Hemorrhoids And Piles
May 27, 2021 - Home Remedies

What If At-Home Remedies Treatment Doesn’t Work to Cure Piles?

Are you one of them who thinks home remedies can always cure piles? You may be wrong. Home remedies simply involve easing the symptoms of piles or hemorrhoids. There are different stages of piles; small hemorrhoids or initial stage piles may be used to heal the pain and discomfort. But if the condition becomes severe, at-home remedies do not work and the doctor usually suggests a surgical method to get rid of piles.

The Four Stages of Hemorrhoids
The Four Stages of Hemorrhoids

In the initial stages when the bleeding is less, piles treatment can be managed by home remedies and lifestyle changes which include sitz bath, no junk or unhealthy food, fiber-rich diet, no straining during bowel movements and over-the-counter medications. But remember without doctor’s consultation do not even go for self-medication as it may complicate hemorrhoids.

If the home remedies for piles are not working, you may consider surgery to remove piles. It can be done for internal piles that come out from the anus or external piles that cause symptoms and have not improved with home remedies treatment. While traditional methods are still used, laser piles treatment is becoming a popular and preferred choice for treating piles.

Laser treatment for piles

Piles or hemorrhoids manifest symptoms such as itching, bleeding after passing stool, mucus discharge, soreness, redness and swelling around the anus. Piles are not life-threatening but they are associated with embarrassment and poor quality of life. When left untreated or not treated properly.

In the laser surgery for piles, a laser fiber is passed through the anal opening and laser energy is applied to the mass of hemorrhoids. A controlled emission of the laser causes hemorrhoids to shrink. It is a minimally invasive surgical option with multiple advantages for the patients.

With the laser surgery, the surgeon treats the exact tissues and the surrounding tissues are left undisturbed. Patients and doctors both prefer laser surgery as there is no pain, no bleeding involved and recovery is easy. It is a non-intrusive process that does not require medication. Also, during the procedure, the nerve endings are closed which causes no discomfort to the patient. Furthermore, the success rate of piles laser treatment is high and the chances of recurrence are negligible.

Benefits of Treating Piles with Laser Surgery

  • The patient feels negligible pain as compared to the traditions procedure.
  • The patient gets discharged on the same day as the surgery does not take long.
  • Laser surgery is much safer as there is no pain, no cuts.
  • As the blood vessels in the anal region are sealed by the laser, there is minimum bleeding during the surgery.
  • There are fewer post-surgery complications as compared to the other procedures.
  • As there is great precision involved, laser surgery is performed by highly skilled doctors.

With all these benefits, laser treatment is definitely an option to go for if the home remedies do not work.

Recovery and Aftercare

You may experience some pain after the piles’ surgery, so the doctor probably prescribes a painkiller to get relief from the discomfort. There are no such restrictions after the laser surgery but you can aid your own recovery by:

  • Include fiber-rich diet
  • Stay hydrated
  • You may also use stool softeners so that you don’t have to strain during bowel movements
  • Do not lift heavy objects after the surgery

Some home remedies after the surgery may include sitz bath which eases the discomfort if any. Although the recovery time may vary, complications are rare.

When is the right time to consult a doctor?

Never assume that your condition is piles. The right diagnosis is essential because it is not important that bleeding is due to piles. It may happen with other diseases such as anal cancer or colorectal cancer. Directly opting for home remedies can complicate the condition. Consult a doctor if this situation does not improve for a week.


Laser treatment for piles is not only quick and successful but also the most advanced and effective treatment for piles. It is a daycare procedure where the patient recovers within a day or two and get back to the normal routine. There are other surgical treatments for piles about which you can talk to the doctor. But if you are suffering from piles, do not wait for the condition to heal on its own. Make an appointment with a specialist and consult if you are a good candidate for this advanced treatment.

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