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Quick beauty tips for makeup in 10 minutes

Let’s face it, any people generally say that girls take more time in makeup. Is it true? If not why they are creating a myth about it. Somewhere you are the reason for that comment. Quick beauty tips for makeup in 10 minutes is really best and implemented by many girls and women. In 100, 70 girls/women are satisfied through it.

Generally, makeup doesn’t require a lot of time but to hide a pimple or dark circles you are making an extra effort.

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To remove dark circle through Natural treatment: Short tricks

Short tricks:

Quick makeup tricks
Quick makeup tricks

Step 1:
Start with a clean fresh face
This cleaning process is required to remove old makeup of face and help to moisturize your face.
Step 2:
Use concealer
Select matching concealer, the shade lighter than your skin. Apply in on any blemishes and under your eyes to hide dark circles. Rub it on the face with your finger or with any makeup sponge.
Step 3:

use of foundation
use of foundation

Use of foundation
Select foundation according to your skin tone. Don’t try lighter or darker foundation, because it never looks good. Apply it on your face and rub with a sponge.
Step 4:
Use a large makeup brush to apply a bronzer.
Larger brush equally spread the applied foundation and creams.
Step: 5
Apply a pink blush with makeup brush on your cheek to get natural beauty.
Step 6:
Apply a liquid liner to the top of your lashes to give him shine and brighter look.
Step 7:
After applying

liquid liner uses
liquid liner uses            image source: herstylecode.com

take an eyelash curler and curl your lashes.
Step 8:

Black waterproof mascara
Apply waterproof mascara on layers to the top and bottom lashes.
Step 9:
You may apply brow gel or clear mascara to brush your brows into place.
Step 10:
Apply shade lip balm/chip stick to maintain the natural color of lips and shine.

Top 8 points in 10 minutes:

1. FOUNDATION: Apply foundation(After moisturizer and sunscreen)which you have used before.
2. CONCEALER: Use the brush and gently apply under eyes.
3. EYESHADOW– BASE: Select eyeshadow darker than your complexion.
4. EYESHADOW – HIGHLIGHT: Apply on the inner corner of an eye, from the middle of the lid.
5. EYELINER: Use pencil eyeliner for makeup.
6. BROW PENCIL: That is important because it matches with hair color and gives an attractive look.
7. MASCARA: For bold lashes use mascara multiple coats.
8. SETTING POWDER: At last use setting powder, especially on the T-zone(oily skin area) to maintain your makeup for a long time.


These makeup tricks are performed in any climate(Summer/Winter). You don’t have time doesn’t mean you can’t do makeup, above tips of this article is very helpful for 10 minutes beauty tricks.
All though one thing is clear that natural beauty can’t be obtained in one day. To maintain natural beauty you have to work at least 5 min a day before going to bed. Foods also play an important role in obtaining natural beauty.


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