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Types Of Braids For Women Brings The Best Look of You

“Long Night and my eyeliner are smeared, Thank you, God at least my Braids are intact.”

Yes, a girl will always be conscious of her looks. Whether it is her dress, makeup or hairstyle. They always want to be fashionably up to date and carry out themself gorgeously.

When talking about how to make a girl looks good? Only dress and makeup don’t help you all, but a smart, stylish and elegant hairstyle will make it complete.

Nowadays, braids are coming up as a new fashion trend. And when talking about braids, it’s not only limits to simple 3 strand braid, but have multiple types of braids for women.

Here we are supposed to tell you the list of Types of Braids for women with the following steps to help you to make yourself stunning

Best braids hairstyles for Women

A girl can tie her hair in many different ways. We combine all together writing the best types of braids for women.

1. French Braids

French types of braids

Its the perfect hair braid which everyone can carry with. It suits you in your school dress or even in your office outfit. It looks quite fussy to do, but once you are able to do this, your hands run over this style within some minutes. So we are including this in our list of best braids for women.

Steps by Step Guide:

  1. Brush your hairs properly, free from knots.
  2. From the front middle section of your hairs, part it into 3.
  3. 1st step is like a simple braid stitch.
  4. For the second stitch, add some more hairs to the side strands of hairs and continue had after each stitch.
  5. When you reached to the end of your neck and not more side hands are left to add in your strands then simply come down with the simple 3 strand braid on left down hairs. Tie it with a good elastic hairband.

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2. Waterfall Braids

Waterfall Braids for women

This hair-style can’t beet any other. It’s elegant and after it completed it look soo much gracefull over any lady. As the name says, waterfall and it seriously looks like a waterfall on your hair. It perfectly goes to a wedding or over any party.

Step by Step Guide:

  1. Clean up your tangled hair with a soft comb and part your hair one side.
  2. From the partition of the hair collect some bunch of hair and part it in 3 sections.
  3. Strands near to the head are top section, strand in the middle is a middle section and strand near to the ear is a bottom section of the 3 part which you have divided.
  4. The first stitch is like simple 3 strand braiding and leaves the bottom section you are holding.
  5. Pick up little section of hair near grom the middle section now and flip it over the middle one and leave the present bottom section again. It will give a waterfall effect to your hair.
  6. Keep repeating the step of adding a new top section and let the old bottom section leave, till you reach the back of your head.
  7. Before fixing it do some 3-4 extra simple braid and then fit it under your hair with bobby pins, so that it gets to hide from your hairs.

3. Dutch Braids


Dutch Braid

This dutch braid is so cool looking hairstyle. It’s the same as french braid but in reverse of it. The braids it put over your head and give you such a confident look. You can even style up it with a bun.

Step by Step Guide:

  1. Brush your hairs to become knotless.
  2. Part your hairs into 3 sections from the front of your head.
  3. Stitch it by putting side strand under the middle one.
  4. After this step adds more hairs to the side section from leftover hairs and stitches the way like putting your side strands under the middle one.
  5. Continue the same steps till the end tip of your hair and tie-up with a rubber band.

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4. Rope Braid

Rope Braid

Its the easiest braid you would have ever done, but it gives such a stunning appearance to you. If you are in a hurry and want a quick stunning hair braid then this type of braid is perfect for them.

Step by Step Guide:

  1. Brush out your tangle hair and tie up your hair into a high ponytail.
  2. Divide your pony into 2 equal halves.
  3. Twist each part separately till the tip of the hair in a clockwise direction
  4. Then again intertwist these twisted sections with each other in anticlockwise now till end
  5. Fix the end with an elastic rubber band.

5. Fishtail Braids

Fishtail Braids

It’s a fancy hairstyle as well as classy braid types for women at the same time. It suits every age group and even doesn’t matter whether you have heavy hair or a thin volume of hair.

Step by Step Guide:

  1. After untangling your hair, tie up into the lower ponytail.
  2. 2 equal sections of your pony are been divided.
  3. Take a thin part of hair from the left outer section and follow it over the section and add these thin sections to the right strand. Same do from the right section also.
  4. Repeat the step of adding a thin section of hair from the side of the strands each time you are stitching till the end.
  5. Tie up with the band and go with the grace now.
  6. End cut down the rubberband u use for ponytail which will give a finished look.

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6. Upside-Down French Braid Bun

Upside-Down French Braid Bun

Its name only says what type of braid you have to do. It’s the same as dutch or french braids but done from the backside of your head. This type of braiding is done from the nape of your neck and ends up making bun at the top. Its appeal to be soo beautiful.

Step by Step Guide:

  1. Brush out your knotted hairs properly.
  2. The first step is to make your head bend downwards and take all of your hairs to fall in front.
  3. From the nape of the neck divide your hair into three sections. Before this decide which braid you want to have, french or dutch.
  4. If you want to do dutch reverse braid bun then while stitching just remembers put the side strand from under the middle strand.
  5. If you want to do french reverse braid bun then while stitching follows the same steps as the steps while making a French braid.
  6. When you reached to the crown area of your head while doing braiding, tie your all hairs in a ponytail, roll it and turn it to a bun.
  7. Secure the bun with the bobby pins and you are good to go.

7. Milkmaid Braids

Milkmaid Braids

This hairstyle gives you a classy, elegant look, making everyone praise you for once for sure. You can carry this type of braid hairstyle any at any party or wedding ceremony. Though it looks like its a bit harder to make, let me tell you its dam easy to form it with gracefulness.

Step by Step Guide:

  1. Detangled your hair and part your hair into two parts from the head of the hair to the nape of the neck.
  2. Do simple 3 strands braiding to each section.
  3. Pull the hair from the braided section to make it fluffy and increase the width.
  4. Tug out some strands of hair from the front, so that it falls on your face.
  5. Take your one braid across your crown head and pin it up properly, so that it gets fixed to other ends. Then pull another braid to across another side of your head, pin it up like the same way.
  6. Make the placement across which looks like a hairband of natural hairs, and make you feel pretty.


Hope with the end of the blog you are going here with the learning of how to do these types of braids for women and will apply on your self or with your best of course.

Please let us know how are you experience getting these stylish braids on you or your attempt to braids is fail.

Remember whatever you carry, carry it with attitude, and that makes you beautiful for sure.

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