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Things You Didn’t Know About Premature Grey Hair

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Premature greying of hair is not a good sign in the age of 20’s. Some time people think that due to extra stress the color of hair become dark grey or silver grey. Due to premature grey hair color person look generally older than there age. The main reason for grey hair is lack of “Melanin” and use of low quality of hair highlights. Hair follicles contain pigment cells which produced melanin.

When body stop generating chemical it leads to the cause of black grey hair/white hair/silver hair. so, melanin chemical hair causes white hair. Premature graying of hair is a big problem in age group between  20s and 30s.

The main reason behind premature graying hair are genetic predisposition, poor nutrition, hormonal fluctuations,stress, use of unsuitable hair products. Some time certain diseases like chronic colds, sinusitis, and thyroid disorders are playing important role in graying hair.

Reasons for premature grey hair:

Lack of proper Nutrition, Hyperthyroidism, Hormonal, Imbalances, Hypothyroidism, Pernicious, Usage of chemical, Dyes,Consumption of some High Dosage Drugs are the main reason of grey hair.

Vitamin B12 deficiency: Greying of hair is caused when cells of hair can’t able to produce pigments. For coloring cells needs B12.

Hydrogen peroxide : It helps in reformation of cells.

Genetics: Some time it come from paternal

Lack of nutrition: You can’t get healthy skin and shiny hair without proper nutrition.

Smoking : It produces toxic acid which decreases the cells generation so it causes of grey hair/white hair/red hair.

Natural hair care:

We all know that chemical product for hairs always have some side effects So, why not we choose natural hair care process with different hairstyles which didn’t have any kind of side effect. Because Natural care is the process through which we look after over hair with natural product like – coconut oil, almond oil, lemon and curd. Thyroid disorders and anemia generally leads to white grey hair. Therefore we look for natural treatment.

Premature white hair home remedy:

1. Curry leaves and coconut oil

Curry leaves
Curry leaves

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We already know the benefit of coconut oil, it works like conditioner and can help in regrowth of damaged hair. For six to eight minutes, mixed a handful curry leaf with coconut oil, massage your scalp with mixture regularly for 2 months. You will see that benefit in dark black color of hair  therefore a smile comes automatically on face when your hair problem is solved.

2. Ribbed gourd and olive oil

olive oil
olive oil

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Break the gourd in small pieces and dry them out before soaking them in olive oil for three to four month. Wait until the color became black. After that massage  your hair with that oil carefully.

3. Onion and lemon juice hair pack

Take a mixture of lemon and onion juice apply on hair and leave it for 30 minutes after that wash your head with mild shampoo. Lemon contain acetic acid which help to remove the dead cell of hair commonly known as dandruff.

4. Heena and egg pack

Break an egg in a cup and take 2 tablespoon of henna powder and mix them. Apply this paste on hair roots and leave that for 30 minutes. After that wash the hair with shampoo.

5. Black seed oil/ kalonji

It is very helpful to prevent greying hair before time. It is also helpful to reduce hair fall.

warm up some black seed oil and massage the hair with it. keep it for overnight and wash shampoo. Do this three times in a week.

6. Mustard oil

Heat 2-3 spoon of mustard oil and massage your hair. Leave this oil for a night and wash it the next morning.

Tips For healthy hair :

  • Salt and black tea

Take one spoon of salt and mixed with strong black tea. Massage your hair with oil. Leave it for 1 hour and after that wash it.

  • Amla juice, almond oil and lemon juice

Amla contain vitamin C, which help in regrowth of hair. almond oil makes the hair root strong. lemon remove dead cell of hair due to there acidic property. Mix almond oil,amla juice and lemon juice and massage your hair for 5-10 minutes.

  • cleaning with shikakai

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Take 4 to 5 shikakai ponds and grind it. Add half spoon of curd and mixed them. Apply that mixture on hair and leave it for 15 minutes and then wash.

  • Rosemary and sage

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Take half cup of rosemary and sage and boil the mixture in 150 ml of water for 30 minutes. After boiling leave that liquid for 1hr (become cold). Apply that mixture on scalp and hair and wash it after 10 minutes. Do this process 3 times in a week.

Best hair oil for white hair to convert in black.

  1. Almond oil
  2. Mustard oil
  3. Coconut oil

vitamins for grey hair in natural remedies

  1. Banana
  2. Lemon juice
  3. Blueberries
  4. Kiwis


                                                    Premature Greying Hair






Grey hair Cause



Hair treatment



Helpful fruit



Vitamine B12(if less)



Damage the cell(Melanin)



Curry leaves and coconut oil used for massage.



Drink Regular Lemon juice



Hydrogen peroxide(if less)



Hair cell reformation stuck



Onion and lemon juice pack apply on hair



Eat Banana



Nutrition lack(no balance diet)



Weak hair and skin



Black seed oil/kalonji oil apply for hair treatment






smoking(if more or less)



Toxic acid damage the cell and skin



Mustard oil massage.





Some important factors.

  1. Ironic water is also the reason of grey hair.
  2. No proper care of hair leads to hair color deterioration.
  3. Dust.
  4. Coming towards the main focus :-
  5. Eat green vegetable / balanced food.
  6. Proper care of hair.
  7. Oil massage at least 3 times in a week.

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