Best Treatments to Maintain Healthy Hair
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Best Treatments to Maintain Healthy Hair

When it comes to achieving healthy hair, it can be frustrating and seem nearly impossible. However, there are a list of products on the market today that can help you with this irritating problem. In-salon treatments are available that take time to complete, and there are professional scalp massages to stimulate hair follicles. There are even at-home treatments available. In recent years, there have been many products and treatments that have been introduced that are proven to keep and grow healthier hair. Keep reading to learn about the best treatments to maintain healthy hair.

Scalp Massages

When done properly, scalp massages are a great way to increase the blood circulation throughout the scalp and to your hair follicles. This process helps lower stress, while at the same time moisturizes the scalp and boosts the strength and thickness of your hair. Our scalp can be a graveyard for dead skin and product buildup so in-salon treatments are a good way to look after your scalp while also keeping it healthy.

These treatments are extremely relaxing, and they often come in several stages. The 3 stages of scalp massages typically include exfoliation, cleansing, and moisturizing. Many of these salons also use a brush that is specially looped in order to help remove dead skin and other products that have been building up over time.

The massage often ends with a blow-dry treatment that helps make the hair feel lighter and cleaner. These treatments work by rehydrating the hair and over time, causes the hair to become healthier and gives it a better chance for regrowth.

Laser Cap Treatments

If you dealing with hair thinning, so you are definitely curious to get a wearable laser device for home use to restore hair locks. These products are non-invasive and are cleared by the FDA in promoting new hair growth and increasing the density of new hair. They work by using LLLT (low-level light therapy) to stimulate the scalp and increase the number of hair follicles to grow. At the same time, they are killing old hair cells for good. These treatments also have no known side effects meaning they are safe to use ages 18 and older.

One thing to note is that these treatments are used for people struggling with common hair loss or thinning and are not to be used for people that are completely bald. This is because there has to be existing hair cells in order for the cap to replace them with new hair cells. Dermatologists and other medical workers have now begun to use these treatments more often than any other laser device treatments. These caps can be worn in the comfort of your own home and they are very discrete. You can wear these caps while doing chores and even while you’re running errands. Not to mention, they cost much less than in clinic treatments. Here is a list of popular laser caps on the market today.

Style Smarter

To minimize damage from heat styling, invest in professional hot tools that have ionic technology, which will help keep that moisture in your hair as you style. Using a hair straightener or curling iron that is ceramic will help to distribute heat evenly throughout your hair. This allows you to make minimal sweeps of the curling iron or straightener while still getting that desired look at the same time.

Another good idea to incorporate into your styling, is use a heat protectant spray before you apply heat to your hair to defend against future damage. Exposing your hair to heat every time you style can lead to damaging of the hair follicles over time. However, by taking a couple extra seconds each time you style and use heat protectant spray, you can help to prevent this heat damage. Heat protection products for hair should be part of your daily life. Like heat protective sprays and hair primers. By incorporating these treatments into your routine, you are promoting a healthier hair lifestyle. This will make it easier for you to maintain your healthy hair or even improve your hair health. Stay faithful to your treatments, and your hair will benefit immensely.

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