7 Skin Care Tips For Summer That Make Your Skin Flawless
March 3, 2020 - Skin Care

7 Skincare Tips For Summer That Make Your Skin Flawless

Summer season is ringing the bell get ready to deal with all the skin problems. High temperatures will bring too many skin-related issues. How you can avoid them? Keep reading to know the answer.

Yes, the summer season is here. And with it, a full host of skincare issues too. People’s oily skin gets oilier, and dry skin gets patchy. There are breakouts and pimples, rashes and roughness, and that acne just wouldn’t go away from you.

But nothing is impossible in beauty trends, Just a few simple and easy changes in your everyday skincare procedure can assure that you are all set to glow through this season too. Here are some summer skincare tips that can come quite handy.

Summer skincare tips for glowing skin?

glowing skin in summer
glowing skin in summer

Warmer temperatures mean it is time to change your skincare routine. The bright Indian summer can be really unforgiving on your skin in the event that you don’t deal with yours. So, just like your wardrobe, your skincare too definitely requires a seasonal change.

Too much sun rays are bad for your skin health. Not only can you get tanned (which is not always a bad thing) but overexposure to sun rays can cause immature aging skin health too.

Our skin contains a pigment called melanin and too much exposure to the sun causes more melanin to be produced. This is the reason a delayed remain under the immediate sun can cause an adjustment in your skin shading or notwithstanding tanning. This is also the answer to why sunscreens are recommended irrespective of your skin type.

Here’s a comprehensive list of summer skincare tips that would help all skin types.

1. Natural Face care

Your face is your existence in the world. So you should look after it complete days of the year. Summer months yet warrant a special skincare procedure – one that hydrates and keeps it clean and grime-free. Make sure you keep your face clean and clear of dust and sweat through these hot months. A lot of people confront break-outs and pimples in these months. If you are one of them, then make sure you splash your face with water at least 3-4 times every day for glowing skin in summer. No requirement to use a face wash every time, clean water would do just fine.

Experts recommend exfoliation as a method to keep your face clean, “Applying a scrub once or twice a week in summer seasons for all skin types is important but, which scrub depends on your skin type. Acne-prone skin require Multani mitti (fullers earth),  rose water, Chandan, and basil whereas if you have dry and matured skin you should use lemon, egg white, Chandan and curd with a pinch of turmeric and besan too.

Way for summer skincare routine natural and easy.

– Drink water As much as you can(min 3 liters)

– Eat water-rich fruits(Watermelon, cucumber) in the morning time, after breakfast.

– Apply Sun cream before going outside.

– Try to wear a hat and shades.

– Don’t go to AC applied room just after the hot sunlight walk.

2. Use weather relevant products 

The thick creams you were using through the winter months won’t do you any benefits now. Wrap them away or use them for a very dry portion of your body like the feet. Summertime requires products that let your skin breathe naturally. Go for lighter body lotions and serums. Products that close pores can cause more issues.

Water-based moisturizers work best for normal skin types. Gel-based moisturizers are preferred for oily skin. For extra oily and acne-prone skin, stick to facial sprays with minerals good for your skin. Natural moisturizers like glycerin and rose water added to the bathing water help a lot and applying plain curd for 10-15 minutes on all dry areas of the body before bathing works wonders too.

3. Stick to the Basic resources

Summer care
Summer care

You may think your skin won’t get dry during summers but that’s just a myth. Moving in and out of air-conditioned areas alone can cause your skin to dry out in summers. This is appropriate not just to facial skin but the entire body. Try to make sure you follow the time old principle of cleaning, toning and moisturizing at night before sleeping.

Sweating can cause our skin pores to open up but you require to use a toner to support close these pores. Sticking to the basics things during summers is even more important provided the UV rays of the sun that could outcome in premature aging and wrinkles.

4. Value of sunscreen

Don’t forget to wear sunscreen during the summer days! UV rays can be affected harmfully for your skin any time of the year, but more so in the summertime when our exposure levels are higher. Choose a sunscreen that gels into your skin and gets soaked.

A minimum SPF of 30 is suggested and must be applied 20-30 minutes before you head out into the sun. If you are going to be swimming, then keep re-applying as and when it gets washed out. Sunscreen application can go a long way in minimizing sun relevant spots and could even support delay the onset of fine lines and wrinkles.

5. Summer Body Care With Home remedies

Never underestimate what your grandma said! There are solutions in your kitchen that can help quiet the skin amid summer. Lemon and tomato are the best for keeping your skin fresh. A rapid way to use tomato is to juice tomatoes and freeze the juice applying your daily ice-trays.

Use these remedies as a gentle scrub every alternate day and let the juice dry on the skin before washing it off. The lycopene in tomato does wonders for the facial skin. This is an important tip for glowing skin in summer naturally.

6. Wear breathable fabrics

Cotton and lighter fabrics are a must to tackle the sun’s rays heat. Tight and silk garments can cause bothering and make sweat-soaked segments of the body tingle more. Prolonged situations approach rashes and sometimes even serious skin health infections.

7. Never afraid of the sun

Last but not least, if you are afraid of the sun as it is a mood enhancer because sunlight supports us to produce more serotonin – a mood-improving hormone. That’s exactly why the time of no sun during winters can make you feel low. Simply ensure you keep up the open-air go with a decent healthy skin technique and shield yourself from the unsafe effect of sunbeams.

These & tips are the best tips because many people get a good result after following these guidelines. Don’t miss to try, and an easy, perfect and good way to keep your body health and skin fairness safe.

Summer skincare tips(Best For Flawless Skin)

– Hydrate your body(8-10 glasses of water a day).
– Eat fresh products (green vegetables and water-rich foods).
– Change exercise pattern(Select cool place like the zoo or visiting a park, swimming).
– Consult to doctor(If you are feeling weak or body pain visits the doctor).
– Cover your body(Try to swear sunglasses & hat).
– Avoid sunlight from 10 am and 4 pm.
– Take a good sleep(before sleeping wash your face, feet and, hand).
– Stay cool (Apply Spf 30, before going in sunlight)

Care of skin in summer can be done by cool off your body by using cucumber. Protect skin from dryness, vitamins C and Vitamin A to protect from sunburn. Protect face and eyes by using glass and hat, lips care with cream to prevent it from dry. Try to eat antioxidant and vitamin-rich food.

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