Alia Bhatt Beauty Tips And Skin Care Routine
October 29, 2021 - Actress beauty trend

Alia Bhatt Beauty Tips And Skin Care Routine

Alia Bhatt is one of the youngest and most promising actresses. she’s proved to be one of the most versatile young stars. Mumbai(India). Alia Bhatt is popular among the crowded B-Town industry for her versatile Acting, Beauty, and Fitness.

Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt has natural fair tone skin. She maintains it when she’s traveling and going shoots in a harsh climate. She feels that one’s skin is a reflection of what’s inside. If you think Alia uses expensive beauty products for glowing skin, then you are absolutely wrong. Home remedies are her favorite beauty product for glowing skin and shining hair. In the morning she uses ice to get rid of puffy face and also uses Multani mitti (fullers earth) ends up getting a pimple.

Alia Bhatt Beauty Tips

People are crazy about Alia Bhatt’s acting. But people also like her glowing skin year by year. Every girl is desperate to get the same skin as them. So there are a few rules which she follows to look radiant:

Keeps her self hydrated

Alia has developed a habit of drinking lots of water. She does not drink water directly before or after the meal. She also drinks 3.5 liters of water a day to detoxify her body and feel fresh. Eating lots of underground seafood which is detox-friendly.



She workout daily for 45 minutes. It helps her skin to breathe and it also increases the blood circulation in her body and leading to a natural pink glow on her face makeup-She does not wear makeup when she is at home.

Glowing skin

She uses raw milk on her face to get more glow. She uses ice to get rid of puffy face and also uses Multani mitti (fullers earth) ends up getting a pimple. Home remedies are her favorite beauty product for glowing skin.

Night Time Routine

She takes 8 hours of sleep daily to not get dark circles under her eye. While we load our skin with cosmetics and detoxes, we often overlook one basic rule of thumb to keep it supple, glowing, and rejuvenated – uninterrupted sleep every night.

Night Time Routine

Your skin cell gets a makeover with the process of mitosis occurring naturally- repairing, renewing, regenerating damaged cells. Sleeping well at night, your cortisol hormone levels or stress automatically come down, without breakouts your skin looks fresh.


She doesn’t out without wearing sunscreen because it helps to protect the harmful rays of the sun that can have various damaging effects on our skin.


She uses high-quality makeup products to help save skin from artificial chemicals. She only uses kajal and lip balm generally. But maximum she avoids using lots of makeup.


Alia Bhatt's hair

Alia Bhatt’s Color is a beautiful almond and caramel brown shade that suits her skin tone really well. She tries to keep up the quality by oiling them properly and washing them twice or a maximum of thrice every week. Alia also uses homemade and natural products for her hair on the day-offs in order to give her hair a break from artificial treatments. She Prevents natural products for hair care.

Takes Multivitamins

Alia Bhatt consumes all multivitamins that are vital for the skin. Those who don’t know the upper and lower layer need vitamin A and vitamin C to prevent sun damage and it also heals the skin.

Skincare Routine

Alia’s skincare routine is pretty simple. She consumes a lot of water to keep her body hydrated which leaves her skin soft and supple. She allows her skin to breathe by opting to go makeup-free when she is not working. Alia prefers to use is natural herbal wipes. She uses them every day to remove makeup.

Alia Bhatt favorite Beauty products

Maybelline Lip Balm

Baby lips lip balm from Maybelline is one of her favorite products that she uses as frequently. Maybelline lip balm reduces the dryness of lips. This moisturizing lip balm will heal and soothe dry or chapped lips. Try tinted lip balms for a pretty protective tint of color or save your pout from the sun with our SPF lip balm products.

Colossal Big Shot Mascara

The Colossal Big Shot Mascara is also part of her beauty product. Lashes go powerful with Colossal Big Shot. 8 out of 10 saw bigger bolder volume. The Big Shot Brush gives uniqueness, wavy bristles that cradle lashes, while the collagen formula delivers bold volume.

Garnier Pure Active Face-wash

A face wash with natural ingredients like Garnier Pure Active Neem + Tulsi High Foaming Face Wash uses to remove her makeup and cleanses her face by using a natural face wash. She tries to minimize the chemicals applied to her face and body and hence prefers to go natural wherever she can. she does not apply anything before she gets to bed

Natural herbal wipes

She prefers natural beauty care for skin and hair. She uses natural herbal wipes every day to remove makeup. Wipes can help to keep your face sweat-free and selfie-ready on hot summer days. It helps you to refresh your skin and also makes it moist. A variety of wipes are offered based on one’s skin tone and preferences.

Alia Bhatt prefers Home remedies beauty products for glowing skin and shining hair. She uses ice to get rid of puffy face and also uses Multani mitti(fullers earth) ends up getting a pimple. Drink lots of water to keep hydrate herself hydrated. Eating fruits, vegetables that keep multivitamins like vitamin A and vitamin C to prevent sun damage and it also heals the skin. Alia believes in natural beauty that’s why she avoids lots of makeup.

Beauty Secrets Of Alia Bhatt

Well, we all admire actresses and actors’ beauty secrets to look perfect. Admiring the beauty secrets of someone who has naturally beautiful skin is the best. Meanwhile, taking extra care of your skin is a must. Beauty secrets are a great way to see how to take care of your skin and make it look flawless.

Alia’s Beauty Secrets are as follows:

Before having makeup and hair care Alia massages her face with a roller in outward motion so as it helps in decreasing water retention, improves blood circulation, and makes it look perfect. Massaging your face with a roller in inward and outward motion helps in making your skin look flawless.

After massaging Alia washed her face with a homemade face wash and made it look flawless. Scrubbing helps in removing all the dead skin cells and makes them look beautiful. Alia uses honey and lemon for a scrub so as to get an immense effect on your skin. Meanwhile, she also uses lemon scrub. 

Moreover, according to Alia eye cream is a must. It helps in removing dryness and dark circles from your eyes. Meanwhile, massaging your eyes with the cream helps in removing dark spots from your eye. After massaging your eye, take lukewarm water steam on your face which helps in opening pores and radiant your skin too.

Well, to avoid puffiness from the eyes Alia uses a caffeine mask which gives an immense effect on your skin. Meanwhile, caffeine is also used to reduce water retention and gives a unique glowing and flawless look on your skin.

Meanwhile, Alia uses organic soaps for skin as it helps in making your skin flawless and beautiful. Moreover, Alia uses moisturizer which is either organic or fruit extract. This helps in maintaining skin glow and is damage-free.  The skin cream used by Alia is herbal as it doesn’t damage your skin.

Moreover, the sunscreen used by Alia is SPF 50 as it protects you from harmful UV rays and it looks flawless. Alia drinks water more so as to hydrate herself and improve her skin and make it look soft and healthy. Meanwhile, she uses products that are organic or have herbal extracts.

Moreover, Alia uses makeup products that suit her the most and make her skin look flawless without any damage caused. From foundations to lipsticks all her products are unique and skin protective. Always try to use products that help in making your skin look soft, healthy, and damage-free. 

Meanwhile talking about hair care products Alia uses products that have foaming extract. From hair wash to hair masks all are either herbal or organic which helps in making her hair strong. 

Using such products makes your hair strong, healthy, and flaunting. For making your hair strong and healthy Alia uses herbal and natural ingredients products so as it won’t harm your skin and make it look beautiful and amazing.


Well talking about beauty tips and skincare routines Alia has an amazing collection of products that are either herbal, organic or natural remedies. From doing exercise to maintaining your skin, and everything is done in the proper manner so as to have healthy skin and hair. Hope this will help you admire the beauty secrets of Alia Bhatt to look flawless and beautiful.

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