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All about cat eyes tips and making (Quick cat eye & smokey look)

Cat eye makeup gives pretty look, only when, you know your eye shape. Cat eye give a dramatic and classic look, the technique which can give you an attractive look is mentioned below:

Quick cat eye tips before doing

  • The angle of eyelashes

No need to carry any extra beauty tool because this process can be processed from your business or credit card also.
How To Do:
– Take your card and align the edge with the bottom corner.
– Consider your upper lash line.
– Hold card at 45 degrees, in such a way that wings going directly upward.

  • Lining

– Select Eyeliner of your choice.
– Draw the line along the side/edge of the card.
– Try to make out toward the outer edge of your eyebrow

  • The inner and outer corner

The cat eye makeup full depends upon the inner and outer corners of eyes and makeup.
How To Do:
– After doing the lining, cover the rest of your top lash line.
– Same work will be done on your bottom lash line.

  • Find your Shape according to face cut

Find your correct eye shape and do the beauty process according to look:

Know the techniques of FOR WIDE-SET EYES


– Take care in lining the inner lower/upper lashline.
– Try to use liquid liner.
– Extend the line inward near inner corners for intrigue and balance the look.

Know the techniques FOR CLOSE-SET EYES

close and wide shape
close and wide shape

– Draw wide-set eyes inward & extend close-set eyes outward.
– Be careful your line sleeker and longer, and slightly more horizontal.

Know the techniques FOR SMALL EYES

small eyes
small eyes

– Try to smudging the line a bit.
– Use a liquid eye shadow, without closing down the lid.
– Try to enlarge the eye area.

Know the techniques FOR HOODED EYES

hooded eye
hooded eye

– Try to make thicker lid makeup.
– For a sexy smokey cat eye, smudge the line outward a little.
– If you have hooded and small eyes, eyeliner along on the bottom lash line, outer age of bottom lash line.

Know the techniques FOR ALMOND EYES

almond eyes
almond eyes

– Do the line thin along the length, two-thirds of the eye
– Bring the liner onto the bottom lash line.

Know the techniques FOR UPTURNED EYES


– Head back and making a line can look good if you are making 45-degree angle.
– Apply the liner from the middle of the eye outward.

Know the techniques FOR DOWNTURNED EYES


– Try to keep the liner as close to the lash line.
– For doll look, keep the liner thicker in the middle of the eye and shorter at the wing.
– The curved look of eyes can give you cute cat eyes.

How to do cat eyes with liquid eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner is arguably one of the most difficult eyeliners to master, but it’s also the best product to create a glamorous winged eyeliner or “cat-eye” look. To create the perfect liquid eyeliner shape no spoon, tape or magic tool required. When choosing a liquid eyeliner it’s all about finding a brush with long bristles and a thin tip.

– Draw a thin line at the center of the lid.
– Create a dot at the outer corner of your eye.
– Draw line to connect the outer corner of the eye to the dot.
– Don’t move your leads.
– Fill the inner wings
– Make liner perfect and thicker at the edge.
– Expend the tip wings.

How to do a cat eye with tools

With a cream liner

– Cream liner is better than gel liner because of there wetter nature.
– Apply close to lash line for a smoky look.

With an eye crayon

– You can give a ring around the whole eye and soften the look with a cotton bud for sexy cat eyes.
– Pickup color from the crayon tip to create an even color distribution with eye crayon.

With an eyeliner pencil
– To get a cat-eye with this beauty basic, eyeliner pencil is the best option.
– Keep the line as close to the lashes for attractive eye design.

How to get cat eyes naturally

– Gently pull lid upward, and apply jet-black
waterproof pencil on the inner rim of your
lower lash line.
– Apply the same pencil (close your eyes) above the upper lash line.
– Try to make an angle(using an angle brush).
– For stay-put look, layer the liquid liner
over a pencil.
Reason: the liquid locks down the first
layer of color.
– Full fill evenly spaced dashes over the pencil line near eyes.

Create a winged-out edge

– Close your eyes, trace a finger
along your upper lid moving outward.
– Find bony part near the eye and make a dot on the same point.
– Start from that marked point to a liquid-liner pen(thickening the line).

At last, apply cream-colored
liquid shadow, just above the crease line and
inner corner.

How to do a cat eye for Beginners

Beginners cat eye
Beginners cat eye

Find the Right Angle

Take your business card or a piece of tape will work too and align the edge with the bottom corner of your upper lash line. Make sure you’re holding the card at an angle so the wing is going almost directly upward and not facing down.

Start Lining

Using the eyeliner of your choice, draw a line along the edge of the card or tape. The line should start in a continuation of your last lash, going up and out toward the outer edge of your eyebrow.

Focus on the inner and outer corner

Complete the top lash line to your inner corner, staying as close to the lash line as possible. Do the same with your bottom lash line. Then fill the area between the top line and bottom line at the outer corners with liner.

Check your eyes shape 

Before making the cat’s eye find your eye shape so, that you will know how much to build out the wing.

Smokey cat eye makeup

Now the trends of eye makeup tips reach to next level of the smoky eye. Actress of Bollywood and Hollywood also love to follow smoky cat eyes.
The short and perfect way to get Smokey Cat Eye Makeup

how to make smoky eye
how to make a smoky eye

1. Wash your face and rinse it with a clean towel.
2. Then use an eyebrow pencil to high light brows.
3. Clean the upper skin of eyes after closing, with dry cotton.
4. stand in front of the mirror.
5. Highlight lashes with a pencil.
6. After doing that take a brush and make it bold.
7. Apply the same process for lower eyelashes.
8. Make an angle according to your eye shape.
9. At last color, your eye leads.

See your self in mirror Now, this eye look is known as Smoky eye look.

Cat eye makeup tips

– Use cat eye stamp or card
– Scotch Tape gives perfection so don’t miss the use of it.
– After eye makeup, give finishing with a soft brush.
– To make an angel, use Winged Liner Stencil (look like like a guitar pick).
– Start eye makeup with fallowing Dotted-Line Technique.


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