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November 24, 2021 - MakeUp

8 Simple Eye Makeup Tips For Amazing Looks

How do you make up your eyes for an occasion? Eye Makeup tips are an important part of your overall look. It enhances the natural beauty of your eyes with simple cosmetic help. You just need to follow simple tips to make your eyes better in looks.

1. Fill your eyebrows

Fill your eyebrows

2. Shape Your Eyebrows

To make your face look beautiful it is necessary to have heavy eyebrows. Eyebrows cover your face and the beauty of your eyes increases. Makeup legend Bobby Brown recommends filling in with your eye shadow. Which matches the color of your eyebrows. You would use a short feathery stoke to brush the eyebrows hair, and follow the natural heap on the forehead from the stoke ask, legend Bobby Brown also stated in his youtube video that with strong brows Eye Makeup tips for women, use a clean forehead gel.

Eyebrows Trim

Eyebrows Trim

If your eyebrows have long or slightly straggly hair, use a clean mascara spool brush, double-sided brow and lash brush, or even a chipped toothed comb, and brush your hair upwards. Trim off any hair that reaches above your natural eyebrow line – the best ones to use are smooth short, precision nails, or nose-trimming scissors. Go slowly and be careful – you can take away more, but you can’t bring them back …


Clean the pesky forms of hair around the arches of your eyebrow with a trusty pair of zombies. Press a warm moist flannel above your eyebrows before corpse or waxing to open the pores – this makes hair fall less painful, and reduces the red swirls that you tend to get later! When you have done this, do a definition-QR Robert above the area later to reduce redness and soothe your skin.

3. Start with an eyeshadow primer

Start with an eyeshadow primer

It is said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and beauty also promotes the external beauty of man. Regardless of what people say, since childhood, the favorite pastime of most girls is to make (makeup). While some girls use cosmetics (beauty products) to add beauty to their personality, some get used to makeup. In order to fulfill their hobby of making, they keep the world of things in their makeup kit (makeup kit), which is not in everyone’s ability to understand. If you are currently taking basic makeup training, then know about all the things related to the primer.

When you are ready to go to the party, you always forget that there is a shadow under your eyes, using a primer to cover this shade. In this way, your eyebrow will remain in place all day best Eye Makeup tips.

4. Create depth for Eye

Create depth for Eye

Some people have small eyes, you say if you see the eyes bold and big, then you have to read these tips. To make the eyes darker, first of all, apply a light-colored shade on your spinach. After that take a dark shade, now apply it on the spinach of your eyes. It makes itself an element. After doing this, do not forget to wipe off the crease color to cover the color of the lid. After this, your eyes will look different.

5. Select the right eyeshadow color

If you are doing eye makeup, then the first thing to do is to choose an eyeshadow color that looks beautiful on your face and people praise your color. I am going to discuss with you these tips which color is good for your eyes. Blue eyes mean that you have to take the color of bronze and copper, and purple is best for green, brown, and brown eyes. If you want to choose a shade color, then it is important to pay attention to the skin tone.

6. Do not leave the eyeliner

If you are doing eye make-up, then you have to pay special attention, before that you should apply the gel on your top face line or apply a line with a pencil, if you have light brown eyes then allure with a brown color Draw lines, while the eyes will pop with black liner for brown. Now make the liner a line as close to your eyes as you can in the corpse line. You can apply a brown or black eye box with a small eye flag brush to your lower left line for a gray look. Just make sure that the top and bottom eyes Eye Makeup tips meet your eyes on the corner.

7. Highlight your eyes in the right places

Highlight your eyes in the right places-Eye Makeup tips 

In these tips, we are going to talk about how to highlight your eyes in the right places. First of all, apply light, bright eyeshadow under the eyebrow and in your tear duct. With the right light of the eyes, you will see that the light is bouncing in your eyes!

8. Always contains mascara

Always contains mascara-Eye Makeup tips 

In these tips, I am going to discuss To make the eyes beautiful and attractive, women use a variety of beauty products. The perfect makeup of the eyes enhances the beauty of the face even more. Makeup is incomplete without mascara when it comes to eyes. This can make the eyelids thick and long, which makes the eyes look quite attractive. Although it is quite easy to apply mascara some women make some small mistakes while applying it, which spoils the makeup of the eyes.

In such a situation, some easy and necessary tips should be adopted for applying mascara. How to do mascara First you have to hold your lashes, Carl, for a few seconds, and now you have to brush two or three cuts of the mascara up to the tip of the top and bottom. Considered make-up artist Bobby Brown stated on his Youtube channel that I like to layer a different mascara formula for a customized look “and you can also use a two-color mascara to make the eyes more attractive.” Use a mascara of blue and black colors. To apply mascara, First, apply a coat of blue mascara on the lashes and then apply a black coat over it.

6 points to kept in mind during eye makeup   

While doing makeup, we make many small mistakes, due to which there can be damage. Especially in this corona period where we have to take care of more safety. That’s why we need to take some precautions during makeup. In this article, we will know that What are the things to be kept in mind while wearing eye makeup?

1. Maintain hygiene

During makeup, we have to take care of cleanliness so that the eyes can be protected from any kind of infection. For this, before applying makeup, wash your face and hands thoroughly and then apply makeup.

2. Avoid using makeup of others

Many times it happens that we are in a hurry and forget the make-up at home and then use someone else’s makeup which is not right, there is a fear of spreading the infection. It’s not safe to do at all.

3. Remove makeup at night and sleep

Sleeping with makeup on at night makes the skin dry which can cause damage to the eyes such as Itching, burning, and irritation in the eyes. Apart from this, the eyelids also become weak and fall off. Therefore, it is very important to sleep at night after removing makeup.

4. Don’t follow any trend

We all know that new makeup trends keep coming every day and we apply many types of colors and makeup in order to follow the trend without knowing about it, due to which there are side effects like allergies. Do not follow any kind of trend.

5. Avoid old makeup

In general, eye makeup items should not be kept for more than four to five months. Because it increases the chances of spreading bacteria and fungus which is not right. If you also take care of your makeup for a long time, then avoid doing this. If you must keep the product, keep it tightly sealed.

6. Make distance from colors

In today’s era, the fashion of many colorful eyelashes and eyebrows is increasing, but these colors are not safe for the eyes at all. Eyelashes and eyebrow dyes with bitumen colors are the most dangerous. Because they are made of chemicals that increase the blindness of the eyes to a great extent. So keep your eyes away from such colors.


It is necessary to have Eye Makeup tips to enhance your beauty. If you are doing Eye Makeup, then you select the right product. We believe that this article is very useful for you. If you are doing Eye Makeup and do not have Eye Makeup, then your Eye may be useless, so only when you have good information, do Eye Makeup. Or you can do makeup by reading this article.

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