Anti Aging Treatments For Face
November 11, 2019 - Face Treatment

Anti Aging Treatments For Face|Reduce Signs of Aging

“Signs of aging -A clear visual of getting older” When people get older signs of aging start appearing on the face. Skin gets drier, thinner, and not able to protect itself from damage. That’s why skin keeps the fine line, wrinkles, sagging, etc.

Lots of things affect how your skin ages, your genes, your daily habits, and the environment. The best strategy at any age is prevention.  Eating a healthy diet, keeping hydrated and drinking water every day can go a long way, but it still cannot combat the symptoms completely. We have put together a list of best non-surgical anti-aging treatments for the face that can be used to keep your skin looking young and healthy.



Dermal filler

Dermal filler is the first advice to start anti-aging treatments for the face. It can give effective immediate results in reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Fillers can fill in deep folds under the skin and makes fuller lips and cheeks. It can create the appearance of a fuller skin.

  • In traditionally, collagen was used for dermal fillers, but Hyaluronic Acid (Restylane, Juvederm) is more popular now as it has shown some evidence of creating a permanent anti-aging effect by promoting collagen growth.
  • The synthetic fillers such as Radiesse last longer, but they might coagulate under the skin which will have to be surgically removed.
  • Fat transfer is the process in which an individual’s own body fat from thighs or buttocks is extracted and injected into the face. The primary downside of this process is that the body may absorb the fat.

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Dermal filler

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Muscle Relaxers

Botulinum toxin (Botox, Dysport):  It is a  temporary paralyzes the muscles, appearing to give a smooth appearance to the fine lines and wrinkles. It doesn’t really help improve the skin tone or texture.  Best works on the upper third part of the face.

Liquid Facelifts: This treatment is using a combination of dermal filler and muscle relaxers to maximize the treatment process.

Fat Melting: The use of Deoxycholic acid (Kybella) injection helps the fat break down and absorb into the body. This is use to target the sagging fat under the chin.

Skin Treatments /Dermabrasion

This type of procedure can give you a smooth appearance with reduced fine lines and wrinkles. Basically method of removing the top layer of skin in a controlled manner.

Chemical peel treatments:

The exfoliating chemical is apply directly. It makes the dead skin cells to peel off. When using a higher concentration of chemicals, it emulates a skin wound causing the body to increase collagen production. The new skin is tighter and helps to reduce small scars, fine lines, skin discoloration, and sun damage.



Dermal rollers boost collagen production. There is the following list of derma rolling.

  • Jade’s facial roller- It reduces inflammation and boosts collagen production. They have been known to be use in ancient China. The jade stone is believes to have natural healing properties. Recent beauty trends have shown a renewed interest in the jade and rose quartz rollers. The usage is to roll your face after applying night cream and serums on a clean face.


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  • Microneedling face roller- This system has small needless that cause micro-tears in the system, leading the body to promote collagen production to heal the area.

Microneedling face roller:Anti Aging Treatments For Face

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It is the process of gently scraping off the top layer of skin that contains dead skin cells so that the underneath brighter complexion can be removed. The trained aestheticians use an actual scalpel to perform this process, so this method does not recommend for home use.


This is the process of using products with fine crystals that sand the face and remove the dead skin cells. This process can be done at a salon or a spa. Similar to chemical peels, it helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin texture. This doesn’t provide as dramatic results as chemical peels.

Other Treatments

Laser procedure

Laser procedure

It uses to improve the overall wellness of the skin, targeting fine lines, skin tone, and structures. The laser procedure can use to target the skin at varying depths, depending on the desired result. Moreover, the type of treatment can be based on the treatment area.

  • A continuous laser treats the entire skin area
  • A fractional laser treatment creates microscopic columns of treated tissue, surrounded by healthy intact tissue.
  • Ablatives lasers destroy the skin tissue and allow the body to repair it with new and healthy skin tissue.
  • Fractional ablatives affect the deep tissue layers and require a long recovery period.
  • Non- ablative laser has the mildest effect. It heats the skin tissues but doesn’t damage it. This treatment requires multiple sessions for maximum efficiency.

Intense pulsed light & other heat-based treatments

Intended pulsed light uses intense light to heat the epidermis and dermis to stimulate collagen production. This treatment requires a series of treatments that show gradual improvements and best for improving skin tone and texture.

Other heat treatments are:

  • Ultrasound(Ultherapy)- This treatment can help lift and tighten skin.
  • Radio-frequency (Thermage)- It can smoothen, tighten and improve the appearance of skin. In the last couple of years, this treatment is the most expensive.
  • Infrared – It heats the dermis which leads to immediate contraction of the collagen, resulting in tighter skin.

Personal LED anti-aging device

 Personal LED anti-aging device

This therapy offers a lot of benefits and their effect varies based on the varying colored lights and their varying wavelengths. There are also handheld LED-based devices that can use at home. It is painless and requires minimal to no recovery time. Also, it requires multiple treatment sessions before you see start seeing results. There are several handheld LED-based.

  • Infrared- It reduces the inflammation (also known as the root of most, if not all, skincare evils), accelerates healing and promotes circulation.
  • Amber- It helps to build up the two protein pillars of anti-aging: collagen and elastin.
  • Red-  Reduce inflammation and promotes circulation.
  • Blue- It helps to destroy acne bacteria, preventing new breakouts while treating existing one.

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Personal LED anti-aging device:Anti Aging Treatments For Face

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In the recent time signs of aging stars in early age. But now you can hide them the treatments. We have discussed nonsurgical anti-aging treatments for Face

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