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Dandruff Home Remedies Cure and Control

Are you suffering from Dandruff? Is dandruff appears on your cloth & in nails while itching head skull, or hair? If Yes, then definitely you are inviting hail loss and pimples.

Dandruff is a common tegument(skull of the head) disorder which can be very irritating. It occurs due to bacterial & fungus growth along with dead skin cells. Because of that, you may suffer from itchiness and infection.  You can understand all about dandruff cure and control. 

The reason for dandruff

Causes Reasons
Fungal infection Dirty hair is the main reason for fungal infection(Malassezia), occurred by dust.
Dry scalp Due to excessive heat or cold skin cells are dies and causes dandruff. So always try to use oil on regular basis.
Diet Balance diet gives nutrition for hair, and dead cell ratio decreases due to that.  
Hygiene Unbalanced diet gives unhygienic response for health which causes dandruff.
Stress Stress increases the flow of blood circulation and that blood circulation causes dandruff.

Dandruff is distinguished by small white flakes falling from the scalp. The small number of dead skin cells flake off your scalp is normal. But many people suffering from a large amount of flaking and that is considered as a problem.

You have seen some people’s shoulder is covered with tiny white snowflakes, that means they are suffering from dandruff.

The Myth about dandruff:

Many people blame that dry skin, oily skin, diet, hygiene and stress as causes of dandruff but according to scientific research, it is proved that dandruff is actually caused by fungal infection.

The natural best solution for cure and control dandruff

Natural care for dandruff is the best home remedies because of the ratio their side effects are very less than medicinal treatments.

Don’t ignore Dandruff because it leads to pimples.

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1. Green tea treatment for dandruff

green tea for dandruff solution
green tea for dandruff solution

Required Things:

Green Tea

peppermint oil

White Vinegar

How you can use:

  1. Make a cup of Green Tea and mix 2-3 drops peppermint essential oil.
  2. Mix 1 teaspoon of white vinegar, wait to cold
  3. 1st rinse your hair with water and then apply Green Tea mixture
  4. Massage properly for 5-7 minutes, after that wash it.

Importance of Doing green tea treatment 

Green tea and Peppermint oil mixture work as an antioxidant, contain antimicrobial properties that can help promote scalp health. Because of that, you can get dandruff free hair.

Best time to apply it

You can apply green tea just before bath no matter it is evening or morning time.

2. Control dandruff with neem leaf

neem leaves protect from dandruff
neem leaves protect from dandruff

Required Things:

Only Neem leaf

& Water

How you can use:

  1. Take 2 handfuls of neem leaf and boil them in 4-6 cups of water. Wait to cold
  2. After Neem leaf water cooling, strain the water and apply to rinse your hair.
  3. Leave it for 1 hour and wash it with the sulphate-free shampoo.

Importance of Doing Neem leaf treatment 

It helps to reduce in itching problem due to dandruff, and also reduce dandruff-causing fungus.

Best time to apply it

You can apply 1 hour before taking bath but it is very effective when you leave it overnight and wash in the morning.

3. Shampoo well

regular use of shampoo reduce dandruff
regular use of shampoo reduce dandruff

i) Use Sulphate free shampoo   (Zinc Pyrithione)

ii) Leave that shampoo for 1-2 min in hair

iii) Rinse it carefully until the stickiness of shampoo not removed.

iv) Clean your hair with a towel or use the dryer.

v) If you have long hair then try to wash it in alternate days.

Importance of Doing shampoo well

The shampoo contains Zinc Pyrithione which prevent from dandruff and itching occurred due to dandruff. Due to anti-fungal ketoconazole, it reduces the skull dead cells.

Best time to apply it

There is no time restriction for doing hair shampoo wash. But try to at least 1-time hair wash in 2 days(48 hr.) if you have long hair. If you have small hair the try to use shampoo in 24 hours.

4. Try the aspirin treatment

aspirin tablets help to reduce dandruff
aspirin tablets help to reduce dandruff

Required Things:

2 tablets of Aspirin

How you can use:

i) Crush 2 aspirin tablet in powder.

ii) Put that powder into a bowl

iii) Mix regular shampoo with powdered aspirin.

iv) put that mixture on hair for 2 minutes and rinse with normal water.

Best time to apply it

You can apply it to daily bath routine, timing is not important.

Importance of Doing Aspirin treatment

It contains Salicylates that help to reduce dandruff.

These 4 are the best way of reducing dandruff, but you want some more solutions.

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Conclusion :

These all are the best way to reduce dandruff without any side effects. But always remember don’t change you shampoo day by day. Use same brand shampoo. If you are suffering from pimple in head, it may be occur due to darndruff. Visit to nearest Doctor clinic and take regular treatment suggested by him.

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