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October 16, 2021 - Hair Styles

Curly hair: Type, Product and Care

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Curly hair, For both genders (men & women), is like a compliment when someone says “you look pretty with curly hair, I wish I had curly hair”. But for maintenance, they don’t know how difficult than it looks.

If you have curly hair or you are planning to make your straight hair curly, then you are at right topic which help you to get the best idea and tricks.

Care for hair shows care of health. Without protecting curly hair you can’t look beautiful, protect them from dust.

Curly Hair Type

  • Wavy Hair
  • Curly Hair 
  • Kinky Hair

Curly hair has a lot of segments and hair depends upon the cells and DNA of parents. It differs from country to country, to understand this Compare the people who belong to Nigeria and American person curly hair.

(Wavy Hair)Type 1

Wavy hair Is lies in between the straight and wavy hair. Sometimes, more than wavy hair, however not exactly straight hair. The further down the wavy range you go the less sheen the hair will give. Wavy hair is regularly increasingly inclined to frizz.

Wavy Hair (It is also a type of curly hair)


– Wavy hair is the initial stage of curly hair.
– It lies in between straight and curly hair.

(Curly Hair)Type 2

Curly hair is the most common type of hair when you apply too much product it gives you more difficult to arrange it. Always try to use a comb for such hair type. But it is perfect because every time it looks awesome and needed less maintenance.

Curly Hair (In this hair type every hair looks like spring)

curly hair
curly hair

(Kinky Hair)Type 3

It is a coiled hairstyle having curls continuously without a gap, it needs moisture regularly. The hand is the best comb for this because due to there continuous coiled shape it is hard to maintain.
Use creamy, sulfate free, moisturizing cleanser and hydrating conditioner(natural oil is best for such hair type).

Kinky Hair (Maximum curl of hair comes in this stage)

Curly Hair Care: Doctor of hair salon at your home

Curly hair care is not too difficult, Start to comb your hair bottom up, regular trim, avoid to use a comb in wet hair, use a natural oil (10 to 20 minutes) before hair wash, don’t use a curler, if you want to die your hair then consult with beauty advise.

hair doctor
hair doctor

1. Pre-Shampoo Treatment for Curly Hair.
2. Skip doing regular shampoo.
3. Select specialized shampoo for curly hair.
4. Avoid rubbing, scrubbing, swirling or piling your hair on top.
5. Use hot water for hair wash.
6. Use deep hair conditioner.
7. Avoid using scratchy towels for drying hair and from protecting Frizz-Free Locks.
8. Comb carefully, don’t do extra effort to untie hair without using moisturizer.

Curly Hair: Protection of hair health

Protection of curly hair can be done by using shower during a bath, take cleanser on palm and then massage on the scalp, don’t rub your hair, avoid Sulfates, Silicones, and Parabens shampoo, purchase your hair product on the advice of doctor or beautician.

If you have a power of beauty that means you have a great responsibility to maintain it.  You can’t feel happy due to hair health without knowing the curly hair protection tips.

i) Protect your hair from dust.

ii) Avoid regular shampoo use.

iii) Before wearing a helmet on the bike, cover hair with soft cloths or chef cap.

iv) Use conditioner on the advice of an expert.

v) Wash hair gently.

Curly Hair Extensions

extension of curly hair
extension of curly hair
  • Extension of hair is not necessary but if you want to do it that means you want cute change in your look.
  • Growing hair takes a lot of time, for an instant look you can use it.
  • Clipping Extended curly hair with original hair makes your feeling awesome.

How can you use Hair extension?

” My regular clients are very confused what to do what not to do?” Some of them are not comfortable with their current length and thickness of hair.

I suggested them regular and perfect trend for hair extension. For maximizing your look Clip in extensions is best, until you wait for hair growth.

Curly hair: Protection

Curly hair protection
Curly hair protection

1. Shampoo Your Hair:

i) Curly hair is dryer than regular hair, So use Intense repair shampoo.
ii) Use Strengthening conditioner for damaged hair.

Limitation: Don’t shampoo your hair more than twice a week. Because curly hair is very prone to tangles, so use brush carefully.

2. Selection of product:

i) Select conditioner after reading product labels. Avoid silicone-based ingredients.
ii)After conditioning your hair if it feels spongy or mushy the abuse brush gently.

3. Hair feels dry or damaged:

i) Apply conditioner to your hair before getting a shower, wash with warm water to preserve moisturizer of conditioner.
ii) Required deeper conditioning treatment.

4. Use a cotton towel to wash hair after the bath.

5. Comb hair after using a blow dry.

6. Flat ironing is not required in case of curly hair but if you want to do then set heating level on low setup.

7. Anti-frizz serum

i) For smoother and silky hair use anti-frizz serum with argan oil.
ii) A dime-sized portion of frizz serum according to need.

Curly Hair Benefit

Benefit of curly hair
Benefit of curly hair

The benefit of curly hair is not hidden from anyone. Check out the benefits:-

1. Bed Hair:  Is Easy To Achieve

After going to bed if you have wet hair, early morning your hair look wild, crazy, yet super cool curls. Which increase the funky beauty look, by natural bed hair.

2. Dirty Hair: Difficult to judge by anyone

Dirty hair basically decreases the attraction of face beauty. But if you have curly hair then it is difficult to distinguish whether it is dirty or clean.

3. Curling Iron: Don’t Have To Mess

Don’t need to curl your hair with Curling iron. Naturally, you have curly hair so try to care it with the right information.

