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November 25, 2021 - MakeUp

Gorgeous life changing eye makeup tips & tutorial for beginner

Before knowing the beauty tutorial for eye makeup. Do you have any idea about which parts of the eyes are present for makeup? How can you give a natural and beautiful look? Everyone is decorating her/his eyes but some of them look pretty.

Eye makeup is not an easy task, because eyes have a lot of small spots for makeup. You can’t avoid caring about that part. Some part of the eyes which is important for beauty tips.

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  1. Eye Brow bone/ Highlight: For this part of the eyebrow can be brows to pop, while opening your eyes when it gives you a shine. You can pencil directly under the brow.
  1. Crease: The place Between your brow bone and eyelid is known as Crease. A darker shade of eyeshadow, right along with your eye socket, gives dimension to your eye. Hence eyes look beautiful and attractive.
  1. Lid: Eyeliner helps to shades of eyeshadow go on the part of your eyelids. Lids are not same for everyone.
  1. Upper lash line : The begin of eyelashes Right along and above the edges of your upper eyelid is known as Upper lash line .
  1. Outer v : The outermost corner of the eye where eyeliner ends.
  1. Waterline : Waterline is place of eye where the mascara applied. Generally orange or reddish in color
  1. Lower lashline : Place just below the eyelids is known as Lower lash line.
  1. Tear Duct: From the end side  the eyes starting is known as Tear Duct.

You can use mascara in all the places of eyes discuss above. Mascara gives a pretty look and beautiful eyeshine.

Techniques to maintain the beauty of eyes  

Eyeliner may or may not be important for you but it is a basic step of doing eye makeup. You can easily work on your eyes, emphasize them and fill in any sparse-looking lashes.

Quick look techniques for a Gorgeous life-changing eye makeup tips:

  1. Apply a primer on them before using check your eyelids are clean.
  2. Make a dotted line from the outer to the inwards corner and then connect in with a brush. As a result, eyelashes look denser.
  3. The tip of your liner is thin to get a perfect shape.
  4. Use a liquid liner- start from the lash line at the pupil and move towards the corners.
  5. Use pencil liner to get a smoky eye.
  6. Apply brown mascara for a more elegant look.

Mascara makeup tips & tutorial:

It is also used as a game-changer for the eyes. After using mascara completely transforms your eyes and gives a WOW!! look.

  1. Start to apply mascara from the roots of your lashes and to the tips.
  2. Wait 10 sec, after applying one coat of mascara and, reuse it again.
  3. After using mascara use eyelash curler to look different.
  4. Use cotton to remove mascara.
  5. Apply your mascara, horizontally for thicker lashes and vertically more natural look.
  6. Stop pumping the wand while pulling it out for  your mascara last longer.

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Eyeshadow Tips changing eye makeup:

It helps to give dimension and edges eye look.

  1. Use good quality products and brushes.
  2. Use good primer.
  3. Dark shade of eyeshadow for the bottom area of your eye.

Gorgeous Eyebrow Tips:

Eyebrow color gives a cute look like a baby doll, but it depends upon your applying pattern. Some steps which help you to get a good look.

  1. Select hair color according to your eyebrow.
  2. Try to give a natural look.
  3. Use subtle highlighter right beneath the brow.
  4. If eyebrow are not under control then use eyebrow gel.
  5. Use an angled stiff brush.

Tips For beginners to get Gorgeous life-changing eye makeup.

  1. Eyes are dry when you are applying any mascara or eyeliner.
  2. In first finish your eye makeup then process with base.
  3. For  brighter and youthful eyes create inner corner of the eyes with a light color.
  4. Keep lip stable doing eye makeup.
  5. If you want instantly curl then blow-dryer on your curler (not too hot).
  6. Remove eyeliner with cotton cloth.
  7. At sleeping time avoid makeup or wash your eyes.
  8. Don’t use dissimilar brands.
  9. Avoid to use others makeup items.

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Basic Eye Makeup products that Every Girl Must Know

Every lady and girl desires to look pretty compared to other ones. Every woman loves to do makeup to look beautiful. So, all makeup lovers! In this article, our aim is to tell you about some Basic Eye Makeup products which are essential when you are going to parties, tour trips, or wherever outside. Let’s know about all these products.

1. Eye primer 

Eye primer is one of the cosmetic products which enhance many parts of your beauty including your eyes, face, lashes, and lips. It is used to create a smooth surface in the makeup. It improves your skin texture, manages oily skin, and helps to prevent creasing.

2. Eye shadow palette 

Eye shadow is an essential product for eye makeup. You can use neutral shades to get an easy eye makeup look. Eye shadow helps to give depth and dimension,  make it larger and give attraction to the eyes. Eye shadow is available in many different colors and textures.

3. Eye makeup brushes 

If you want Perfect eye makeup then it is not possible without makeup brushes. Brushes provide a huge difference when blending and applying makeup. By using brushes give a smoother and full coverage to your eye makeup.

4. Eyeliner 

Eyeliner is one such product that is Being used daily by every girl and woman. Just using eyeliner is enough to enhance or change the shape of your eyes. You can use eyeliner above upper lashes or below lower lashes or both. It is easy to use and gives you an attractive look.

5. Eyelash curler

Undoubtedly, eyelash curlers work wonders to give you instant results. It creates an illusion to make your eyes bigger and brighter. so, add this amazing product to your makeup list. It is enough to make your lashes look more lifted and more curled.

6. Eyebrow pencil

Eyebrow pencil is the most important part of your makeup. Without eyebrows, you can’t get perfect eye makeup. Using an eyebrow pencil, you get a highlighter and natural finish on your face. eyebrow pencil used to fill in and define the eyebrows.

7. Black kajal

Black kajal is widely used by every girl and woman. A kajal is one of the makeup products that every girl and woman likes to buy first. A single swipe of a  kajal is enough to contour and darken the eyelids. It is easy to apply and this brightens up the eyes. 


These tips are a very useful thing because every step is performed. There is no side effect of these processes. You can get a quick eye makeup no matter you are a beginner or experienced.

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