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Simple Tricks To Select Foundation Color According To Skin

Foundation is a new trend come in existance of beauty world. You allow know that foundation is a part of face beauty which hide pimples and darkness of skin. But there is a lot of confusion in selection of foundation color according to your Face Tone. It is a type of face treatment to create an even, uniform color for the complexion, helps to highlight the natural skin tone. Some time foundations also function as a moisturizer, sunscreen for more complex cosmetics. Do you know which type of foundation gives a good look and comfort to your skin? It is easy to find but difficult to select, which one is for you. For moving out from your confusion first of all you have to know about your skin tone.

How to know your skin tone

The color of skin is known as Skin tone, to find your undertone, which is categorized in three type. The color of skin depends upon the climate and environment.

  1. Cold ( label with “c”): To find your cold undertone, you have to look on veins of wrist if you have blue or purple veins that means you are skin is cold tone. Due to orange and unnatural appearance avoid warm-toned contours. Look for shades that have small amount of gray in them.
    • CHOOSING BLUSHES : Due to your cold skin avoid pink or purple blushers because they can appear too bright and overdone. Use soft orange blush.
  2. Warm (label with “W”):If you have red or blue green veins, that means you have warm skin tone . Due to muddy or ashy appearance avoid cool-toned contours. Look for shades having red in them.
    • CHOOSING BLUSHES : Due to warm skin avoid blushes with orange because it look unnoticeable. Use cool pink or mauve-y purple blush.
  3. Neutral (label with “N”): Olive green or green veins color is listed in neutral skin tone. Look for shades which is not too pink and not too yellow. Yellow tones gives flattering result because it remove redness.
    • CHOOSING BLUSHES : You can choose both cool and warm blush shades without risk.

Picking foundation is really tricky. It changes throughout year as skin tone changes. The seasons takes a vital role to change skin color. Now, you know that which Skin Tone you have, of course by seen your wrist.

How to buy and select foundation.

  • First go to any cosmetic store and pick some color of foundation according to your skin tone.
  • Avoid to use is it on regular basis , select it on the basis of event time.
  • To protect skin apply Conditioner before using it.
  • There are a lot of process to select foundation color for skin but below process is very easy and comfortable.
  • But always remember that foundation or any beauty tips are not done on regular basis.
  • It is easy to understand point by point step to select Foundation.

Step 1: Take strip of skin tone color, and compare it with your skin. ( Some brands not allow to open there foundation cream for trial )

Step 2: When brands allow to try there product before uses. Then take foundation and apply it on jaw of your face and mix with brush or beauty blander.

Step 3: After few 1-2 min , take a photo of your face part, where the foundation is applied. watch carefully the take image select only that, which is not appears after mixed .

your decision is your’s only while selecting Foundation. It give you a different and pretty look if your selection is according to your skin tone.

Selected foundation after this process is best for your face and beauty. Some times people or friends suggest to apply it on hand to check which is better for you. But that process is not good some time because of tanned skin which is causes by the sun heat or skin color changes. Face and hand color varies sometime, you can compared that in your day to day life while changing your cloth. But always remember one thing select color according to your skin tone.

All of us get confused as to how to select perfect skin tones.While selecting your foundation color according to your skin tone,you need to know a few tricks. Some of them are as follows:

Recognize your skin type:

This is the first key step to choosing the perfect foundation for your skin.Well let me tell you how to choose your foundation.

  • Oily Skin: Well if you have oily skin then opt for powder or an oil free foundation as it leaves a smooth and matte finish on your skin.Mineral foundation also works well on oily skin and absorbs moisture and also prevents shine from your skin.Some of the brands whose foundations are best for oily skin are: L’oreal Paris,Nykaa,Myglamm,Bobbi Brown,Maybelline and etc.
  • Dry Skin: Well you guys can go for a hydrating  powder foundation or a liquid one.These will give you a moistures and give you great coverage.Some of the brands which you can opt for your skin as follows: MAC,Maybelline,Myglamm,Purple etc.
  • Combination Skin: If your skin is a combination of oily and dry as well then you should go for matte foundation as it will give you a perfect look.Some of the products which are best for your skin are as follows: Myglamm,MAC,Clinique,and etc.
  • Sensitive Skin: Well for your skin you should go for Mineral foundations as it gives a great coverage  to your skin tones,minimizes fine lines and highlights your features. Some of the products which are best for your skin are as follows: Clinique,MAC,Maybelline, and etc.

Go with the shade of your skin:

Well for choosing the correct shades firstly apply on your neck or jawline.The right shades will smoothly blend on your skin and it won’t  give a colourless or slash look.

  • Spot your skin tone: If your veins look bluish or deep purple then go for cool toned and if you have greenish veins then opt for warm toned.
  • Select your coat: Well to select a finished look for skin it totally depends on you.A foundation gives a matte,luminizing or semi matte look on your skin.And to choose which look you want it totally depends on you.
  • Test it : Don’t just go to the shop and buy it,instead before buying, test it on your neck or jawline.If it blends on your skin then only buy it.Choose the shades properly and finely for your skin.


Well these were the small tips before selecting your foundation. And I hope these tricks will help you select the right foundation color for your skin,so thank me later if these tips work for you.

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