3d makeup tips For occasions
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How To Do 3d Makeup- Latest Tips For Makeup Lovers 

In today’s time, who does not want to look beautiful with flawless skin and makeup? But makeup should be done in such a way that it does not give our skin a dirty look. This means that cosmetics should match our skin tone, exposing both the darker and lighter areas of the face. Our facial shape also plays an important role in the process selection for makeup. And Talking about today’s trend is stick to 3d makeup. All brides and bridesmaids choose 3d make up for the occasion.

Every part of the face should be taken care of during makeup and all imperfections such as dark circles, scorched skin, open pores, scars or pimple are well covered with makeup. The type and quality of the cosmetics we use make a huge difference in the makeup we do. Always use good quality cosmetics to protect our skin and body from any kind of adverse effects. Today we will share some 3d makeup tips with you, using which you can do 3d makeup very well.

3d makeup tips For occasions

In the latest time, 3d makeup is a choice of every girl. Here we have added tips for 3d makeup that you should use while applying. Let’s have a look-

Use high-quality Facepaint products

Quality of product matters for an amazing look. And for this look, you only need a few products, but keep in mind that you use only the products of a good company. You can use any 2 types of colors for makeup. Like red and blue. These colors will help make the makeup shiny.

Try Eyeshadows

It is very important to use eyeshadows for 3d makeup. Because without Eyeshadows you cannot give 3d look to makeup. You use Red or green Eyeshadows. This will help give a perfect look to your makeup.

Creating the First Lines on Your Face

You draw a line with color on your face. Now the basics of this entire look will trace the shapes on your face, but you have to move them a few inches further. For example, do not place your nose in place of your nose, look slightly out of it. This will make you feel like your face is shaking and confusing to the eyes.

Paint Your Body

Now paint your body with red and blue colors. Paint your collarbones, muscles and the sides of your neck. You see in many anaglyph / 3D photos that the blue/red parts are always slightly off-topic. That is why I have asked you to paint the edges of the face, neck, and shoulders as well.

Adding Blue Facepaint

Now you use blue face paint. The same goes for Blue Facepaint. Don’t try to mix red and blue here, because it won’t look pretty. If you want to overlap them, you can fill them separately. Red is usually on the opposite side of the subject than blue. So if you fill in the red color on the right side of your face, you can fill it with blue color on the left side.

Use Proper Shading

Shading is quite simple. All you have to do is paint red on all sides of the face. Shading makes your makeup even more beautiful. 3d makeup is of no use without shading.


Not necessary, but it gives your face some extra color. You put the red color in the place where you usually put your highlighter. Here you use blue facepaint.

Shading Your Body in a Proper Way

To bring your 3d makeup look on the body, it is very important to shading the body properly. You can use a big brush to brighten the body. Because it will look less patchy than a small brush.

Paint Your Hair

The fun of 3D makeup does not come without coloring hair. That is why you have to color your hair in a proper way. Aquapaints are safe to apply to your hair and wash with shampoo.

To dye your hair a little easier, sprinkle it with water first. This makes the paint shine better. And then just picture random strokes of red and blue to your hair.

Use Lipstick

This is optional, but due to all the vibrant paint, if you have lost a bit on your face, you must use it. Use pink to bring color back to your lips.


So this was our 3d makeup tips. We hope you like our makeup tips. So next time whenever you think about 3d makeup. So use our tips.

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