5 Effective Tips That Stop Hair Greying Naturally
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5 Effective Tips That Stop Hair Greying Naturally

Grey hair is signs of aging we all like to ignore and avoid them at any cost. As it is a natural process of how you can stop hair greying. Well, dye and hair colors are temporary methods to hide grey hair. Both have their own disadvantages. However, like every problem has a solution, grey hair issues will also solve. For every cure, we need to understand the cause. So, first, we read about the cause of grey hair.

What Makes Your Hair Turn Grey?

5 Effective Tips That Stop Hair Graying Naturally

Grey hairs are commonly pigmented black hairs that are infused with the white ones. Your hair starts to turn grey or you can start to age naturally. In their 30 s most of the people have a few grey hairs but the time when you get into the 50s most of your or 50% of your black hairs turns grey. As you get older, the pigment cells in the hair follicles die gently as the outcome of which hair starts to turn transparent in color silver, grey or white which indicates that your hair does not contain as much melanin as they used to have in your young age.

Why Hairs Turn Grey at a Young Age?

Immature greying of hair is not very unusual. Some people start to have grey hair at an early age of 20-25. Hair greying is genetic also. As marked, melanin is the hair pigment that gives color to your tresses. In specific cases when your body stops generating melanin due to hereditary, hair starts to turn silver, white or grey.

This is also the major reason why hairs in certain people begin to turn grey in comparison to the others.

How to Ignore Grey Hair by Eating Right?

Hair is made of a protein known as Keratin. The protein is very important for strong and healthy hair. Foods like fish and eggs which contain vitamin C are all very good sources of proteins. It is essential to note that proteins from the animal sources contain essential amino acids in abundance and hence they can be absorbed easily. If you are a vegetarian, then you can take a multivitamin supplement like Seven Seas that contains Omega-3s which prevent hair from turning lifeless and dry.

There are some Natural Remedies for avoiding grey hairs:

1. Gooseberry


There would be no overuse of term gooseberry as nectar for the hair. It is the best natural remedies to turn back the aging process of hair and stop hair greying. Being the richest source of Vitamin C and containing a vast range of powerful antioxidants. It renews the hair cells and makes them fuller, thicker, and darker.

2. Curry Leaves Increase Dark Pigmentation in Hair:


These leaves are richer in amino acids and antioxidants both ingredients will help to stop hair greying. The beta-carotene available in the leaves prevents aging of hair and the proteins available in the leaves prevent the hair damage and hair thinning. A daily application of curry leaves essence prevents the hair strands from turning grey.

3. Use Onion Juice to Keep Grey Hair at Bay

Use Onion Juice to Keep Grey Hair at Bay

Onions are ever rich in an antioxidant enzyme known as catalase that recovers the natural color of your hair. Apart from that, the phytonutrients available in the onion along with Vitamin C, copper, and folic acid prevent the greying of hair. When you use the juice of onion it decreases the build-up of hydrogen peroxide which reverses the process of greying hair. In fact, this natural remedy makes your hair grow silkier, softer and add an extra bounce to them.

4. Hair Mask of Oats and Almonds Helps

Hair Mask of Oats and Almonds Helps

A natural ingredient that balances the original color of the hair is biotin. If you want to recover the black beauty of your hair, you require beginning consuming biotin-rich foods like almonds and oats. This will support delaying the process of aging. If you want to know how to ignore grey hair by using almonds and oats, you can arrange a hair mask as well.

5. Coconut Oil is the Best Massage Oil for Grey Hair Prevention

Coconut Oil - Stop Hair Greying

Being richer in Lauric acid and other similar saturated fats & Vitamin E.Coconut oil is the best remedies for grey hair. An often massage of coconut oil assures black and beautiful hair.

According to Ayurveda, hair turns dark because of the warmth of the body and coconut oil is accepted to have a cooling impact. Use this incredibly intensive hair conditioner to recover the natural beauty of your hair for a long time.

There are a lot of people like you, who try to conceal their greying hair with hair dyes which are more damaging to the hair and ruin their beauty. Nature has given us much more to make use of and can use Nature to recover the beauty of your hair. If you want to age slowly and thinking how to avoid grey hair, just begin with taking a protein-rich diet containing zinc, sulfur, and iron also.

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