Blake Lively Beauty Tips-Skincare, Haircare & Makeup Tips
February 4, 2020 - Actress beauty trend

Blake Lively Beauty Tips-Skincare, Haircare & Makeup Tips

As we know all about this super talented, positive American actress Blake Lively, who is been landed on the Hollywood field in her teenage only. Not only her acting is amazing, but she herself is so gorgeous by looks.

She is now a beauty influencer for a young generation living in New York. From a red carpet or she is in her home she always looks stunning and beautiful. There must be some reasons or must be some beauty secrets of Blake Lively.

Down below we have let you know what are the secret beauty tips of Blake Lively

Blake Lively Bio

Blake lively is an American actress who is known for her famous role in Gossip Girls. She is born on August 25, 1987, in Los Angeles, California. Blake’s whole family is in show business, they all are an actress. She is the youngest one in her family and has four siblings. Let’s have brief about Blake Lively-

Residence– Lose Angeles, California, U.S.


Height– 153.7(5 ft 0.5 in)

Weight– 63kg

Father– Ernie Lively

Mother– Elaine Lively

Siblings– Robyn Lively, Jason Lively, Eric Lively, Lori Lively

Education-Burbank High School Blake Lively Beauty Tips

She is a talented and beautiful person. To take care of your skin like Blake Lively follow her beauty tips.

Black Lively Beauty Tips

This gorgeous woman to simple treatment keeps its beauty maintained. Following the topic let’s talk about Black lively’s skincare tips.

1. Skincare tips

Black Lively Beauty Tips 

Everyone would say, she must be going to the salon for facial weekly by looking towards her flawless skin, but asking her she said, she doesn’t rely on professional skin maintenance. In Winter, she likes to keep her skin hydrated, while in summer, she goes with a light moisturizer, and doesn’t forget to apply sun protection cream in every season.

2. Haircare tips

Haircare tips

It’s not that she goes for hair treatment in a salon every 6 weeks. Moreover, she likes to wash her hair at home with L’Oréal Paris Elvive Fibralogy shampoo and conditioner and for more care just coconut oil before an hour going for washing hair. Though hair treatment depends on the weather and the place she is traveling.

3. Perfume use

The perfume which she loves to use is “Gucci Première” which has some floral fragrance with some fruity-woody musk smell which makes her feel masculine and feminine both at the same time.

4. Ideal Makeup look

Her ideal makeup look would be a moisturize dewy skin, with well-set mascara on the eye followed up by a neutral eye shadow and glossy nude or light pink lipstick. After this all she is good to go anywhere.

Special tips to look beautiful which she follows are:

  1. Her flawless summer skin all around the year is maintained by applying liquid foundation, balancing it with NARS bronzer’s pink blusher and at the end set the whole makeup with Mally Poreless Face Defender.
  2. When it comes to lips, Blake is too conscious. According to her, when you apply heavy makeup over your eye, then put a light-colored lipstick. Whereas when you light eye makeup, then put a bold or dark color lipstick.
  3. Talking about eye makeup, she belives in blending. It’s necessary to blend your eye color properly, lined up with liner and mascara and fill the eye corner with a pencil making a sharp angle.


People usually think that celebs are always pampering themselves sitting long hours over salon or parlor, but it’s not. Actresses like Blake Lively goes with the natural remedies and look over the skincare product rather than consuming more money on makeup and cosmetics.

It’s just that be natural which makes this lady more charming and attractive from others and make her stand out in the crowd.

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