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kim kardashian beauty tips(Beauty Secret reveal & Bio)

Kim Kardashian a popular television star along with a model, actress, entrepreneur, socialite. Her beauty makeup everyone fall in love.

She come in lime lite due to her sexual exploits with former boyfriend Ray J. (Rapper) online leaked video.

Born: October 21, 1980, in Beverly Hills, California.
In 2006, she become entrepreneur after opening boutique D-A-S-H with her sisters (Kourtney and Khloe).
In 2014 She married with rapper Kanye West.

Father’s Name: Robert Kardashian(Music and Marketing company owner)
Mother’s name: Kris Kardashian(Boutique shop owner).

Kris is the first wife of Robert kardashian and kim is second of four children.

She is Preschool classmate of Paris Hilton.

Robert Kardashian died due to cancer in Oct 2003.

Husband’s Name:  Kanye West(Rapper)

Age: 38 years (in oct 21, 2018)

kim with kids
kim with kids

– First baby Name”North West” born on 15th june 2013.
– Saint West only one son of kim and Kanye west born in 5th dec 2015
– Chicago West youngest daughter born on 15th jan 2018
Height: 1.59 m
Net Worth: $350 million

Now, you have a curiosity about the beauty trend follow by

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Let’s Checkout the Beauty Secrets Of Kim

Earlier today, a campaign is done by Kim Kardashian for her much-anticipated KKW fragrance.

She is one of the biggest name in beauty, also have a boutique brand. Always she try to do new beauty tips with new products. Foaming cleanser is used by her for face wash.

Secrets of my Skin Glow

To pertain glowing skin you have to follow the beauty tips on regular basis.
– Moisturizer ( Use thick moisturizer, like Guerlain)
– Exfoliate your skin(Follow the advice of dermatologist)

Dr. Lancer exfoliate is my favorite dermatologist.

– SPF (Dr. Barbara Sturm Sun Drops is loved by me for skin care).

Face Makeup Tips

makeup tips by kim
makeup tips by kim

– Use Mascara
– Try to give cat eye look.
– Eyebrow always in perfect shape.
– Use curler.
– If you have oily skin the use foundation near nose area, you can avoid this if you have dry skin.
– Use dark lipstick.
– Foundation near jaw.
– Don’t forget to apply foundation on neck.

Tips of beauty followed Kim Kardashian

– KKW Beauty Lip Liner is my weakness, I can’t live without that.
– Overline: I love to do on my upper lip.
– Useless Beauty product: Kevyn Aucoin concealer.

In which condition of beauty makeup you don’t want to go outside?

Haa haaaa!!!!!
Warmed up skin, No time for a full face of foundation.

– Shampoo for a good hair day: I prefer Ouai dry shampoo.
– Hair color: Olaplex is used by me, since it has been bleached.
– Do exercise 60-90 minutes, on advice of gym trainer.
– Try to drink water as much as you can.

Selection of cloth by Kim

Beauty revel by kim
Beauty revel by kim


Cloth selection on the basis of event , gives you a special look So, follow the guide lines. That is the best beauty revel tips revel by Kim Kardashian.

– Try to make your hair curly from side or at last end of hair.
– Select Blue or olive green cloth for night party & use light color cloth for day.
_ Try to make your eye brow color matching with hair color.
– Use a good fragrance.

 Kardashian use Crystal Gardenia fragrance.

– For eye brows use Anastasia.
– Aman hotel is liked by me for Spas because they are gorgeously serene.
– She purches her product from La Mer has the best travel-size products like hand cream, serum and moisturizer and fully hydrate.
– Take proper wash.
– Always wash your face in night before going to bed with warm washcloth.

Lip care secrets
Lip care secrets

Beauty Secrets revel by kim On the basis of routine

It is not easy for Kim to maintaining her status as Face of beauty. She always try to make her look special and update according to today. To maintain her beauty she always love to do beauty experience on her face.

Body oil

– She use body oil before starting exercise, to protect skin from cellulite
– Body oil protect kim skin from wrinkles.


– According to Spanchat she revealed, Does laser treatment on hand skin to look young.
– It help to gain Smooth skin.

Waist Trainer

– She wear a girdle or waist trainer
– Do regular exercise to get slim waist out.
– Kim take advice from infamous waist trainer.


– Protect your skin from sun damage.
– Microdermabrasion is good treatment option for acne scars and other blemishes.
– Don’t miss to exfoliates the top layer of your skin


– She purches Madonna’s MDNA skincare line,Los Angeles, US. It want low maintenance so, I take this for my mom(Kris Jenner).
– Help to remove extra moisturizer.

Wrinkle Prevention

– KKW app recommend by Kardashian for preventive wrinkle use.
– Use product which Contain retinol.
– You must apply sunscreen if you are using retinoid.

DIY hair

– Kim like to do different type of Hair shades.
– For hair growth she is adicted to vitamin C tablets.
– Kim crush That tablets and mix with shampoo to apply on hair. Leave it for 15-20 minutes and rinsed.

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