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November 16, 2021 - Nails Care

18 Best Trending Nail Paints Color for Women

Nail paint trend depends upon you, which means which type of cloth you are wearing, according to that, select your color of nail paint. It is necessary like other cosmetic items, because of their attraction and eye-catching ability. In summers we always prefer more vibrant shades, with a bright shine. Talking about the most loved winter season, generally, it is festival time girls and women usually wear ornament so they color their nail with matching paint like golden or silver color.

Nail color may be damage your nail so use good quality nail paints. If you are a fashion freak then this article is best for you to make yourself updated according to time. Nail color gives you a look that makes you different from the mass. You can also use nail art on that color for their decoration and attractive look. It is very easy to use, but now you have to see the content below for your good selection of colors.

Providing top 18 nail colors which makes you different than others

1. Light Gold

Golden colors are very attractive and the shine which comes from that is eye-catching. you can use that color when you are wearing a golden bangle or it also matches with a golden color necklace. It provides a glamorous look.

2. Oxblood

This year, oxblood is the most liked nail color. This shows the cool and trendy look, it basically shows the drama of vamp-like nature. Romantic color or newly married couples use such type of nail color.

3. Ruby

It is an all-time favorite for girls/women, this is a very decent and pure color which helps to give lovely look. It is also used in day-to-day or daily routines.

4. Gunmetal Grey

You can try according to your need and time, but in summer grey colors are very attractive. When grey comes in amazing gunmetal color you can’t hold yourself to use it. It provides a cool look, which looks extremely graceful. you can use it no matter where you are at work or at a party.

5. Plum

Plum is the most used color, it is used by professional or office-going girls and women. It is comfortably fitted with the regal theme. But your nail color is matched with lipstick for a party wear look.

6. Green

It is an amazing color fit for every occasion. This gives a cool look and shoes the jolly nature. If you use this color with a combination of glitter or metallic color. This is color is used by maximum people.

7. Vermilion

Vermilion is the best choice if you like bright, popping colors. It is also used in everyday life, doing homework like cooking. it also look different when you wear an orange cream or orange color dress.

8. Midnight blue

This color is the replacement of black, when sunlight falls on that it looks blue, from distance it looks similar to black. you can apply that when you are wearing a white or light color dress. This gives mysterious look to your hand.

9. Taupe

It is a perfect and balanced color combination between dark and light. This color is generally used when you are going to a day party and wearing a dark color dress. not eye-catching color but provides you with a decent look.

10. Black

Black color is totally different color, you can’t always put it on your nails. This color is not usually used with every dress so, select dress according to the nail color. Nail color does not always give you better look because its good impact always depends on you which type of dress you are wearing. Avoid low-quality nail paints because they may damage your nail. Use thinner to remove nail color don’t try to remove the color from teeth or sharp edges tool.

11. Almond brown nail paint

The almond brown nail paint is a new trend color for every girl or woman. It really looks wonderful on your nails. Almond brown nail paint is recently added to the beauty fashion list and is getting popular around the world. The color is a perfect match for your nail to give you a soft, bold, and adventurous shade. It works well to give a whole new dimension to your looks and also complement your personality.

12. Burgundy Nail Paint

Burgundy nail paint has been one of the most beautiful nail colors for many years. The nail paint has a unique shade that lights up your fingers and helps to remove dust from the nails. This shade is very attractive and you can be paired with practically every single outfit and looks smart and chic. wear this nail paint you rock the fashion charts this winter.

13. Berry

If you do not like the burgundy shade, then you can try berry nail paint at this place, which is similar to burgundy but is peppier and more vibrant. Berry has a variety of shades, you can try to choose another shade that is a little less on the bright side. You can try it according to your need but at a wedding celebration, it looks beautiful and attractive.

14. Soft pink

It is an all-time favorite of most young girls and women. Pink nail paints usually have decent and pure shade to give you a beautiful look. It is available from light to medium to darker pinks shade. You can choose any shade according to your personal taste. when you don’t have enough time to figure out what to wear, then you can try pinks, it is always safe and gives you a glossy or matte finish on your fingers.

15. Classic Red

Red nail paint is also known as the bridal color that is always going to be in trend. Red is a classic and timeless choice for every girl and woman. It is only one color, which is used by most people many years ago. Red is the most visible or striking color, to make you as beautiful as you except to it. Red is such a full demanding color that gives you a sexy and glamorous look. This type of nail color is used by newly married couples and it is a brilliant way to show off your hands. 

16.Matte Deep Maroon

This shade works wonders to complete your personality. The deep maroon color is one of them enough to look freaking fabulous and is highly attractive for every woman of any age group. It is one of the trendy and stylish nail paint shades. Maroon nail paint helps to give a lovely and matte finish look to your fingers.

17. Magnificent Purple Nail Paint 

Magnificent Purple Nail Paint is the most lovely color which gives an attractive look to show off your hands. Without any doubt, you can use such type of nail paint for every occasion. you can wear purple nail color with a black outfit to look amazing.

18. Lavender 

Lavender is a much-loved color of many women. These are the most stylish and popping nail paint shades. Such type of nail paint  Provides an extra glossy finish. on well-shaped nails, it looks even more amazing. It is used by professional or office-going girls and women.

Nail colors are very important to provide you a good look according to era.  Nail color does not provide you a look but they also protect it from dust.

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