Remove Acrylic Nails At Home
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Remove Acrylic Nails At Home Using 3 Different Method

Nail art is one of the latest fashion tricks to make you look best. Acrylic nails are part of this. Using artificial or acrylic nails is now common and beautiful very beautiful hence everyone uses it. But, the removal of acrylic nails at home may irritate you.

The task is challenging but we make it easy for you. In the article, we have added three methods of removing acrylic nails at home. All ingredients or product utilized in the removal of the artificial nail is available at your place. So, keep reading the article to know more details.

acrylic nail


Different Method to Remove Acrylic Nails At Home

In the 3 methods of removing acrylic nail, we are using three different products that are acetone, dental floss, and laminated business card.  Now, we explain each method-

Remove acrylic nails with Acetone

Acetone is nail paint removal that is available easily at home. Removal of the acrylic nail with acetone includes certain steps. Read them properly to get 100% result-

nail clipper

  • Use a nail clipper to cut your nails: With the help of a nail clipper cut the acrylic nail carefully. When the nails are too hard, it takes time to cut off. If you are using a nail clipper then carefully cut the acrylic nails. Cut the nail clipper properly under the nails. Press the nail clipper under the nails thoroughly and cut the acrylic nails so that the nail clipper does not stick to the skin of your nails. Otherwise, it will also cut off your finger skin.
  • File the top coat off of the nails: Use a good nail buffer and carefully buffer your acrylic nails. Do not buffer your acrylic nails too hard, otherwise, it will spoil your natural nails.acetone into bowl
  • Pour the acetone into the bowl: To use acetone, you take a small bowl and put a little acetone in it. You add as much acetone to the bowl as all your fingers can drown.

Acrylic nail

  • Use petroleum jelly to the skin surrounding your nails: Now apply petroleum jelly around your fingers. Applying petroleum jelly will not spoil the skin of your fingers. Therefore, you must apply petroleum jelly around the fingers of your hands.

silver foil

  • Apply the acetone to your nails: Now soak the cotton in acetone and apply the cotton on your fingers. After flipping the cotton on your finger, cut an aluminum foil and apply it to each finger. After wrapping the aluminum foil, leave your finger for 30 minutes. If you do not have aluminum foil, you can also use plastic tape. After 30 minutes are over, you can remove cotton and aluminum foils with your fingers.
  • Scrap off the leftover acrylic with the nail buffer: With the help of a nail buffer, you buffer your nails well. If you want to harden your nails again, then you again dipped the cotton in acetone and apply it on all your fingers. This will make your nails hard again.

Scrap off the leftover acrylic with the nail buffer

  • Shape your natural nails: To protect your nails from damage, only shape well in one direction.
  • Restore the moisture of your hand: If your hands become dry after applying acetone, then use a body lotion, olive oil or moisturizing cream. This will not dry your hands.

Remove acrylic nail with dental floss

Now, the second method you use a string of dental floss to remove acrylic nails. You can understand the steps of this method very easily.

dental floss

  • Removing acrylic nails with dental floss: In this method, you will use dental floss to remove the acrylic nails. A person will need seconds to hold the dental floss. A second person will gently rub both sides of the dental floss. By doing this, the acrylic nail will easily separate from the natural nails.

cuticle stick

  • Pry up the bottom edge of an acrylic nail: Now, with the help of a cuticle stick, lift the acrylic nails upwards. You lift the acrylic nails only after gently putting the crooked stick under the acrylic nail.
  • Have your partner slide dental floss under the edge: Speak to the person who is helping you, put that dental floss under the acrylic nails and shake it slowly from top to bottom. By doing this, acrylic nails will come out slowly.
  • Now, Shape your nails with the help of buff: Now give your nails a good shape. If you do not shape your natural nails, they will break. If you do not give a good shape to your nails, it will not look beautiful at all.
  • Use olive oil. body oil and moisturizer cream: After giving buff and shape, you should definitely apply body oil, olive oil or moisturizing cream on your hands. By doing this your hands will not feel dry.

Acrylic nail removal with Business Laminated Card:

If you are not satisfied with the first and second method, then you can use the third method. In this method, you can use a business laminated card to remove acrylic nails. But using this method can also destroy or break your natural nails.

Some important tips and precautions if you remove acrylic nails:

  • If you are removing your acrylic nails, do not rub your nails too much while using any method. Doing this can also damage your natural nails.
  • Whenever you use acrylic nails, use good brand acrylic nails. If you do not use good brand acrylic nails, then your natural nails can also deteriorate.
  • After using acetone, you should definitely apply olive oil, body oil, or moisturiser cream on your hands. By doing this, your hands will not be dry.
  • Make sure that you apply acrylic nails only once a week. Otherwise, your natural nails will damage.
  •  You use any method to remove acrylic nails, then read and understand its steps.
  • Whenever you use a string of dental floss to remove acrylic nails, read well about the method of using it. And put this dental floss under your acrylic nails and shake it slowly. By doing this, acrylic nails will come out easily.


There are three different methods of removing acrylic nail at home with the help of which you can easily remove the acrylic nail. But you have to read the steps of its different methods very carefully. Do not hurry to remove your acrylic nails, otherwise, it can damage your natural nails.

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