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Get to know Best Hairstyles according to face shape (That Makes Everyone Fall in Love)

If you are looking for a new hairstyle and you can’t decide which style is suitable for your face then this blog is best. Like everyone have different cloth size, haircuts aren’t one-size-fits-all. Hairstyle is a key for attractive face. You can’t believe, many girls and boys spend thousands of hours in front of mirrors for a new look. The majority of person have  NO idea what there face shape and hairstyle.

They just go to spa/saloon and says do this style according to present fashion with trending hair highlights. The main drawback of this type of style is bad look. Don’t do the mistake for following the hair trends,because maybe it is not good for you. See and Decide,you have which type of face cut. For every different face there are different type of style.

Talking about  face cuts :

Talking about face cuts

  • Oval shape
  • Round shape
  • Square shape
  • Oblong shape
  • Heart shape
  • Diamond shape

1. Oval shape:-

Oval shape face

Oval(egg like face)shape.

In this type of face, the length is 1.5times than the width.

Forehead is  wider than chin.

Jawline is slightly curved.

Similar actress faces: Jessica alba, Ketty middleton.

Suitable hair style:-

  1. A-line bow
  2. Medium-health layer
  3. Long wavy hair
Hairstyle for Oval shaped faces

If you have Oval shaped face then you are lucky. All most every hairstyle is perfect. You can do what you want to do with your hair, in every look great. If you want to experiment something new for hairstyle then don’t think just go and get that style as soon as possible. If you don’t go to change your look that is totally unfair. you are lucky due to your look.

2. Round shape :

Round shape

Similar length and width of face.

Wide forehead and  rounded chin.

Full cheeks.

Similar actress faces:-Emma stone, Kerry Clarkson.

Suitable hair style:

  1. long layered
  2. lob with side part
  3. side wavy pony
Hairstyle for Round shaped face

While round faces look is cute, only one important face structure is missing(No angle). Because  due to equal length and width of the face, there’s no angle.

So avoid short bobs.

  • blunt cuts.
  • straight bangs.

The main purpose of this hairstyle is to minimize the fullness of  face by covering your face with a middle or slightly off center part it really breaks the roundness of the face.

Make your hair stays longer than your chin,to reduce the face cutting.

By cutting your hair short from front side (head side)you can do some fun and flirty looks, but u can’t maintain that look so longer.

3. Square Face:

Square shape face

proportional in length and width.

jawlines are strong and chin shape is square.

Approximately jawline and forehead is equal.

Similar actress faces:-lily james, rihanna

Suitable hair style:

  1. long waves
  2. A-line chin-length bob
  3. multiple layers with side bangs.
Hairstyle for Square face

This is opposite of the round face so, angle are strong.defined the chin and jawline so, avoid hair style which shows jawline. You need hair style which can leads hair to roundness about cheeks.

Avoid :

short haircuts and bangs.

For this type of face cut girl have try to increase the width of face. Most girls try to recover with doing such hair style in which long skimming hair bangs near around chin length and extra layers. Mid length hair cut is also provide good look.

4. Oblong shape:

Oblong shape

longer and less wide.

forehead,cheeks,chin these all have same width.

Narrow thin face without angle

Similar actress faces:-sarah jessica parker,liv tyler.

Suitable hair style:

  1. long voluminous curl
  2. medium flip out
  3. medium bouncy curls
Hairstyle for Oblong shape faces

It is hard to determine oblong shape between diamond and heart. You don’t have pointed chin or strong angle then you have long face. Try the looks which breaks the length.

Avoid :

super long hair.

Angular cuts.

Extremely short hair.

5. Heart shape:

Heart shape face

wide at the forehead and temples.

high and angled cheekbones.

narrow jaw and pointed chin.

Similar actress faces:-Reese witherspoon,katy perry.

Suitable hair style:

  1. curly side pony.
  2. medium hairstyle with flicks.
  3. curly hair with wispy bangs.
hairstyle for heart shaped face

It has pointy chin, so select hair style which cover the eye area. Wave hair style is perfect for this shape.


Blunt cut bangs

Anything that shortens or widens the face shape.Those who have heart shape face,cover face with hair in such a way that hit right at the corner of the eye to balance the natural look. Bob’s little bit longer than back hair and it is easy to maintain. Choppy layers are sometime not given a good look to you. Because it creates some extra angle and layers, your face having already extra angular curves.

6. Diamond Shape:

Diamond shape face

Wide cheekbones and narrow forehead.

Angular jawlines.

pointy chin.

Similar actress faces:-jennifer lopez, madonna.

Suitable hair style:

  1. chin-length hair style.
  2. angled pixie.
  3. shoulder-length hair style
Hairstyle for Diamond Shaped face

It is rarest face cut all over the world,it look similar to heart shape due to pointed chin. chicks bones are wider.


Excessive layers.

Voluminous short cuts.

Diamond shaped face is also good because except some style you look pretty. You have a lot of option to try. Some world’s best beautiful girls having this type of face.


Follow hairstyle according to your face look don’t follow sheep’s crowed. Hairstyle make you look so gorgeous so choose your hairstyle wisely.

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