburn or tan to reduce that you have to use skin icing. The harmful Ultra Violet rays of the sun will go into your skin and may cause damage to your skin. For this, we can use Aloe Vera and Cucumber Ice Cubes. The cooling property of Ice Cubes helps in absorbing the heat from the skin. So, for this process pour some Ice Cubes in a clean towel and put it on the Sunburn Area till the Ice melts.

3. Exfoliate Skin:

Ice cube also works to exfoliate the skin. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells. In this, we should use milk Ice Cubes for best performance. For this process, we can also use blueberry and cucumber with milk. The antioxidants present in blueberry and cucumber will be going to help in this process.

Ice water facial is the best option to protect skin

So, for this firstly we should pour the milk Ice Cubes in a clean towel and then put press it gently on the skin. Softly massage your skin with the Ice Cubes till the cubes melt. And after that wash your face with warm water.

4. Reduce Oiliness of Screen:

In the Summer season, Oiliness is the biggest problem for Everyone. For this problem also we can use Ice Cubes. The cold Ice Cubes will check the oil secretion on the skin, which gives the fresh and oil-free skin. For this process, firstly we should wash the face and after that wrap the Ice Cube on a clean towel and put it on the skin until it gets melted. By this, the oiliness will reduce, and after applying a small amount of moisturizer to your skin. To make it more refreshing to use mint Ice Cubes.

Mint Ice Cubes: To prepare a mint Ice Cube, fill the Ice Tray with water and add a mint leaf in each block. Then keep it in a freezer. After an hour you will get the mint Ice Cubes.

5. Puffy Eyes:

When we work for extra hours continuously, then it will react to our eyes. Your Eyes will get puffy which does not look good. We can use Ice Cubes for this problem also. It is the most convenient and inexpensive solution to this problem. We can put Ice Cubes of water, milk, and antioxidant Green Tea and apply them around your puffed Eyes. But, don’t put the Ice Cubes in your eyes for too long.

Firstly wash your face then wrap the Ice Cubes on a towel and gently press the Ice Cubes on your eyes for a short period of time. Continue this for 10 minutes and then dry your face with a clean towel. This will help and give you a fresh look. So, according to the beauty expert, any kind of cool pack is an effective remedy for a skin problem. That’s why Ice Cube is a solution to almost every problem related to skin.

Why You Need Ice Cube For skin

Ice cubes is helpful for the conditions like sunburn, pimples, and inflammation, eyes care, aging, and exfoliating the skin. Increasing blood circulation due to ice, helpful for skin glow. Cubes of ice clean the pore of skin which helps to exfoliate the skin without any damage.

After knowing the importance, Know How To Apply Ice Cube

Ice massage on the face is not a difficult task, if you are soaking your face in ice water definitely you can see a good result for the skin.

Universal process of applying ice on the face.

Before doing ice treatment wash your face with water and clean with a towel to make your skin dry. Now start

  • Take 3-4 pieces of ice
  • Rub ice on the face from 2-3 minutes.
  • The motion of ice on the face is clockwise and anticlockwise.

You can also use a towel, cloth, or an ice bag.

  • Put 5-7 pieces of ice cubes.
  • And apply for 4-5 minutes on face skin.
  • Time management

Benefits Of Ice-Cube On Skin

One of the easiest ways to keep your skin calm and reduce itchiness is to just rub ice on it. Ice cools the skin and has an amazing effect on your skin. It helps in blood circulation, removes pores, and gives glowing skin. It is a natural homemade remedy that helps in various ways to protect your skin.

Glowing Skin :

Everyone wants glowing skin and by rubbing ice on your face you can have it. Rubbing ice on your skin improves blood circulation and helps in absorbing makeup on your skin. Rub ice on your skin and have an amazing effect on your skin. Use daily will give an immense effect on your face.

Products Absorption :

This is an old trick to rub ice on your skin before applying any makeup or creams on your skin. Rubbing ice on your face helps in enhancing the pores which help in settling the makeup and creams which will give a great effect on your skin. 

Removes Dark Circles :

Regular use of ice on your face helps in removing dark circles. Blend rose water, cucumber juice, and water properly and freeze it on the ice tray, later apply the ice to the affected area. Regular use of it will have a great impact on your skin and slowly remove the stubborn dark circles from your face. 

Calms Pimples : 

If you are having pimple problems and you have to go to a party, then let cubes work on it. Apply an ice cube on the pimples at night after washing your face. It calms the pimples from your face and keeps you ready for the party. 

Reduce Appearance of wrinkles :

If we use ice cubes then it has an amazing effect in our old age as it helps in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and aging problems on your face. It helps in reducing the wrinkles from your skin but also helps in preventing the existing ones. 

Soften Lips :

Smoothly applying ice on your lips helps in making your dry lips soft. Regular use gives an immense effect on your lips and helps in hydration too. 

Calms Heat Rashes :

If you have excessive heat rashes on your skin then don’t worry Ice cubes works as a natural remedy on it. It calms the heat rashes and irritation on your skin. 

Reduce Tanning  :

Ice works as a natural remedy for sunburn or tanning. It calms the irritation or redness from your skin. Apply regularly on your skin for a better effect on your skin.

Add a healthy glow:

Ice cubes give a healthy glow to your skin. It improves blood circulation and helps in the flow of oxygen, vitamins on your face. It has various properties to work on making your skin healthy.


Ice therapy works like a magic on your skin. So guys rather than wasting money and going to parlors use the ice cubes as it is a natural remedy, it helps in making your skin glow and will not harm your skin too.

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