4. Hot Rollers are not required with curly hair.

5. Blow Dryer: Not required for curly hair.

6. Naturally arranged

Every time your hair look curl and attractive.
7.  Damaging Your Hair

Difficult to find the damaged hair, because it stuck with the hair itself.
8. Less time for Getting Ready.

With silky hair, you can do any experiment but on curly hair limited experiment can be performed. So, it required less time to maintain.
9. Curly hair: Short, Medium, & Long Lengths

It looks good in every size because such hair not needed extra care.

Curly hair is better than straight hair: Why and how?

Silky hair: Type of hair in which generally hairs are straight and smooth.

i)  Required oil massage.

ii) Need to dry after wash.

iii) Hair trapped with one another.

iv) Need hot roller to curl your hair

V) If hairs are disarranged it doesn’t give cool look.

Curly hair: Type of hairstyle in which hair seems disarranged and curl.

i) Oil not required.

ii) Hair looks good & give natural look.

iii) Curler or hot rollers are not required.

iv) Easy to arrange with hands.

v) Curly hair gives dense look.

Curly Hair Best Product:

pureGLO ( Wooden wide tooth comb)


Wooden wide tooth comb
Wooden wide tooth comb

Price: $12.99 (range $ 11 to 13)
– Made by natural wood.
– Best and easy to hold.

Savina (Wide tooth comb)


multi hair comb
multi hair comb


price: $9.95 (range $ 9 to 10)
– Made by 100% organic sandalwood & buffalo.
– NO STATIC, NO SNAGS, NO TANGLE: Easy to detangle and prevents hair.

Swissco Tortoise Wet Comb Wide Tooth

swissco comb
swissco comb

Price: $11.99 (range $ 11 to 12.57)
– Ensure you the finest quality.
– Smooth
– Made in India


Garnier Hair Care Whole Blends Leave


Price: $10.39 (range $ 10 to 11.75)
– Paraben-free formula.
– Argon, coconut oil, and cocoa butter.

Shea Moisture


for curly hairShea moisture
for curly hairShea moisture

price: $20.99 (range $ 19 to 21)
– No Phthalates.
– No Paraffin.
– The absence of Propylene glycol.
– No Mineral oil.
– No Synthetic Fragrance.



Argon oil for curly hair
Argon oil for curly hair

Price: $11.99 (range $ 11 to 12.57)
– Color safe.
– Balanced Ph value.
– Used for all hair type.


Nexxus Therappe Shampoo

Price: $22.78 (range $21 to 23)
– Water.
– Glycol distearate.
– Sodium chloride.
– Polquaternium-10.
– Hydrolyzed roe.

Nexxus City Shield Shampoo

Nexxus City Shield Shampoo
Nexxus City Shield Shampoo

Price: $38.99 (range $37 to 40)
– Anti-frizz shampoo.
– Enriched with Wheat Protein.
– Shield hair from urban aggressors.
– Silicone and colorant free formula.

Perfect Curls Shampoo


Perfect Curls Shampoo
Perfect Curls Shampoo

Price: $25.00 (range $20 to 47)
– Instantly enhance natural curl.
– Infused with herbal blend.
– PRO-vitamin B5 promotes scalp health .

 Some of the remedies are as follows :

Mayonnaise : Well it has all the benefits of eggs which makes your curly hairs look healthy and shiny . Using it makes your hair bouncy  and strong .  Apply mayonnaise on your hair and cover it with shower cap for half an hour and then wash it . If you use it thrice a week then it will soften your hairs and moisten your scalp too .

Avocado : Avocado has properties which smooth your curl texture . It also helps in reducing the frizziness  from your curly hairs . Blend a ripe avocado with honey properly , then gently apply the paste on your hairs . Then rinse it off with cold water to the soft and healthy texture of your hairs .

Hibiscus : Hibiscus flowers work as natural conditioners for curly hairs . Blend hibiscus flowers into a paste then apply on your hairs . Wash it with cold water after 30 minutes , it will give a full conditioner  and bouncy look on your curly hairs . 

Aloe-vera : Aloe-vera  gel works to make your hair silky and healthy . It  has properties which give benefits to your curly hair . Blend aloe-vera gel  properly then apply on your scalps and hairs for 30 minutes . Then rinse it off with cold water daily will give an immense look on your hairs . 

Rice Water : Rice water has proteins which makes your curly hairs look healthy and keratin treatment look . Soak rice into water overnight , then wash your hair with it . It will give a healthy , bouncy , shiny and keratin treatment  look .Using daily will give a great effect on your hairs.

Hot Oil Massage : Well oil massage helps in hair growth and makes it look healthy . Oil massage  has several benefits which maintain your curly hair . Try to do an oil massage at night and wash it with shampoo in the morning . By doing this the oil is observed well in your scalp which makes your hairs look soft and healthy . Do this remedy twice a week for better results .

Hair Styling Tips For Curly Hairs :

Voluminous Pony : After washing your hair  let it dry , after that comb your hair and give it a voluminous look , firstly collect all your hair at your back and make it high pony . Tied it with a rubber band  , at last it gives an immense voluminous look .

Messy Bun : Comb your frizzy curly  hair and make a pony of it . Later round it off to make a perfect messy look . Then tied it with a rubber band to give the look of a messy bun.

Loose Long Curls : Girls if you have long curly hair , then leave it open which gives a perfect loose long curls and it  will look amazing  on you . 

Braids : Well, girls you just need to comb your hair and  make braids on it as it will volumize your hair and look perfect. And it also helps in hair growth .

Conclusion :

Well girls there are various ways to maintain your curly hair with natural remedies . Rather than using several treatments and chemicals opt for natural products to make your hairs flaunt happily . I hope these natural remedies and tips will help you maintain your curly hairs.

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